Title:The World That Have You In

Pairing: Nikaido Akira X Shirogane

Disclaimer:I do not own Monochrome Factor. Kairi Sorano owns it.

Chapter # 1

Your disappearance makes me lonely

Akira is at his room. There is nothing he can do today. So, it is totally boring. He just lies on the bed. While lying, he is daydreaming. Only that person will show in his mind and no other. Akira is kind of missing that person. Because of that person, his world changed.


He misses those words that used to annoy him a lot now. Akira sighs. He really misses that guy. What he wants now is to meet him. Yes, it's totally Shirogane fault that driving him crazy like this.

"Shirogane, you idiot!"

If he meets Shirogane next time, he will punch that guy for sure.

Suddenly, a light appears on the ceiling. Akira is stunned to see that. It takes a few seconds until the light disappears. Akira is startled to see naked Shirogane on the ceiling before he falls to him.