This is the fist story I have ever written for Kyoukai no Rinne, and the first story I've ever put on the internet. This story was kinda inspired by the Anime "Ghost Hunt" as well as an Inuyasha Fanfic I read recently, that I absolutely loved. I hope I can get closer to her writing style in later chapters.

Rumiko Takahashi owns everything.

Hope you enjoy reading! I enjoyed writing it.

The Haunted Mansion

A Kyoukai no Rinne story

Chapter One: A Letter of Request

With school over Rinne slipped on his haori and stretched as he made his way to the weather hutch. He had miraculously passed another history exam. He never felt he actually accomplished anything in school, but he was not failing his classes, that meant he was doing something right. Perhaps he would feel better if he had attended the first month of school… He decided to forget about that, it has his grandmother's fault anyway.

It was a hard life for him. He not only had to deal with his Shinigami duties; assisting the deceased make their way to the wheel of reincarnation, eliminating curses where necessary, and purifying evil spirits, but also had to deal with the stress of high school. Neither was fun, but both were necessary.

When he opened the front of the little hutch, he was surprised to find absolutely no letters of request or offerings for his service. He sighed, closed the hatch, and resigned himself to the fact that tonight he was going hungry.*1) Just as he was about to walk away, he heard a voice from behind him.

"It's stuck in the grass. I'll have to leave you here," said a young man in black slacks and a white dress shirt pushing a young girl in a wheelchair.

Neither one was a student at the high school. Rinne noticed a letter and a box of cookies in the girl's hands. 'Perhaps I won't go hungry tonight after all.' He thought to himself.

The girl sighed and adjusted her position in the seat.

"Brother, are you sure this is going to work?"

"Suzuko, its better than not doing anything. Kazuaki thinks it's our last option." The young man cast his eyes downward.

Suzuko grimaced and handed the letter to her older brother. He made his way past Rinne, not that he could see him, and opened the small door to deliver the letter. Rinne, noting that the man had forgotten the cookies tapped the sign next to him so that it made a small 'thunk'. The man looked at the sign in a surprised sort of way. Then he read it and rolled his eyes. "Signed The Shinigami," he muttered, reading the last line of the sign aloud.

Sakura had chosen this time to appear, coming around the garden fence. The man was just picking up the cookies when his sister shook her head and asked, "What kind of Shinigami asks for offerings? And specifically offerings of food? I don't get it."

Sakura happened to hear this, glanced at Rokudo-kun, and shook her head. She knew he had to "make a living" but she had never liked the idea of making up some phony legend to get business. She scanned over to the two people talking. They did not appear to be from the school, so why were they here?

She observed the man deposit the cookies then face around to go back to the young girl. He noticed Sakura standing there and nervously half waved to her, "uh…good afternoon…" 'I must look like an idiot delivering mail to a weather hutch,' he thought.

She half waved back as he turned the girl around and rolled her past Sakura. When he was out of sight, she looked back at Rokudo-kun who was already in the process of devouring the cookies. She walked over to the redheaded boy.

"What are you doing?" she asked as the boy plopped himself down on the curb setting the box of gingersnaps beside him.*2)

He wiped crumbs off his lip and replied bluntly, "I'm eating…" Then he turned the letter over in his hands before skillfully tearing it open. "And now I'll be reading this letter"

She sighed and sat next to her redheaded classmate on the curb. He unfolded the letter while holding another cookie in his lips. She heard a small 'hn' from him as he was reading. He munched on another cookie while he turned to the second page. The writing was neat but quite large taking up the whole page with a couple paragraphs.

For the weather hutch shinigami,

My siblings and I have recently inherited an estate with my great uncle's passing. This house was said to have terrible things happen within it, but my younger brother, being a skeptic, convinced me they were just rumors. However, the same night we tried to move in, our little sister was hurt.

A weapons case, too heavy to topple on its own or even by being bumped into, had been pushed over on her. It took all our combined strength for my brother and I to get it off her. Then things began to fly about the room. We got out of the house, but my sister's leg is broken and her opposite kneecap is cracked. We have hired exorcists, but they can't do a thing.

I have been doing research on the house since then, while my sister was at the hospital and my brother and I were at a hotel. What I've found is that no one has been at the house for more than a year… and lived…

I've also been doing research on this weather hutch "legend" and I know that a young girl and occasionally a young boy are observed at the scene where the rumors of curses and ghosts that are taken care of are. For that purpose, I have printed out a map to the house. Please meet me there at noon tomorrow. I promise I have not told anyone other than my siblings about that finding, nor will I.

This house is the only tie we have to the rest of our family.

-The Hanasashi family

He read that last paragraph and immediately focused his eyes on Sakura. Now she was tied up in this situation. Why did she always wind up in the dangerous situations that made up the whole of Rinne's life? While trying to figure out how to rectify both situations, Sakura's and the Hanasashi family's, he lost his focus on the hazel eyed girl and absentmindedly laid the paper down beside him, where she picked it up.

This situation sounded very strange to him Rinne. This case of a haunting was actually taking lives. He could not help but smell something even more sinister than the letter foretold.

"I guess we have work tomorrow," Sakura said aloud after finishing the letter.

"Indeed." It took a second for her words to actually click in his mind. "W-wait! What? We? You weren't supposed to read that." His scarlet eyes widened in shock.

"Well they did mention me, so it's expected that I come isn't it?" She shrugged completely ignoring the fact that he was put off by her intrusiveness, not just her assumption that she was coming along.

"I cannot allow you to put yourself in such a hazardous situation Mamiya-san! I apologize for all the times before when I dragged you with me, but for this I advise you to stay safe." His deep red eyes were entirely too serious.

'There he goes again, being overly dramatic, poor guy barely knows how to smile, only how to fret,' she thought.

"It's not like I haven't seen this kind of thing before Rokudo-kun."

"That is my point, too often have you been in a precarious situation, without choice, but now since you have a choice, you should choose to stay home."

She rolled her hazel eyes and shook her head. "I've never gotten even a scratch, Rokudo-kun. I can make my own decisions. I'm coming."

Rinne scowled. He acquiesced with the fact that she was indeed a big girl and he could not stop her from making up her own mind. Even at this young age, there was no way a man could win an argument with a woman.

"Fine," he accepted the situation.

Sakura smiled. "Gives me something to do this weekend."

He considered that statement for a second. She was constantly out of the house while dealing with ghosts. He wondered for a second. "Don't your parents ever worry about you?"

She shot him a puzzled look. "um… No…"

What kind of parents does she-he started to think

"I have a cell phone Rokudo-kun. They don't worry too much." Sakura chuckled.

She had a cute laugh. Even a small chuckel was cute. 'But she's too serious. I almost never get to hear it.' Rinne thought momentarily, before he realized he had started to blush slightly.

Authors note: My first story on the internet, woohoo!

*1) I unfourtunatly can sympothise with Rinne's poorness, I am not from a well off family, but now we're earning enough to eat through the month and provide some entertainment (TV and internet)

*2) Gingersnaps are my second favorite kind of cookie (chocolate chip is the first, but that is too common)