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15th December,
In a certain alley,

10 men, all of them are Skill-Outs are surrounding what seems to be a 16 year old girl.

"Hey there girl, don't you feel scared going here alone?" One of them said to her.

"Yeah, come on, let's us accompany you." the man in front of her, probably the leader.

The girl ignores them and get away from there.

The leader then touches her face and said, "Now, why don't let you be nice to me? I'll give you a-ARGH!" the leader then dropped in front of her.

"B-Boss! Why you!" The others try to attack her.

Then the girl gives them a lethal glare and the Skill-Outs began to charge at her.

Several minutes later,

"Aww man, this is a massacre" as an Anti-Skill officer looks at 10 dead bodies in that alley.

"Give them to the medical team! They'll handle those bodies." His leader orders to him.

Then one of his men approaches him, "Sir! We got the footage from this alley!"

Both of them walk to the Anti-Skill van.

The leader and his men look at the footage and their eyes shown fear, "W-What the fuck! It seems a single girl is the culprit!"

In the footage, the girl realized the camera and destroyed it. The recording only shows static screen after that.

"Shit we even don't get her face!" said the Anti Skill that check the footage

16th December
Anti-Skill Headquarter,

"And this the end of the record" said Yomikawa as she show a record of yesterday accident "I want every Judgment members available to help us to catch the culprit"

"That was a brutal massacre" replied Konori after she saw the video

"I know, if she hasn't been found, more of them will die."

Seeing the video of the slaughter, she then said, "Don't worry, I'll sent the words to every Branch so that they can lend some assistance in catching the culprit."

Suddenly, an Anti-Skill officer came to both Yoshikawa and Konori.

"Ma'am, we've got another report that 15 Skill-Out members are being attacked"

"Another attack?" Yomikawa surprised.

"Well, we accounted 14 dead but there is another one still alive but in bad shape, he is in the hospital now." The Officer said.

"Alright, send an interrogation team! Konori, I'll inform you if we got anything." Yomikawa said.

"Understood, I'll head back to my Branch HQ" then she leaves the Anti-Skill headquarters

At Hospital

Sieghart, Accelerator and Touma happened to be in hospital to visit Heaven Canceler

They then saw their teacher, Yomikawa, hurry

"Oi! Yomikawa!" shouts Accelerator

"Accelerator! What are you doing here?" asks Yomikawa as she looked at them.

"Just want to visit this 'Old Boy' Grandfather " as Accelerator point his finger to Sieghart

"Any problem happened?" asked Sieghart as he trying to ignore Accelerator

"There is something terrible happened, I must go now!" replied Yomikawa


Suddenly Touma call her

"What is it?" asked Yomikawa

"May we accompany you and please tell us what happened!"

"Alright! You three come with me!"

Then they stop in front of an emergency ward.

"Who are you visiting sensei?" Touma asked.

"Well there are increased attacks on Skill-Outs member that had caused most of them dead. There is one survivor but in a very critical condition."

Then Sieghart said, "You two get in, I'll try to see grandpa."

"Okay Sieghart, we'll be waiting." Touma replied.

Then the three of them except Sieghart entered the ward and see a man in the bed breathing heavily.

"Sir! Are you okay?" Yomikawa asks.

The man looks at her and nodded.

"Well, can you tell me what happened after you and your buddies see the girl?" Yomikawa asks him again.

The man tries to remember what happened but then the three of them saw the man's eyes dilated and they shown the sight of fear then suddenly he suddenly knocked out.

"WHAT THE! You tell your friend to get the doctor here! He's in shock!" Yomikawa shouts to Touma while the heartbeat monitor shows sign of extreme heartbeat failure.

"Got it" Then Touma uses his phone to contact Sieghart.

"He'll be here in a minute!" Touma said after he contacted Sieghart.

Then the monitor goes flatline.

Yomikawa tries to revive him many times until Heaven Canceler came with Sieghart.

"Oh god, it seems I'm too late." He said.

Yomikawa only said, "Dammit! The only lead to this case is dead!"

"Sensei, what just happened?" Touma asked as he and the others still confused with what is happening.

Yomikawa regains his composure and look at the three of them.

"Well, if you want to know, here, take a look."

She then showed a video on her PDA.

The three look at the video and shocked, "W-What! Who is this girl?" Touma shocked at first.

"That power looks kinda familiar." Sieghart thought.

"That girl is quite strong." Accelerator spoke.

Touma then look at Yomikawa, "Sensei what is the meaning of this?"

Then Yomikawa answers "Well, you better talk to Konori; I have told her about this case."

"I think I have to go to my Headquarters now, I'll see you all again later." She said and left off.

Heaven Canceler then said to them, "I'll call the nurse to bring a body bag now." He then walks to talk to the nurse.

"Well guys, let's go back to the Office Branch now." Touma orders them.

"Tch! I hate this when we become the permanent member, especially with you guys" Accelerator replied them.

"Shut up Accelerator." Touma said after he feels annoyed at Accelerator's complaints.

The three of them headed to the Judgment Office Branch to discuss the case with Konori.

On way to their branch headquarter

The three boys are talking to each other

"Just who could do something as cruel like that?" as Touma asks Sieghart and Accelerator.

Both of the boy then looked at each other.

"That girl, there is something familiar about her" said Accelerator

"Yeah! And that ability, I think I recognize it somewhere before" replied Sieghart

"Huh? What you both talking about?" asked Touma

Sieghart then sees his friend.

"You see the recording right?" asked Sieghart

"Yeah, Sieghart!"

"Don't you feel something strange?"

"What you mean?" asked Touma

"The way that girl fight and her ability" answered Accelerator

"Exactly!" replied Sieghart

"Just what are you ...?"

Suddenly Touma's phone ring "Uiharu?"

"Ah! Touma! Hurry up and go to a park at 7th District!" shouts Uiharu

"What happened?"

"Several Judgment members have found the culprit but they're being attacked! Kuroko is coming there to assist them!"

"Alright we'll be right there!" then Touma cut off the conversation "Sieghart! Accelerator!"

Both of them nodded and go to the place

Several minutes later,

They found about 20 Judgment members wounded and no trace from the culprit

"Dammit ! Hey you guys hang on!" said Touma then Kuroko appeared

"What the-" Kuroko want to say something but Sieghart cut her off.

"Kuroko! Call ambulance now!" shouts Sieghart

"Y-Yeah!" replied Kuroko as she starts to contact the hospital.

