- Devastating Infusion -


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Chapter 1 - Substitute teacher -

Another day filled with meditation.

Kolsh Ragnashault walked into the bright training room of the JedI Academy on Coruscant. Five other padewan learners were already in a kneeling position on their own little piece of satin covered cushions. Hoods covering their faces, they were already deep into meditation. Kolsh eyed his own cushion by a massive window with a panoramic view of the rebuilt Temple Precinct, one of the most expensive projects of the Galactic Alliance. A few giant droid builders lumbered slowly through the area, repairing Senate buildings, constructing new apartments. The Yuuzhan Vong's damage during the great war would be felt around the galaxy for generations to come. Even in the heart of the galaxy.

Kolsh brushed a strand of dark blue hair away from his face, his eyes transfixed on the view in front of him. My entire family, gone. They arrived so quickly, without warning. Kush clenched and unclenched his fist. The small sliver of anger melted away. The tiny disturbance of emotion made one of the students rise from her cushion. It was Jedi Master's Skahent Mal' Hake's prized student, a light blue female Mon Calamarian named Kinta Paschal. She touched his shoulder and he felt her soothing thoughts touch his mind.

" You are troubled, Kolsh. " Kinta breathed out as she watched the view as well.

" My memories of the past resurface frequently. " Kolsh tried to control his emotions around the demure Mon Calamari. She had the ability to sooth an entire room just by walking into it, the effect was different for him, he wanted to run away from her soothing thoughts, it was almost like an invasion for him.

" I miss my family as well. I sometimes regret having the healing ability. Having any ability at all. " Kinta lowered her head.

Kolsh was shocked by her vulnerability. He'd never seen her lower her guard for the two months since he had arrived on Coruscant.

" The great teacher's pet has issues ? " Kush shot her a crooked grin.

" You're not the only one in this class that has a troubled past. You should remember that and respect those who are trying to forget it." Kinta turned and walked silently back to her cushion to resume her meditation.

And the wall comes up faster than a droid builder puts up a 'fresher shack. Nice going Kolsh, real smooth on that delivery. No wonder they forbid attachment. Kolsh let out a small sigh and knelt on his cushion, pulled over his hood and began his meditation.

Jedi Master Skahent Mal' Hake strolled down the massive hallway in the Jedi Temple along side the Jedi Grandmaster, Luke Skywalker. Skahent rubbed his thick beard as he watched young students respectfully give the two of them a wider birth as they passed through the hall. Astounding, if I were alone I'd have run into one of these busy bodies by now.

" You seem troubled, " Luke said to the older man, " the mission isn't dangerous. But I can sense your concern for your students. " The Jedi Grandmaster had aged visibly since the Yuuzhan Vong war, the wrinkles deeper on his cheeks, his hair starting to give in to an small invasion of grey warriors.

" With the Grandmaster ? " Skahent smiled, a shocked mocking expression on his face, " not at all. I just don't want to trouble you. Surely one of the other masters can train my students."

" I wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world, " Luke gave Skahent a reassuring pat on the back, " it's been a long time since I've trained anyone. Usually I learn more from my students than they do from me. "

They turned and entered Skahent Mal' Hake's small office. They walked around his desk and activated a small panel, a monitor slid out. Skahent tapped the screen and entered his long password into it. A list of classes rolled down the screen, he tapped his small class and entered another series of passwords. His class was known as Late Learners 331. Skahent specialized in training students who were discovered to have Jedi abilities later in age than the norm. He scrolled through his students, telling Luke about each ability that they excel in, as well as some brief background history. Luke's face lit up when Kinta Pashel's face appeared on the screen.

" You have Kinta in your class ? She possesses the most outstanding abilities in healing I've ever seen. Why is she in your class ? " Luke questioned the Jedi master.

