Bart awakened in a grimey bathroom, strapped to a chair, and he had a strange headgear attached around his skull. He blinked his eyes to make sure it wasnt a dream. Bart noticed that a scalpel was tied to his left index finger. The boy looked around the room and to his right, was a television that blinked to life on it's own. The same puppet began to speak. Bart tried to speak but that was impossible. Four metal hooks were wired into Bart's jaws.

"Hello Bart, I want to play a game. You've broken the law quite a few times. For years you've caused...some people torment. Now it's time to torment you the way you tormented them. The device on your head, is called: The Reverse Bear Trap. You have two minutes to escape it. How? You have to break your hands. Once you've broken enough bones to slip out of your straps, take the scalpel and cut out your left eye to obtain a key, which shall un-lock your head gear. Live or die, the choice is yours. Let the game begin." (Epic Saw Theme plays)

Bart sighed. He knew that there was only one, grisly, way of getting out of this. Bart leaned his head back as far as he could, and bashed the front of the head gear into his wrist. Bart groaned in pain. He took a deep breath and smashed his hand four times, each time, a sick bone cracking noise occured. Bart sobbed and he slid his shattered wrist out of the strap, and he untied the other. He wobbled out of the chair. With both hands free, Bart clenched the scalpel in his hand. He drew a deep breath and jammed the scalpel deep into his eye. Bart screamed, but not intetionaly in pain, but at the fact he stabbed the wrong eye. The key was in his left eye, not the right.


Bart pulled the scalpel out, his hand soaken in blood. Bart started to become nautious. He stabbed himself in the other eye, and screamed. Bart, now blind, dug his fingers through his eye socket, and pulled out his eye. The key fell out of his empty socket. Bart heard the key drop. He began to freak out, trying to find the key. Bart did manage to find something, but not the key, his eye. Feeling it in his hands made Bart throw up. The puke splashed against the metal plate in front of his face, and was reflected back to his face, making him vomit some more. Gore and vomit spread all over the dirty tiled floor.


A buzzer went off, indicating that twenty seconds remained. Bart yelled a mangled, "Help!"

He tried to feel around for a door or a window, but no prevail. The time was up, and the Bear Trap turned it's gears, and Bart's lower jaw flinged off. Bart was dead instantly, for that the trap tore his neck open, and his tongue slid out in a grotesque fashion. Back to the t.v. monitor, in the location where the tape was filmed, Billy was set down from the chair, and the ventriloquist revealed himself: Sideshow Bob. He began to chuckle evily, thinking about how he finally got his revenge. So he could now live in piece for the rest of his days.

Thanx for reading. I know, I really need help, but I just had to get my pure hatred for Lisa off of my shoulders. Let me know if you guys want me to kill Marge and Homer. (Trap ideas plzzzzz!)