"'Ablino Boy'!"

"What is it 'Old Boy'?" asked Accelerator

"Help me carry several that have serious wound and go to hospital with them"

"Why should I!" shouts Accelerator

Sieghart just showed a very serious expression and shouts back "JUST DO IT!"

"Ceh~ Alright!" as Accelerator carries 2 guys and run very fast

"I will bring these 3!" then Sieghart carries 3 people and disappeared

Then Touma realized something, he feels like someone watching them.

He turns around and he thought he see someone watching him, "Hmm? Maybe my imagination"

Several minutes later
At the hospital,

"They will be fine for now." said Heaven Canceler to Touma and the others

Everyone there starts relief.

Kuroko then out from one of the room and said "Hey you guys! Get in! Our friend is going to give some info on the culprit!"

All of them nod.

Touma walk inside first.

Sieghart and Accelerator then followed later while arguing about something

They then see a female Judgment member and Touma immediately remembers the girl during Sherry Cromwell's attack against Academy City.

"The telepathic girl huh?" Touma thought.

"How are you?" asked Kuroko

"Don't worry! I'm fine!" replied the girl

"Any clue?" Kuroko then said straight to the point

"Yeah! The culprit is a girl about 16 years old , long brown hair , her eyes orange and she about 165 cm"

Suddenly Sieghart and Accelerator look at each other and think about something

"What you think?" asked Sieghart

"I have no idea" answered Accelerator

"I see... But I guess what you think right now is same with what I think"

"Humph~ that's make me not happy 'Old Boy' " with angry tone

"Whatever 'Albino Boy' " as Sieghart ignores him

"Just what both of you talking?" asked Touma.

"Nothing." Both of them shouts in unison at Touma.

"A-Alright..." replied Touma "Fukou Da…"

Kuroko then point her glance to Touma and the others

"Alright you three! You should leave now and go back to Headquarter first, I will follow you guys later" orders Kuroko

"Okay! Accelerator! Sieghart! Let's go. " then three of them go away from there.

Back at the Judgment Branch Office,

Touma and the others just came back from the Hospital and they decided to discuss about the cases with Konori.

"Ah guys, perfect timing, I want you to help in this case." Konori said.

"Don't worry senpai, we knew about it." Touma replied.

"Well, that's good, so what is happening?"

"Umm...first, the Skill-Out member whose thought have survived is dead, then 20 Judgment members is also knocked out."

"That's sound serious." Konori said to them.

"Yeah! Senpai!" As Touma nodded.

Konori then looked at him again

"Hey Kamijou-san, do you see Kuroko?" Konori asks him.

"She said she is in the hospital now, visiting our wounded members" Sieghart answered.

Then Touma look at Uiharu.

"Uiharu, could you show us the fight between the attacker and the Judgment officer?" Touma asks her.

Uiharu agrees and all of them look at the video showed at Uiharu's laptop.

The attacker was against the surveillance camera, so no one can saw her face from surveillance camera.

In the video they can see her body emitting something strange,

Several Judgment members sent some attacks, but those things passed her. Some attacks somehow gone after she swings her right hand.

She also swings again her hand and makes some Judgment members knocked out

A lighting bolt come out from her hand and strike the surveillance camera, the recording only shows static screen after that.

"I knew that power is kinda familiar!" Sieghart thought

"Hmm...That is way too familiar" Accelerator thought himself.

Touma just shows a surprised expression

"Whoa! Is she is a Level 5?" Touma wondered.

"Well, we haven't found any new registered Level 5 or even any Level's in our Database." Konori said.

"Now that is a mystery." Sieghart replied.

Kuroko finally arrives at the office and looking at everyone that is watching the laptop.

"Umm...guys?" Kuroko said to them.

"Ah Shirai-san!" Uiharu said while looking at her.

"Ah you've come Kuroko! Well, I heard from them that you visit our injured Judgment member right?" Konori asked her

"Well~ I have asked her if she sees the attacker's face." Kuroko replied.

Everyone then looks at her with a serious face

"Well, she said that she didn't clearly get a good look at her face because the attacker is wearing some kind of mask that covering her face."

"Anything else?" Touma asks.

"So far~ Not yet!"

"Hmm...This is a very tough nut to crack huh?" Touma thought.

All of them then take a seat.

Sieghart then looked at his friend.

"What should we do now Touma?" Sieghart asked.

Touma then start thinking something and finally say something,

"We should find more clues about it. And we must careful because that person might attack us."

Then everyone nodded at his suggestion.

December 17th,

Sogiita Gunha was doing his daily job as a Judgment member, patrolling the streets and also helping several citizens in needs.

"(Sigh)...couldn't this day be more exciting?" Sogiita Gunha, The #7 Level 5, complains

Then he heard a scream from one of the alley not far from his position.


"What? Someone screaming?" as he headed to the direction of the scream

When he arrives, he saw 5 more people lay dead and in front of them is a girl wearing a mask so that Gunha couldn't recognize her.

"Dammit! It's her!" He then pulled out his cellphone to contact Anti-Skill.

"Hello! Anti-Skill! I've found the suspect, she is in-"

Suddenly a lightning bolt hit the phone and destroyed it.

"SHIT!" He then saw another lightning bolt coming right at him and he activated his Force field projection and the attack is deflected.

"So, you want to fight me huh? Well… Prepared to be obliterated by Sogiita Gunha! The #7 Level 5!" He shouts and he uses his speed to run straight at the girl.

"Amazing! Punch!" He said while hitting her with amazing speed.

The punch hit directly at the girl and she flies back 5 meters and lying there.

"Heh, piece of c- What!" He thought the fight was over but she then stand up again with no physical injuries and he also saw a light purple aura coming from her body.

"Wait, that aura...I think I ever saw it somewhere before..."

Before Gunha recovers from his shock, the girl suddenly appear in front of him and he immediately activates his shield again.

However, the girl bypasses his shield and immediately grabbed his left arm and her right hand at his right arm.

Gunha shocked at the fact as he looking at his hands that grab by the girl.

"Wait a minute! This is impossible! How you penetrate my shield?"

Then the girl charges up her electric shock and shocks him with the equivalent of 2.5 Billion Volts, causing the electrical equipment surrounding the area light, traffic light and lamp short fused.

"ARGHH!" as Gunha screamed in pain.

Before he is knocked out, he decides to use his last power, "EXPLOSION!"