" It's simple, " Skahent rolled through her information, " she was transferred to my class because of her age. Technically, she discovered her own abilities at age five. She was self trained for awhile before she entered that class, Master Kelliz assumed she was trained from birth when she entered his classroom. When we discovered that her training with us was only beginning, she was transferred to my class. "

" I look forward to meeting her. " Luke straightened up.

" This is the last one. " Skahent tapped the screen and Kush Ragnahault's profile stared at them with no expression on his face.

Skahent let out a little sigh before beginning, the sigh didn't go unnoticed by the JedI Grandmaster, " Kolsh Ragnahault, eighteen years old, dark blue hair, six foot tall, one hundred and sixty three pounds. Born to a blue-collar family on the industrial planet of Druckenwell. Kolsh survived the initial invasion of the aliens when the apartment he lived in was destroyed by stray cannon fire. His family did not survive. He was forced into a huge labor camp near the coastal city of Parathu by the Yuuzhan Vong. After the war he left Druckenwell when the opportunity for work repairing the entertainment district on Curuscant was offered to him. JedI Master Skahent Mal' Hake discovered him shortly after."

" Nice guy, that Skahent, " Luke smiled, " I know him well. "

" Could lose a few pounds, " Skahent joked then continued, " the subject has very slight abilities at his advanced age of eighteen. Weak in all areas, with a troubled past he can have issues with his emotions. Cleared by Grandmaster Luke Skywalker for gradual training. "

" Old guy, that Skywalker. " Luke didn't smile this time, " let's close down this file and give me your personal opinion on his progression."

Skahent obeyed and shut the computer down. " I know I can be honest with you Luke."

" Of coarse you can. " Luke could sense Skahent's mood lower dramatically.

" I know you cleared him for gradual training. But you may have jumped the gun with this particular subject. " Skahent gave Luke stern look.

" What are you saying ? We're approaching assembly line JedI here ? " Luke could only mentally smile at the image of Han and Leia teasing him weeks earlier with the same line.

" No, " Skahent rubbed his eyes, " I think he might be too dangerous to continue training in my class. He has a troubled past, his emotions and attitude are unstable at times. I can sense an outburst of anger just beneath the surface, at all times. Some of the other students can even sense it. "

Luke closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He thought to himself for several minutes.

" That's why we imposed the gradual training. Changing his teacher only two months into his training would hamper his progress. You are right, my friend. We might have to ease off the training with this one. In the temple at least. " Luke had a sparkle in his eye that Skahent picked up on immediately.

" I hope you're not suggesting what I think you're suggesting. "

The six JedI padewans laughed loudly in the meditation room as a small teenage boy tried to lift a large metal ball from the floor with the force. He held his hand out in front of him with his clawed fingers shaking. His face was turning red as he strained with the exercise.

" Nice try Jroclax. " A young Falleen chided robotically through his breathing mask. " But it's my turn now."

" Be my guest. " Jroclax breathed then stood aside.

The Falleen held out his gloved hand and spread his fingers. He closed his eyes and everyone watched as the ball rolled slightly, then stopped.

" It must be pretty heavy if you can't lift it, Bolleq'Tu. " Kolsh said to him after a moment. The others agreed, it was an area in which Bolleq'Tu excelled. Kolsh rubbed his chin then his eyes lit up, " Why don't you try rolling it ? "

" Hmm. Perhaps we should wait for Master Hake first. " Okinta added, with slight authority in her voice.

" Pfft. He won't mind. Roll it. " Kolsh urged the Falleen, followed by the others, excluding a mildly protesting Okinta.

Bolleq' Tu made a pushing motion with his hand, he seemed to strain for a bit before the ball started a slow roll, then it picked up speed and accelerated quickly towards the door to the room. Everyone had their mouths open ready for a large crashing noise on the wall, but the ball stopped suddenly. The large metal ball lifted in the air and glided gracefully past the students before it rested on the ground at the far end of the room. Luke Skywalker walked into the room and dropped his hand inside his cloak. Master Skahent Mal' Hark followed, a big smile on his bearded face as he watched the reactions of his students.

