Chapter #13

You must see a doctor!

Okay, this is really confusing. First, he tried to act like a housewife and sissy, self-claiming that he married me and now? This stupid, miracoulis, idiot, insane and completely nonsense happens in front of my very own two eyes. I saw it…I swear that I really saw it! Really! Believe me! I'm telling the truth!

Shirogane smiles while sitting in seiza on the bed. Akira's mind is completely messed up now. He looks at Shirogane and that silver haired guy, ops, girl smiles at him. Akira facepalms as he saw his new situation.

Shirogane returned to Akira's house but his body had weaken by overusaged his power. Since then he always feels weak and tired. One day, he removed his make up and made 'lovey dovey omellete' for Akira. Then, some stupid arguments happened and Shirogane ran from home. That's what he tought until he found that Shirogane was actually went shopping the groceries. So, Akira was scolded by his friends for nothing! And…that's how he found out Shirogane's change on his body.

But, wait! One thing is confusing here. How did those fellow housewives see Shirogane and not to mention they talked casually too? It's weird…something wrong here.

"Shirogane…" Akira grins. Shirogane smiles at him.

"Yes, Akira-kun?" he answers.

"I believe that you owe me some sort of explanations don't you?" ask Akira.

Shirogane bows his head. What should he answer? Should he do pranks like usual?

"Actually, I also do not know what is happening. Yesterday, when you went to school, I secretly sneaked out from house to watch our neighbours outside but for the first time, someone approached me," reply Shirogane. Akira was totally in shocked with that answer.

"App…approached? But how? You are supposed to be invisible!" said Akira.

"Yes, I supposed to be invisible but for some reasons, I found out that I'm already became visible like this. And so, I managed to have a talk with them."

"And there you splited all your lies about we were married couple, don't you?" ask Akira as his nerves expand. It shows how angry he is when his name had being used by Shirogane. Shirogane giggles.

"Yes, hahaha…"

Alright, this stupid guy has return to his normal self and now the thing that change is… Akira looks at Shirogane again.

"Okay, second thing, how did you get 'that'?" ask Akira.

"'That'?" ask Shirogane.

"Don't play dumb with me! How did you get that b…ARGHHH! Boobs! How did you get that boobs on your body? I want answer now! Now! In 2 seconds!" shout Akira.

"Sorry! I don't know! I don't know!" shout Shirogane, kneels down to Akira on the bed.

"Really?" ask Akira still in suspicious.

"I'm speaking the truth! Please! Believe! Me!"

Akira silents. He keeps thinking that Shirogane is speaking the truth. He should try to believe in Shirogane. And what is important now is they should take this chance to let Shirogane see a doctor as he turns into human g…girl now.

"Well, it's alright then. We must go to hospital now," said Akira.

"Huh? Why?" ask Shirogane.

"Idiot! To see how's your body doing now! And I really want to know how you get…how you turned into a girl!" said Akira blush.

Both of them stand in front of a big hospital building. The winds blow arounds them and it blows Shirogane untied hair. Shirogane's hair flows softly and it amazes anybody who sees his….her beauty. The things that annoyed Akira is when Shirogane holds his arms tightly as she was going to enter a haunted house at a funfair with her boyfriend. It's annoying but Akira must take Shirogane to hospital for medical check up. Yes, he must be patient. He hates to see Shirogane pass up again.

"Alright, shall we enter?" ask Akira.

"Yes," she replies.

To be continued…