A large blast immediately causes both of them thrown away.

Gunha with his remaining energy tried to stand up but after the girl's powerful lightning strikes at him; he immediately dropped on the floor of the alley.

The girl wakes up and tries to finish him once and for all but she then heard sirens, sounding the arrival of the Anti-Skill and she immediately took of, leaving her victim barely alive.

Several minutes later,

The alley where Gunha fought against the culprit is now full of Anti-Skill and Judgment member alike, most of them are taking picture of the scene while others guard the scene from any interference by the media who's now arriving at the crime scene to cover what maybe a huge event.

"So, first Skill-Outs, then Judgment members and now the Level 5's huh" Kuroko said as she inspects the scene.

Touma, Sieghart and Accelerator are also at the scene with Kuroko.

"I don't know what motives that she has, killing powerless group of Level 0, attacking Anti-Skills and Judgment members and now, attacking Level 5's? This is not right." Touma said as he look at the blood filled floors and clenched his right fist.

"It seems like the culprit is try to play with us." Accelerator said while he checking the scene.

Meanwhile, Kuroko and Sieghart are asking some question to Gunha, who now are lifted to the ambulance for further treatment.

"Hei Gunha, remember me?" Kuroko asked him.

Gunha then looked at both of them

"Ah Kuroko, good to see you and-!" He looks at Sieghart and shocked.

"What are YOU doing here!" He shouts while still remembering his first encounter with Sieghart.

Sieghart somehow trying to hide his face from Gunha, Kuroko who see it start talking

"Relax Gunha, he's now a Judgment member so he's our friend now. His name is Kurosaki Sieghart."

"Ah so you are one of the new members of the Judgment Branch 177th and the new Level 5 that I heard before."

Sieghart then looked at Gunha

"That's me. Sorry for what happened when we first met." As he show his face to Gunha.

Gunha replied with a smile "That's fine, Sieghart"

"How come you can be defeated? I even have hard time when I fight against both you and Misaka" as he referring to the accident at AIM Institute a long time ago

"Actually, Not that hard anyway" thinks Sieghart as he sees Gunha

Kuroko then ask before Gunha can answer Sieghart's question, "Anyway, Gunha do you have the description of the attacker up close?"

"Well, she's wearing a mask so I can't see her face, but the weird thing is, she had the power like him." He replied as he pointed to Sieghart.

Sieghart surprised to hear about it and start talking "What? Like me?"

"You don't know? Back then I use my ultimate attack at you but you survived and now that girl survived my attack as well!"

Sieghart is trying to remember his last fight against Gunha "You mean that punch that you called as 'Amazing Punch' ?"

"Yeah! That attack! The one that you stopped with a single hand!"

Then the medical said to them, "Okay that's enough, we're bringing him to the hospital now."

"Okay ! Thanks, Gunha." Kuroko said to him.

"You're welcome." He replied before the back door closes and the ambulance disappear from sight.

Then Touma and Accelerator came to inform them, "Kuroko, Sieghart, we have the video from the surveillance camera, follow us."

The four of them approach an Anti-Skill van and a monitor showed up the scene.

They watch the scene until the end and everyone there shocked and they show disbelief face,

"W-What! How could she survive that?" Kuroko asked.

"Wait ! Isn't that light purple aura is the same as Sieghart?" Touma said while observing the girl closely.

"Hell, she even bypass Number 7's shield, there is no way that this girl can do it!" Accelerator shouts.

"Not only that! Is she is an Electromaster? She even crazy enough to use electricity in direct contact and received nothing after use it!" as Sieghart analyze it

Touma looked at his comrades and said "Right now, I think we should head back to the office and tell Konori-senpai about this."

Everyone nodded show they agree and headed back to their Judgment Office.

At the Judgment office,

After informs Konori about it, she then decided to inform this to the higher ups.

"Well, the higher-ups have given this a top priority so every Level 5's will be informed about it." Konori said just as she finished calling the higher ups.

"So, we need to warn every Level 5's about the imminent danger." Konori said with serious face.

"Then I'll inform-" Touma wanted to say something but Kuroko immediately interrupt.

"Let me protect my Onee-sama!" Kuroko shouts while giving a glare at him.

"Okay, Kuroko but just be sure to request help if you're under attack by the culprit." Konori said to her.

"Then I will send some warning to available Level 5 in Academy City." Uiharu replied while head back to her computer to send the message.

Konori then looked at the Level 5's in her office.

"How about you two? Accelerator and Sieghart?"

"We can take care ourselves! Right, "Albino Boy"?" Sieghart look at Accelerator.

Accelerator talks back, "Humph! Whatever "Old Boy" I'm not that weak you know."

"And I will inform Ruko about this" replied Sieghart and tried to ignore Accelerator's taunt

Konori then looked at them "Then it settles, we have to be more careful, that girl will show no mercy to her enemies once she defeated them."

"Yes senpai, we'll be more careful from now on" Said Touma.

3 Hours later,

"What are you? What do you want!" asked Mugino to the girl with mask in front of her. Three girls. Her teammates are already knockdown by the sudden attack.

The girl just silent and point at her, indicating that she wants her and started to run surround her.

"You are annoying insect! DIE!" as Mugino throws 4 beams to her.

The girl just swings her right hand to the attacks and those attacks gone.

Mugino's face showed disbelief over what had happened.

"W-What? How you do that?" Suddenly 4 beams come out from the girl's right hand and go to Mugino.

"Shit? How she negated and copied my attacks" thought Mugino as she throws her attacks to the girl's attacks.

An explosion happened. And smoke blocked her view,"Dammit! I can't see anything!"

After the smoke start disappeared, the girl that attack Mugino gone "Just where that insect gone!"

Suddenly a lighting bolt comes from behind and Mugino tries to change the way but too late.

The attack come first to her and knocks her out.

After the girl confirmed her targets knockdown, she goes away from there.

Another 3 Hours later after the last accident,

A brown hair boy sitting in one of alley while holding his wound at his stomach

Kakine Teitoku, #2 Level 5 at Academy City

"Shit!" as he starts groan "Just what with that girl? Those sudden attacks almost get me killed!"

"Is she the one that said by the Judgment?" as he checking his cell phone

He then start remembered his fight against the attacker

"That's some weird abilities! First, lighting attacks, then my attacks is nullified. She also survived my attacks and penetrate my defense" as he checking his wound.