" May I present, Grandmaster Luke Skywalker. " Skahent announced as Luke did a small bow for the six padewans. The padewans responded with a numb bow of their own.

" Hi." Luke smiled at them.

" I'm sorry to tell you, I'm going away on a mission for awhile. The details of the mission are classified, even to you little rascals. " Skahent let out a gruff sounding laugh then continued, " the Grandmaster will be your substitute until I return. "

" Is this the best you can find ? " Kolsh joked, breaking the other students into a surprised, uncontrolled laughter.

" Show some respect! " Skahent scowled with a red faced, embarrassed expression.

" It's fine. " Luke held up a hand to the teacher and laughed, " there's nothing wrong with a little levity in school. Especially when your dealing with such a boring teacher. " The students erupted again in laughter.

" So I guess I'll find my class relocated to the entertainment district when I return. " Skahent smiled and raised an eyebrow at Luke.

" Perhaps. Students, you have the rest of the day off. " Luke said turning to the padewans. They cheered and made their exit.

" Except you. " Skahent stopped Kolsh before he walked out of sight.

Uh oh, I didn't like the sound of that. I knew the second I said the joke it was wrong. Way to go Kolsh ! Disrespect the Grandmaster JedI. Way to dig a hole and bury yourself.

" I can sense your distress, young man. Don't worry." Luke beckoned the blue haired teen towards them.

Clear your mind ! They can see right through you ! Especially Luke Skywalker. Kolsh walked hesitantly in front of the two teachers. He stared at his feet and shuffled them.

" I have good news. You won't have to put up with my sub par teaching techniques." Luke smiled and placed a hand on Kolsh's shoulder. I'm being expelled ! How can they be so smug when they're kicking me out of school ?

" You will be going with Master Hake on his mission. "


" Don't look so excited, " Skahent mused, " it's a decision from the Grandmaster. We feel you need to stay with me since your training has only just begun. Switching teachers now as you are starting to show signs of progress will be detrimental to your future as a JedI. "

Are they implying I'm not good enough ?

" That doesn't make sense." Kolsh stated, looking directly at Skahent. The JedI Master squinted his eyes slightly, in surprise at the boldness of the statement.

" Explain. " Luke said, his arms crossed under his long sleeves.

" No offense to your skills master, " Kolsh slightly bowed in respect to his teacher, " but I could learn quite a lot from the grandmaster."

" You could, " Luke agreed, " but there is something I can't teach you inside a classroom. Hands on experience with different cultures. Plus, if there is unexpected danger that threatens Master Hake, I'd rather have somebody there to help him."

Kolsh visibly relaxed. That makes sense I guess.

" Now you are dismissed. May the force be with you. " Luke smiled at the boy, who bowed then left the classroom.

Skahent gave Luke a deadpan look, " Unexpected danger ? Escorting Ambassador Leia Organa Solo to the peace treaty celebration in Seltho ? I might catch a flower petal to the face. "

" Don't forget Han is the one flying you there. That ups your trouble meter tenfold. " Luke let out a laugh.

" Indeed ? I've never met the man unfortunately. Though I've heard of his heroics, who hasn't ? We are going in his ship as well. I don't understand why, Leia could visit Chief of State Daala and we could ride comfortably there in a Vector-Class Yacht if we wanted."

" If you want your trip to be stress free, I'd suggest keeping those thoughts to yourself, my friend. On a different note. I need you to keep Kolsh close by your side, be mindful of his reactions to events. Most importantly, never stop teaching him. Show him that we fought to bring peace to the galaxy, we never fought out of hatred. Go now, and may the force be with you. "

" May the force be with you. " Skahent bowed and started to leave.

" Oh, " Luke stopped his friend at the door.

" Yes ? "

" Don't be afraid to have a little fun. " Luke smiled at his friend.

End of chapter 1