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All these prompts are from the wondeful and fabulous members over at the LJ Puck/Rachel Drabble meme. Warning: This is addicting! I only found it today, and I've already written two.

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Puck: I love you for who you ate!

Puck: *are.

Puck: Well, this is awkward.

Rachel *: Whatever. I'm done with talking.

Puck: All I wanted was a simple nipple from you.

Puck: Damn auto correct. APOLOGY. I wanted an apology.

Rachel *: Well don't hold your breath for either of those things.

Puck knows, that Rachel is… stubborn. He thinks all women are, but this crazy chick just takes it to another level. They fight every other day (although he thinks sometimes she just does it for the epic make-up sex they have afterwards).

So it's a Friday afternoon, around 4, and they're chilling at his house (read: getting to second base – as far as she lets them when his little sister is in the house) and she's so hot and she's totally moaning his name, and the she stops, and looks at him and he's seriously lost.

"Noah, do you love me?" she asks, staring intently into his eyes.

Wait, what? Where did this shit come from? He's thrown, and he doesn't know what to say. Uh, maybe she'd let him off the hook if he said something she'd already said… oh crap. Oh wait, what was that crap about time and good things? Oh yeah, who's the man?

"Uh, Rach, babe, we haven't been together for that long. I thought you said, uh, good shit takes time?"

She doesn't smile or anything. She actually frowns, just a little bit, but its serious shit when that happens. Maybe he's not the man… at the moment anyway,

"So you don't?" He swears she pouts when she says this.

"I don't know, babe! You've just sprung this one me. Give me some time?"

"Goddamit Puck, you've had two months! Why is it so hard?"

Now, Puck knows that she's really pissed when she calls him Puck, but it's a Friday afternoon and he's having a slow day – but it's what Finn would call a good day, she he's still awesome – and he doesn't know what to say. And he knows that he's just dug his own grave.

"You don't have to love love me, but do you even love things about me?"

Holy shit, of course he does! He loves the crazy sex they have, her amazing voice, the times when she doesn't think about herself, the way she throws herself into everything she does, that she doesn't half-ass anything, her determination, the way she calls him Noah (shut-up, he has a soft spot for her, okay?) that she's actually his girlfriend, that she puts up with hi- oh shit.

She's been staring at him all this time, while he's had his little conversation in his head… And she thinks he hesitated. Well fuck.

"Do you know what? What's the point of even being in a relationship if you don't love each other?"

And with that, she storms out and slams his door behind her. He's sitting there, frozen in shock, 'cause even though they have fights, it's usually over who uses the shower first, or what pizza they should get or what position they'd try out next.

But they've never fought about this – about love.

He hears soft footsteps and for a second he hopes that it's Rachel, coming back to make up (and he hopes for base 3) but he realizes it's his little sister, Dani.

"You really screwed up Puck," she says quietly. "Maybe you should make 'I'm Sorry' cookies for her."

He realizes that that would be a good way to go… but he might just start with texting her first.

Puck: I love you for who you ate!

Puck: *are.

Puck: Well, this is awkward.

He sits his phone on his lap while he watches a re-run of Cops, but half-an hour has passed, and nothing happens. He's not one to give up, so he decides to give it another shot.

Puck: Rach? You there? I'm sorry.

Rachel *: Whatever. I'm done with talking.

Puck: All I wanted was a simple nipple from you.

Puck: Damn auto correct. APOLOGY. I wanted an apology.

Rachel *: Well don't hold your breath for either of those things.

His phone flashes again, and he wants to chuck his damn phone at the wall. Why the hell did he download fucking auto correct. He looks over at Dani who is currently tunneling her way through his Doritos and sighs.

"Wanna help me bake some cookies Dani?" he asks.


He knocks on her door, waiting. He knows that she probably doesn't want to see him, but screw that. He just spent two hours making her cookies (and they're awesome if he does say himself) and he's done his thinking, and he's going to tell her.

She opens the door slowly, and there's a hum of something in the background… is it chatter? He doesn't know. But he stands there awkwardly and sighs.

"These are for you babe… Dani and I made them for you. 'Bout time you received some of these cookies."

She smiles softly, "Thank-you Noah. It's ever so kind of you. I really appreciate the effort."

He steps forward, almost as if he wants to hug her (but it's just to get closer, 'cause badassess don't start hugs… and he's a badass) but she doesn't do anything… and he coughs.

Taking a deep breath he blurts out, "I love you!"

"Wait, what?

"I love you Rach! I love the crazy sex we have, your amazing voice (and when we do duets), the times when you don't think about yourself, the way you throw yourself into everything you do, that you don't half-ass anything, your determination, the way you call me Noah, that you're actually my girlfriend and that you put up with me. I love you just the way you are Rach."

Puck hopes that Rachel is happy, the way that her eyes are shining with tears. And this time, he isn't the one that steps forward, she does.

She's silently sobbing into his shoulder, her arms and legs around his body tight (and he thinks if this moment wasn't so romantic, it would be really hot) and he smiling softly.

Now, everything's okay.

"I-I l-lo-love you t-too Noah," she sobs.

He feels a fuzzy, warm feeling in his chest and he smiles, 'cause being with Rach is totally awesome, and he really does love her. (And she loves him too, which is the best.)

"I wasn't really fighting with you Noah," she whispers softly, "We were planning your birthday party. But I love that you fought for me."

"Babe, I'm really lost."

She smiles, disengaging herself from his arms, softly linking her hand through his and guiding to her lounge. There he was met with the faces of all the New Directions members, who were laden with paper, pens and boxes of decorations.

"Oh, my bad. Thanks anyway guys," Puck laughed.

"The texts and everything was Santana's idea. Don't blame me!" Rachel spouts.

"What can I say? I'm good at fighting with you Puckerman," Santana smirks.

Rachel looks over at Puck (Noah!) and smiles as he wraps his arms around her waist and she leans back into them.

"Those two are so cute it makes me want to barf," Santana whispers to the other New Directions members.

"So, I'm just going to get my… English folder. Noah's going to accompany me."

"Don't you dare Berry!" Quinn yells.

"Busted," Noah whispers. "Quick, run!"

They're still laughing as they race out into the night, collapsing on the lawn together. She raises her eyes to the stars and smiles as she nestles her head on Noah's chest. He loves her, she's so damn amazing. Then he realizes something amazing.

She's the most important thing in his world.

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