"Luckily she still injured from my attacks earlier. That will stop her from chasing me" as Kakine saw the sky

"One day! I will kill her!" as Kakine gritted his teeth

"Hey Are you alright?" asked an Anti-Skill that found him and Kakine dropped to the ground "Hey kid! Hurry Bring him to hospital!"

"Ugh~" as his vision getting blurred and he lying down on the ground

Then Several Anti-Skills came and carry the already fainted Kakine to the hospital

"Wait a minute! He is Kakine Teitoku , #2 Level 5 of Academy City" said the Anti-Skill with shocked face after checking Kakine

"Man this is bad, three Level 5's in a day?" One of the men said.

"God, if this keeps happen, there will be no more Level 5's around here anymore." His friend said as they taking him onto the ambulance that is arrived at the scene.

December 18th,

At the Judgment Office branch, Touma and the others include Mikoto because Kuroko called her to attend a small meeting.

Konori then started the meeting "Well, with everyone here including Misaka. Let's us begin our briefing."

"As you can see, we have reported attacks on Level 5's, the first one is one of our Judgment Officer Sogiita Gunha, the #7 Level 5, he is lucky to survive the attack." She said as she shown the image of Gunha from the projector onto a white screen.

"Gunha? He's being attacked?" Mikoto asked her.

"Yeah, he's now in the hospital, heavily injured but survived."

"Three hours after that, we got a report that #4 Level 5, Mugino Shizuri , Anti-Skills found her with a three of her friends, they're all defeated and left dying." As Konori showing the scene to everyone.

"M-Mugino is defeated?" Misaka surprised, her mouth open after hearing her rival is defeated.

"You said there is another one right Senpai?" Touma asks Konori.

"Yes, another Level 5, #2 named Kakine Teitoku. He's also being attacked by the culprit and barely survived, he's now in hospital but comatose after Anti-Skill found him." She said as she turns off the projector.

"I can't believe that! This person is targeting Level 5's and successfully defeated them." Mikoto replied.

"That's why we have informed the remaining Level 5's and also decided to give them a security escorts."

Then Touma come forward and informs them, "For now, we will concentrate on protecting the remaining Level 5, Uiharu." He then called Uiharu.

"Well, I've informed that #5, Queen of Tokiwadai is now under the protection of Anti-Skill while Misaka will be under the protection of Shirai Kuroko, unfortunately we unable to contact #6 yet."

Sieghart thought about something "#6 huh?"

Then Touma look at Sieghart and Accelerator and asks, "Are you sure that you'll be fine without an escort?"

Both of them only gave Touma glares

"Hey, I'm #1, The Strongest; I don't need any escort even with my condition." Accelerator said arrogantly.

"Well I don't have to; I can take care of myself." Sieghart said to him.

Then Touma remembers something, "Hey Sieghart, where is Ruko? Shouldn't she be informed about this?"

Sieghart just sighed.

"Ruko? Don't worry, she's out from Academy City with Youmu to visit Youmu's father, I've told about it earlier so she knew about it."

All of them then looked at Mikoto and Kuroko

Konori then started speaking "Well~ that's all we want to inform you about. Kuroko!" as she sees her subordinate.

Kuroko responds her speak "Yes Senpai!"

"Keep Misaka safe, if you need reinforcement, please inform us."

"Understood Senpai." Kuroko nodded at her.

Sieghart then stand up "Umm guys, I want to meet Gunha at the hospital for now."

Touma then look at him and asks, "With whom Sieghart?"

"Aogami, of course." Sieghart answers.

"Aogami?" Touma wondered in his thought, "Why Aogami?"

"Anyway, see you soon guys." Sieghart then leaves the office.

As soon as everyone leaves, Touma then speaks to Mikoto, "Hey Misaka."

"What is it Kamijou-san ?"

"I just want to tell you, be careful out there okay."

But just before Misaka can say anything, Kuroko suddenly intervene "Thanks for your concern for Onee-sama but I can handle it from here."

Then Kuroko teleported with Mikoto, leaving Touma with Accelerator.

"Well Accelerator, want to go out patrolling?" He asks.

"Whatever, as long that "Old Boy" away, I'm fine with it." He said with sour face.


Sieghart is waiting outside the hospital, waiting Aogami to arrive.

"Where is he right now?" He said while looking at his watch. "Is he being attacked?"

Then he saw Aogami that just arrived.

"Hey Sieghart, tired of waiting?" Aogami said while waving his hand to his friend.

"What took you so long?" Sieghart asked with angry face "I thought you forget about this meeting"

"Umm…I got a problem you know" replies Aogami as he smiling.

Sieghart looked at Aogami for a moment before he sighed.

"Nevermind, let's go." Sieghart said to him and the two of them entered the hospital.

At Gunha's ward,

Gunha is resting on his bed when a knock on the door alert him.

"Come in."

Then he saw Sieghart and Aogami entered the room.

"Sieghart!" He shouts then he looked at Aogami.

"Yo Gunha! Long time no see!" Aogami said to him.

"Well~ isn't that the #6 Level 5, Aogami! What brings you here?" Gunha asks Aogami.

"I heard that you're hospitalized so I with Sieghart, my childhood friend, came here to visit you." Aogami replies.

Gunha then shows disbelief face to Sieghart "I don't know you his childhood friend"

"Something happened in the past anyway" replied Sieghart as he smiling

"Anyway, what's happened to you? The last time we fight, you're not this bad." Aogami continued.

"I don't know, that girl is ridiculously strong when I fought her."

"A girl!" Aogami seems more interested on that girl.

"Hey Aogami, are you okay?" Gunha asks him.

Sieghart then explained to him, "Hey Gunha! In school, he is a pervert. If you know what I mean."


"Yeah, I think I want to see my grandfather, he's working as a doctor in this hospital."

"Okay then Sieghart." Gunha said as he gave Sieghart's permission to leave.

When Sieghart's goes out he can heard Aogami talk to Gunha, "Hey Gunha, what's that girl look like?"

Sieghart can only sigh and said, "Aogami..."

Somewhere at the street,

"Well it's just us eh Accelerator?" Touma asked Accelerator while on their Judgment patrol.

"Better than having that "Old Boy" around." Accelerator replies.

Touma then looked at him once again, "Hey Accelerator, I want to ask something."

"What is it?" asked Accelerator with annoyed face.

Touma then took a deep breath before talk

"Back then when you have that "Black Wing", are you conscious that time?" He asks

"I have a wing? Are you out of your mind or something?" Accelerator said in disbelief after he hear Touma's question.

