At the end of the reign of King Eldarion, the blade of the royal house, Anduril, disappeared, along with its scabbard. Everyone from the Lord Steward to the lowest scullion was roped into search for it. After three years, they gave up. It was seen as a bad omen by the people, but there were no signs of the kingdom being ill favoured, quite the contrary. Gondor experienced what was known as The Golden Years. Those naugrim who remained came out of their mountain fastnesses to trade with the race of men, and the few elves remaining spoke more with men, not that they had many dealings with the edain to start with. Times were good, and the sword fell out of history, forgotten by Arda.

Meanwhile the sword fell between worlds, blown by the winds of fate and landed in the armoury of the Castle Ibelin in the late 12th century. A crusader lord by the name of Godfrey, new to his barony, granted to him by theKing of Jerusalem, decided to look around his castle. The last place he looked was the armoury. It was dark, so he lit a torch, and being somewhat inquisitive as to what his family had stockpiled in terms of weapons.

Most of it he deemed to be poor stuff, good enough to fight with, but not what you would want to wield. He then beheld a magnificent weapon, a long sword, one fit for a king if the scabbard was anything to judge by, he thought excitedly. He drew the blade, and hefted it experimentally and found to his delight that it suited him perfectly. He then inspected the hilt. It was in need of a few repairs, maybe an addition to it. He walked up to his room and fished around in his pack, eventually finding a ruby that he had bought in France. He compared it to the hilt of the sword. It would fit perfectly. Truly, God must have intervened, because this cannot be mere chance, he thought with wonder.

Godfrey d'Ibelin went to find a blacksmith who would remake one of the greatest blades in history.