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Jethro and Katie climbed into the back of the car. Steve and Danny climbed into the front of the car. Kono and Chin climbed onto Chin's motorcycle. They drove to Steve's house. The parked and got out. Jethro ran through the house, taking off his clothes. Katie went to her room and changed into her swimming suit. Steve grabbed a couple of beers and sodas as he walked outside to the back of his house with Katie. Chin, Kono and Danny were all standing around. Jethro raced ahead of his uncle and sister, in his swimming trunks.

"Last one in is jelly fish food!" called Jethro as he ran into the water. Katie followed Jethro into the water. Steve pulled off his shirt after setting the drinks down.

"Coming Chin, Kono?" The two nodded slightly. Chin pulled off his shirt, shoes and socks. He walked to the water in his shorts. Kono stripped down to her bra and underwear but the boys barley made a big deal out of it. Danny sat down in one of the chair and opened a beer as he watched Kono walk toward the water.

"Come on Danno!" called Katie. Danny shook his head.

"No. I'm good!" he called back as he lifted the bottle to his mouth.


"I don't have any shorts"

"Just strip down to your boxers you big baby. No jelly fish is going to get you" spoke Steve as he swam by Katie. Danny said nothing and didn't move except to raise the bottle up to his lips again. Katie was about to say something but stopped when she felt Steve place his hands on her and lift her up and throw her.

"My turn!" shouted Jethro as he swam over to his uncle as Katie poked her head up out of the water, laughing. Steve grabbed Jethro and threw him as well. Jethro laughed and swam over to his uncle, who had his back to him and Katie. The two jumped on their uncle and shoved him underwater. The two swam away quickly as he swam back up to the surface. Danny watched as the rest of his team and the two young McGarrett's splashed and played. He leaned back and closed his eyes as he relaxed. Katie got out of the water and sat next to Danny as she opened her soda.

"Done swimming?" "For now" spoke Katie before drinking almost half of her soda. She stood to her feet and walked over to him. She stared at the older man. "Aren't you hot?"

"Not really" Katie nodded and turned to walk back to her seat. Steve and Jethro came walking up with a bucket full of water.

"One, two, three!" shouted Jethro as he threw the water at Danny. Danny shot up, quickly. Jethro laughed and raced toward the house. Steve picked up a beer, laughing. Danny stood to his feet.

"You think that's funny?" Steve looked at Danny and smirked, slightly. Chin, Kono, Steve and Katie walked in to the house with Danny bringing up the rear, mad. Danny pulled off his shirt and tie as he walked inside. Steve, Jethro and Katie got into clean clothes as Chin and Kono dried off and pulled their clothes back on. Danny sat on the couch in a pair of Steve's boxers. Katie walked over and sat next to the angry detective. Jethro was sitting on the floor, gameboy in hand. Steve walks over, picks Katie up, sits down and sets the child on his lap, smiling.

"Sorry about getting you wet, Danno" spoke Jethro

"Whatever" grunted Danny.

"Lighten up, Danny. Jethro said he was sorry" Danny turned away from Steve. Steve looked at his watch and looked at Danny. "Are you going to stay for dinner?"

"I'm going to have to. I can't drive home in a pair of boxers" Kono and Chin had went home after swimming. Steve placed Katie on the floor as he stood to his feet to grab his phone.

"What are you guys in the mood for?"

"Pizza" spoke Katie and Jethro.


"Pizza's good" Danny spoke as he flipped the tv on.