Touma just showed a very serious face.

"No I'm not, while you fighting with berserk Sieghart, you suddenly grow a black wing and that wing is the one that stabbed me before." Touma said trying to recall the incident.

"Really? I don't remember that time." Accelerator seems cannot remember the incident.

"I only remembered that I protecting that little brat and the others back then" as Accelerator refer to Last Order, Mikoto and Kuroko

Touma just sighed after he failed to get explanation from Accelerator about the wing.

"Hey Accelerator! Wanna get some drinks? My treat of course." Touma said while pointing at the 24 Hours store.

"Fine! I want coffee, that's all!" Accelerator replied.

19 December
After The School,

Kuroko and Emilya go back together and Mikoto also with them, Ellia gone back first to Tokiwadai's dorm

"Onee-sama, want to buy some drinks before we went back?" Kuroko asks her.

"Drink huh, well that's fine with me. Want come Emilya?" She then asked her.

"I'd like too Misaka-sama" Emilya replied happily.

Emilya notices someone in front of them, "Who is that?"

A 16 years old girl with long brown hair appeared in front of them

"No! She is the culprit!" as Kuroko recognized the person in front of them

Kuroko then tries to call for reinforcement but the girl uses her electricity to disable her phone.

"Dammit! My phone is dead!" Kuroko said while put back her phone.

Kuroko use her teleportation and teleported near her.

She then grabbed her right arm in an effort to take her down, "Gotcha! W-What! My powers aren't worked on her?"

She then realized her power cannot be use against her.

The girl then electrocuted her and Kuroko fainted.

"Shirai-san!" Emilya screamed.

Then she is charging forward the girl and tried to punch her.

The girl then grabbed her fist, "W-What! She stops my strengthen fist!"

Emilya then is touched by the girl and suddenly teleported upside down and hit head first onto the ground and fainted.

"Emilya! Kuroko!" shouts Mikoto after she saw her friends hurt.

Then Mikoto takes out an arcade coin from her pocket and aim it to the girl

"You give me no other choice! Give up!"

Something weird happened, the girl also pull out a coin from her pocket

"W-What?" as she saw the girl start throwing the coin to the sky.

Misaka that not understand what happened.

She create Railgun using her power to the attacker direction.

But the girl also created Railgun and but the color different.

Mikoto's railgun color us blue while her opponent is red

The Railguns collide and explosion happened.

The mask that covers the girl's face fall down and shows her face

Mikoto then look at her face and shocked.

Mikoto's eyes were the size of moons. Her eyes lost their edge.

Her heart almost stopped mouth start mumbling but no sound can be heard.

A sound finally comes out from Mikoto's mouth "Y-You ..."

"'Misaka codename is 'First Trial' ' as Misaka point herself"

"Y-You ... W-Why?" as she not believes what she saw.

"'Misaka must finish her job' as Misaka point her finger to the target"

"What are you mean!" as Mikoto sent a loud voice to her clone.

"'Misaka don't want to hurt the Original, but an order is an order' as Misaka starting to prepare another attack"

5 minutes earlier,

As usual, Touma, Accelerator and Sieghart are just patrolling the streets as part of their Judgment duty.

"What a usual day, first delinquent tried to rob some money and usual thug tried to mess around with us. What will happen next?" Touma said in boredom.

"What's with that expression?" Sieghart asked.

"I want something to happen you know." Touma replies him with a grin.

"Hey stupid, can you keep quiet!" Accelerator screamed to Touma.

Before Touma can say anything the three of them heard an explosion not to far from them.

"What is that?" Touma asks.

"Well Touma, you just got what you want. Let's go!" Sieghart said and the trio immediately rushes to the scene.

3 minutes later,

The fight move to an alley not far from where Kuroko and Emilya fainted,

Mikoto already tired after battling yet a new clone, she is currently wielding an Iron particle sword while her opponent is wielding the same too.

"I-I thought the [Experiment] is over!" She screamed to her.

"'Indeed, the [Experiment] is over, but Misaka has other purpose set by the higher ups' as Misaka said the fact to Original"

Then First Trial charges towards Mikoto, the two Iron swords hit each other but First Trial then uses her right hand at Mikoto's Iron swords and the sword dissipates.

Mikoto couldn't believe what she's seeing and First Trial pushed her down and raised her own sword to stab her until she heard a familiar voice, "K-Kuroko! Emilya! They seemed injured, called Anti-Skill and the emergency medical team now!"

Then the person shouted, "Misaka! Where are you?"

"'Misaka think is time to withdraw, you're safe for now Original' as Misaka look at Original"

Then she is disappeared herself by teleportation.

The person then headed to the alley and saw Mikoto is sitting and seems depressed with her tears coming out.

"Misaka!" The person then grabbed and hugs her.

Mikoto then realized Kamijou Touma who hugged her, "K-Kamijou-san."

"Don't worry, I'm here, you're safe now." He said while hugging tightly to her.

Sieghart and Accelerator enter the alley. "Hey Touma, Kuroko and Emilya are now lifted to the hospital, we must go back to the Judgment office at once."

"K-Kamijou-san" Mikoto tries to tell him something but Touma cuts her off and he replied, "We will discuss at Judgment office first okay."

Mikoto only nodded and she with Touma and the others head back to the Judgment Office.

Judgment Office,

After Touma and the others arrived at Judgment but they have a message from Konori and Uiharu that they're out for a while because of an emergency meeting at the Judgment main Headquarters.

"Sit here for a sec, I'll find something to drink." Touma said and he goes to Uiharu's table and found some tea making equipment and began making tea for her.

A minute later, Touma gives her the tea he makes and sits down beside her.

"Now what happened? Why Kuroko and Emilya fainted?" He started to ask.

Before Mkoto even could answer his question, someone knocked the door.

"Hm? Who could that be?" Accelerator said while heading through the door.

He opens the door and sees Last Order, Misaka 10032 and Yoshikawa at the door.

"'Finally found!' says Misaka as Misaka finally found Accelerator!"

He then shouts "You Brat! What! Another one and Yoshikawa too!"

Touma then started asking him "Who is this woman?"

"Yeah who are you?" Sieghart and Mkoto asks

The woman also surprised at the fact that another person who knows Accelerator.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Yoshikawa Kikyou. Accelerator's guardian once during the [Experiment]" She explained.

