Maggie woke up in a dark room. She was attached to a strange device and there was a jar full of strange liquids suspended by wires to her right. A television standing a few feet away from her turned on by itself. A rather frightening puppet with a pale face, greasy black hair, and sporting a tuxedo appeared on the T. V. Maggie's binkie dropped out of her mouth and bounced across the floor. The puppet slowly turned to the frightened toddler and began talking in a deep voice.

"Hello Maggie Simpson. I want to play a game."

Maggie began clapping her hands and smiled.

"Ever since you were born, you have been nothing but trouble. You always take your father for granted. You never talk when you know you can and you tried to murder countless people. If you want to ever see your pitiful family again, you'll have to play my game."

Maggie's smile vanished. Every word was like a kick to the chest. Speaking of that, the device attached to her began to hurt.

"This is a trap I call: The Angel Trap, or the Ribcage Harness. The device will pull out your ribcage. You have exactly one minute to break free. In order to earn this freedom, you must plunge your hand into the jar of acid to obtain the key resting at the bottom. Live or die, the choice is yours. Let the game begin."

Maggie heard a device click and the timer overhead began to count down. (Epic Saw theme starts playing) She tried shaking free but the device only crushed her chest. Maggie knew there was only one way out. She quickly dove her hand into the acid and pulled it out. She began to scream and cry in pain as the acid started to disolve her hand. She reached in again and grabbed the key. But the intense pain wasnt over yet. Her wimpers turned into wails as tears ran down her face. The acid dissolved her hand down to the bone. Only a few small chunks of flesh still remain on her bony hand. Maggie sniffed and started to insert the key into the lock. She heard a sickening crack and her hand fell off. Maggie screamed and cried even louder, her helpless wails echoed throughout the entire warehouse. The key and remains of Maggie's hand fell out of her reach. She tried screaming no, but she was to choked up. She flailed and the stump of her hand smacked the side of the acid jar. The acid spilled over and most of it landed on Maggie's stomach. She began to kick and scream as the acid burned a hole through her belly. Her intestines and entrails started to pour out of her stomach. Maggie's screaming came to a halt when she heard a buzzer go off. She ran out of time. The ribcage harness pulled out in opposite directions and her tiny ribcage hung from the harness as her head slumped down.