Hearing this, Mkoto exploded in anger, "WHAT? YOU INVOLVED IN THE [EXPERIMENT] TOO!"

"M-Misaka?" Touma looked at her then looked at Yoshikawa again.

"Yes I am one of the scientists participating in the [Experiment]"

She point at Touma and said "But thanks to that guy, the [Experiment] is shut down and discontinued"

"Anyway, what are you doing here?" Accelerator asks her.

"I want to inform you about the attacker that attacks every Level 5 recently."

After Yoshikawa take a sit, Sieghart started asking

"So who is she?"

Then Misaka 10032 answers, "4th Production Plan, "First Trial" as Misaka tells everyone about it."

Touma shocked in disbelief, "W-Wait, you mean, another Misaka clone!"

"Wait a minute ... 4th?" thought Sieghart as he confused on what's going on now. "Ah~ Forget it~"

"Yes." Yoshikawa said.

"I thought the [Experiment] is over!" Accelerator shouts to her in loud voice.

"It is, but the higher ups got another plan." Yoshikawa replied.

"You mean that the higher-ups are involved with this as well?" Sieghart asked.

"Yes, it seems."

"Dammit! Why those!" Touma said while clenching his fist.

Sieghart looked at his friend "Anyway, we have to do something about it."

Then Last Order tells them,

"'That Misaka is individual Misaka so that Misaka is not connected to the Misaka network' says Misaka as Misaka informs them."

Now, it is Accelerator's turn to ask her "So why the clone have similar powers like us?"

Yomikawa then looked at everyone there.

"After the [Experiment] ended, several scientists involve in the Level 6 Shift project is looking for alternative to make an artificial Level 5 using your DNAs"

Touma then asked "You mean me, Sieghart and Accelerator DNA?"

Yomikawa then nodded "Yes Touma, they got your DNA shortly after the three of you hospitalized after 'that incident'."

Sieghart then started talking "No wonder her power look familiar, it's our powers that she used against her opponents"

"Now we have to make a strategy to capture her alive." Touma said then he looks at everyone.

Touma then stand up "Okay, I need one volunteer to lure "First Trial" out."

Then everyone looks at Sieghart, "Why I get the feeling that I gonna be choose in the end?"

Sieghart finally surrender "Alright, I'll do it."

"Anyway~ They still don't know the other secret of 'Shadow Rage' at all" as Sieghart shows a grin

"Hah? What you mean by 'secret'?" asked Touma

Then Yoshikawa said to them, "I'll go and find the lab that created her."

"With whom?" Touma asks.

"Just say some help." She says and she goes out from the office.

"I'll go and hack the data from other lab and destroyed it." Mikoto said to Touma.

"Are you sure?" Touma asks.

"Yes Kamijou-san, this once is my problem so I want to help too. I can use Uiharu's computer to hack it." Mikoto said to Touma with a renewed determination.

Touma nodded and look at Misaka 10032 and Last Order, "Imouto, Last Order, I want you to accompany Misaka here okay."

Both of them nodded.

"Alright Sieghart, Accelerator, let's go!"

Then the trio heads out to capture "First Trial"

An hour later,

Sieghart already standing in the center of the park where Mikoto, Kuroko and Emilya attacked by 'First Trial'

He used white cloth and black pants with black cloak and at his left hand, there is a sword.

Touma and Accelerator standing far away from there and use binoculars to check him.

"Do you think this plan will work?" asked Touma

"Hell I know! That 'Old Boy' the one who said that and tell us whatever happened later we mustn't move from here until he gives a signal. And besides, this is your idea IDIOT!" as Accelerator answered Touma's question with angry tone

"I forgot about that, sorry." Touma said while make a fake knock on his head

Suddenly Touma and Accelerator saw someone getting near Sieghart.

"She is there!" said Touma as he trying to move but stopped by Accelerator

16 years old Misaka clone, 'First Trial', getting near Sieghart, and Sieghart seems already realized her presence.

She suddenly throw lighting bolt to Sieghart, but Sieghart casually dodge it and active his 'Shadow Rage'

'First Trial' also actives her 'Shadow Rage'

She then starts charging to Sieghart, trying to deliver first attack.

But suddenly Sieghart start shining and become short

'First Trial' then shocked at the fact that her opponent becomes a short girl with black long hair

The girl caught 'First Trial' hand then sends a powerful punch at 'First Trial''s stomach that make her flying not to far from there.

'First Trial' then shows an unbelievable expression.

Sieghart in his 'girl form' looked at her "You seem surprised at the fact that I'm able to hit you"

'First Trial' not response her words and her right hand start glowing.

Four beams came out from her hand and targeting Sieghart.

"Useless~" then Sieghart start shining again and revert back to his 'boy form' and swipe those attacks in one sword swing.

'First Trial' then starts to use teleport.

"Teleport eh~ It is ... useless you know~" as Sieghart slammed his sword to back and created a fire pillar behind him.

'First Trial' that trying to attack him from behind stopped by fire pillar that Sieghart created

Then Sieghart swings his sword at the fire pillar and make a fire slash to 'First Trial' but stopped by her right hand.

"So that the artificial 'Imagine Breaker' huh? Then, What about this~" Sieghart's sword emitted black flame then Sieghart created another slash to 'First Trial'

This time, 'First Trial' is having problem to negate it.

She finally used her 'Vector Control' to return the slash back to Sieghart.

But Sieghart only stopped his own attack with another swing from his sword

"Hmm~ It seems there is a limit on the abilities that you able to negate. If it's real one, that attack should be negated right away"

Sieghart then mumbling for no apparent reason "Your turn, Dio"

Sieghart's 'Shadow Rage' starts changing and 6 aura wings created from it

'Shadow Rage' color start changing become gold.

Sieghart physical appearance also starts changing.

His hair become long gold hair, his eyes become 'gold eyes'

He finally starts talking, but his voice also changed. It's not human's voice.

"So you try to copy 'Imagine Breaker' eh~" says gold-hair Sieghart with serious eyes

"You guys really don't know what are you playing eh~"

"Making a mass produce Level 5's? Copying other powers? Don't make me laugh!" as gold-hair Sieghart that appeared beside 'First Trial'

This shocked her and she tried to attack, but her right hand catch by Sieghart.

Sieghart then start mumbling something

Somehow the time seems stop and no one there, 'First Trial' checking everywhere but not see any sign from the gold-hair Sieghart at all, and the place seems changed

"'Misaka not understand what happened' as Misaka checking the situation"

Suddenly a dragon appeared in front of her and open it mouth

'First Trial' trying to escape but somehow she can't move

The Dragon then shot several gold lighting bolts

The lighting bolts strike her and she disappeared

Suddenly 'First Trial' wake up and gold-hair Sieghart already releasing her hand

He then start talking "My job is already done here, she won't able to use that fake 'Imagine Breaker' and 'Shadow Rage' anymore"

Sieghart's appearance then start become normal, his long gold hair already revert back to short black hair

"Thank you Dio! I owe you one!" said Sieghart, and then he fixed his glance to 'First Trial'.

She starts sweating and her face seems in shocked. It is like she just being killed by something she not understand.

"You don't need to understand it anyway~ NOW SLEEP!" Sieghart then throw a very big black fireball to her

'First Trial' trying to block it by using her right hand but she then realized something, she can't use 'Shadow Rage' and 'Imagine Breaker' anymore.

The black fireball hit her and knocks her down.

Sieghart swings her sword to a certain direction where Touma and Accelerator hiding, telling them to come now.

"That's our signal! Damn, he's good!" said Touma in amazement.

"Humph! Even I can do better than him." Accelerator shouts, but in his mind he had swore that he didn't want to hurt any Misaka clone anymore, even if the clone is an evil one.

Mikoto also appeared from another way and come there.

"Mission Accomplished!" shouts Sieghart to them

"Good job Sieghart!" He said while both of them doing the 'high five''

Accelerator and Mikoto standing near 'First Trial' and check her, "Is she okay?" Misaka asks.

Sieghart only replied "She's fine, don't worry."

Suddenly First Trial woke up, everyone surprised by her action and she suddenly initiate her own self-destruct program, "Initiating First Trial self-destruct program, entering activation code QSU791LOJ003RTF450 ...code accepted initiating process."

"W-Wait! What just happened?" Misaka asks.

Accelerator then said, "This is what I feared, this bitch is starting her self-destruct program, if she succeed, she's gone".

"We have to stop her!" Touma said.

Accelerator then told Sieghart and Touma, "You two, hold her now!" while activating his choker.

Then the two without any question grabbed and hold First Trial, she's still resisted but thanks to Touma's real 'Imagine Breaker' First Trial cannot do anything.

Accelerator then touches her forehead and began to do something to her.

"What are you doing?" Misaka asks him.

"Reprogramming, I've done this before on Last Order when she is inserted with a virus by Amai Ao but I finally get rid of the virus from her, I don't know if this method can be used." He said.

Accelerator then concentrate in reprogramming First Trial's program while thinking, "I'm not let this happening to you like that brat before!"

First Trial then mumbled something that cannot be understood like she's ready to self-destruct.

"We don't have much time!" Touma shouts.

"Just a little bit more..." Accelerator said

Just as all hope seems lost, First Trial then spoke, "Self-destruct program aborted...initiating reboot...connection found...initiating connection to the network...reboot started." Then she passed out.

"Huh? What have you did to her?" Touma asks confusedly by the situation.

"The reprogramming is a success; I also have inserted the MISAKA Network programming code so that First Trial will be link to other Sisters. She will be fine now." Accelerator said with a satisfied face.

"So she will be a good clone?" Touma asks.

Accelerator only nodded and everyone expects Sieghart, sigh with relief.

Sieghart only shows a concern face

"So~ What happened if Anti-Skill and the Academy City's Higher Ups know about this? Even if she is good now, they probably will dispose her.

Everyone just silent until Sieghart found an idea, "Wait, I'll try to make a fake scene where I successfully kill her so that they will thought that the case is over, besides the security cameras in this area is already broken."

"Good idea Sieghart." Touma seems to like the idea.

Then Misaka 10032 and Last Order come to the scene, "Huh? What is it Brat?" Accelerator asks while look at her.

"'Accelerator, Yoshikawa just found the lab where First Trial is created, the location will be sent to your phone,' said Misaka as Misaka informs Accelerator the location."

Then Accelerator, Touma and Sieghart's phone received the message and it showed the location of the lab.

"So this is the bastards' location huh?" Accelerator said while looking at his phone.

Touma then look at Mikoto whose now sitting next to First Trial, "Hey Misaka, have you destroyed the data concerning First Trial?"

"Yeah, I have destroyed all of the data at the other lab; they shouldn't be able to recreate her without enough data."

"Then let's get finished the rest once and for all." Sieghart said while he prepared to move out.

"Okay Sieghart, lead the way, Accelerator?" Touma then look at him.

"Tch! I wanna kick those scientist asses for a long time, count me in!" He said with his smirk.

"Well, I'll bring First Trial to the Judgment office with Last Order and 10032." Mikoto replied while she and Misaka 10032 help carrying First Trial to the Judgment Office.

"Shouldn't they notice her?" Touma said.

"The others said that she used masks so it's impossible to recognize her face and besides, Konori-senpai and Uiharu is still busy."

"Good and be careful Misaka." Touma said to her.

"Y-You too Kamijou-san, b-be careful out there." She said to him with a faint blush.

"I will, Misaka, I will." he said and the trio headed to the lab to finish the project once and for all.

In front of the Suspected Lab,

Touma, Sieghart and Accelerator arrived at the lab and meet Yoshikawa in front of the lab.

"Are you waiting for us Yoshikawa?" Accelerator said while looking at Yoshikawa.

Yoshikawa nodded and Accelerator and the others began to head in but then Yoshikawa stop him.

"What is it now?" Accelerator annoyed because Yoshikawa stopped him.

"Better stay safe for now Accelerator! I've look at inside and found that the security system here is ESPer proof, they installed several Capacity-Down and also it's believed that this place is also where they still produced Capacity-Down since the shutdown of M.A.R (Multi-Active Rescue)." Yoshikawa explain.

"If that so, then it will be killing two birds with one stone!" Touma deduce after hearing Yoshikawa's explanation.

Then Yoshikawa look at Touma, "But we still have a problem, Accelerator and Sieghart is an ESPer and they will have a hard time if they still want to enter this facility." She said while looking at Sieghart and Accelerator.

Touma can only sigh and said, "It's up to me then..."

Before Touma can finish his words; Sieghart then said to him, "Hey, wait a minute."

Everyone look at him with an expression 'what is he want now' face.

Sieghart then took out from one of his right pocket an earphone and explained it "I got this from our case before, the earphone that can negate Capacity-Down effect on ESPers"

Accelerator surprised and shouted at him, "WHY DON'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER AT THE FIRST PLACE!"

"I'm sorry "Albino Boy", I thought you wouldn't care. Anyway, here's one for you." As he toss to Accelerator another similar earphone from his left pocket.

"Thanks a lot, "Old Boy"." He said as he wears the earphone.

Sieghart also use the same thing.

"Okay guys, let's rock this place up!" as Touma gives the signal.

Sieghart and Accelerator immediately charges straight ahead in the front door of the facility.

Touma and Yoshikawa just showed surprised expressions.

A minute later, a sound of explosion can be heard.

Touma and Yoshikawa immediately rush in and saw the destruction of the facility in progress by Sieghart and Accelerator.

That time, many scientists are knocked out by both Sieghart and Accelerator and even the security guards assigned to guard the facility are totally wiped out by both of them.

Touma then immediately saw two knocked out guards with their hands holding a standard MP-5 submachine gun; he took the two weapons and gives one to Yoshikawa.

"Well I admit… both of them are really crazy and dangerous if they worked together. So, shall we finish the rest?" Touma asks at Yoshikawa.

"Don't mind if I do." She said

Both of them start destroying everything that Sieghart and Accelerator might forgot to destroy from the Capacity-Down spare parts to every computer in the facility and other equipment in the facility.

An Hour later,

During the destruction by Touma and the others, the Anti-Skill immediately rushes in and told them to stop the attacks.

Yoshikawa then told Touma and the others that she had to disappear from Anti-Skill and thanks them for the help.

"So the Anti-Skills is here...about damn time Yomikawa!" Accelerator said when he saw Yomikawa emerged from the Anti-Skill troops.

"Accelerator? What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Well I just want to say the same thing, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE TOO!" Accelerator shouts with an annoyed feeling.

"Well, we just got words that this facility is the one that produced Capacity-Down illegally for the Black Market, so we decided to raid this place but from what I can see, you three really thrashed this place." while looking at the several scientists that is handcuffed and sent into the Anti-Skill van and looked again at Accelerator.

Then a male Anti-Skill officer came in and reported to her, "Ma'am, it seems the lead scientist here is gone, we believe that the lead has already escaped before these Judgment members arrived here."

"That's bad. Anyway, Accelerator, Touma and Sieghart, good job in finishing this illegal business once and for all." Yomikawa complimented them.

"Don't worry! it's all in a days work right?" Touma said while looking at his comrades.

Sieghart nodded except for Accelerator.

"Anyway, any lead on the attacker?" Yomikawa asks them.

"You mean the one that attacked the Level 5's? Yeah, I met her and killed her." Sieghart said while use his right hand to cover his face.

"Y-You what?" Yomikawa seemed surprised that Sieghart have killed that attacker.

Sieghart then show a quite evil face "I killed her; I met her when I'm patrolling and she suddenly attacked me. *Smirks* I fought back and she's killed by my attack so there is nothing left from that attacker." He explained briefly on what happened with cold voice.

"Now THAT one of great acting skills" thought Touma

"No wonder! We received a report that there is a big very destruction not far from here." She said while she remembering the scene that someone, who is Sieghart himself, reported before.

"Anyway, we have to leave to leave now. See you soon sensei!" Touma said while signaling others to leave.

Tomorrow after the attack on a certain lab facility,

Konori just finished reading the report provided by Touma for the yesterday's incident.

Kuroko and Emilya are still in the hospital after the attack they've been told that they'll be fine by tomorrow.

"So you three have finally solved the attacker case, I have to admit that I'm disappointed that the culprit is dead. But, you still do it for the safety of the people of Academy City. I've make the right decision in making you a permanent Judgment member." She complimented them.

"Thank you Senpai." Touma thanks his superior.

"Anyway I'm also impressed that you even uncover the secret facility that produces Capacity-Down illegally before Anti-Skill could react, where do you get that information?" Konori asks.

"Well we have friends that help us." Touma said while secretly hiding the truth.

"Well anyway, congratulations." She said to Touma and the others before they began their daily patrol

During their patrol, Touma and the others stumbled at Mikoto who's just visiting Kuroko and Emilya (and even possible, First Trial) at the hospital.

"Hey Misaka, how is she?" Touma asked her.

"S-She's fine, now the frog faced doctor is taking care of her." Mikoto replied.

"It's good to hear that."

Mikoto then suddenly run next to him and hugged his arm, "H-Hey Misaka!"

Touma can't help but shriek at her actions and also blushed a bit.

Mikoto then only said to him, "T-Thank you Kamijou-san"

"A-Ah, sure." He said.

"Hehehe...Lovers" Accelerator thought of himself.

"Touma! You are a lucky bastard." Sieghart said in his own thought while smiling at the love birds


"Misaka wants to say thank you to both Misaka superior and Misaka 10032 for accepting me as Misaka wants to thank her predecessors."

"'Don't worry, we all are the same right?' says Misaka as Misaka asks her subordinate # 10032"

"'We are happy too that First Trial is now one of us says Misaka while smiling at First Trial."

Then the frog faced doctor came in, "Okay, First Trial huh? Ready for your rehabilitation?"

First Trial nodded and followed Heaven Canceler for treatment.

Another Place,

At the Windowless Building where a man named Aleister Crowley resides, he seemed very happy even though his plan is foiled again by Touma and his friends. But, he still seems very happy.

"Hehehehe...even with my plan is not working; I have other plans for them..." He said with a grin on his face.

"Let see now … I still one more part to complete my plan" as he checked every data that shown on his monitor.

At the airport,

3 girls just arrived at London Heathrow Airport

A heterochromia girl and a short-silver hair girl follow red-long twin tail haired girl.

"We finally here" said the twin tail haired girl.

"So 'Alliance' move their headquarter to this place, Airi?" asked Ruko

"Yeah! Ah,Youmu! What do you think about England?" asked Airi

"It's great! But Academy City is better" said Youmu

"Ok then now let's go~" as Airi leading the girls to Alliance's headquarter

Unknown to them, a pair of purple eyes saw them.

A girl with cloak and hood which cover her face, see them while smiling at them from behind.

"Excuses me Miss" then a receptionist in front of her call her "Where do you want to go?"

"Academy City" said the girl with smile

Who is that girl? All will be answered in next Chapter ~ See you then~