Meeting in Samarra

Warnings: Spoilers up to 6x11

Author's Note: I watched Episode 6x11 last night. And what an episode it was! Just one question...HOW THE FRIGGIN HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE THE HELLATUS WITH SUCH A NASTY CLIFFHANGER? So I just came up with my own little take on how things could turn out in Episode 6x12.

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Dean had moved heaven and hell to get to this point. Most of the time more literally than he would have liked. Had turned every stone he could find to get Sam back. The real Sam. Not this soulless, remorseless substitute that wore his brother's face and memories to the prom.

A minute ago, when Death had agreed to spring the lost soul from the cage, Dean had been one hundred percent certain of his undertakings. But now that the moment was finally here, he felt something unexpected.


Creeping up his spine, nagging it's way into every fibre of his mind.

The bliss and relief that flowed through him at the sight of Sam's blindingly blazing essence had soon be replaced with fear. Triggered by the same fear he could see in his brother's eyes, as the Horseman inched closer towards the cot. It was the closest thing to a true emotion that had ever crossed the younger hunter's face since his escape from hell. Dean had been watching him for months now. Living side by side with a shadow of what the younger man used to be. An emotionless thing, barely human, apart from the appearance. He had been searching for that little glimmer of humanity, a sign that there was actually something in there.

Suddenly witnessing this raw and heart wrenching hysteria screaming out of those hazel eyes nearly floored him.

" don't know...You don't know what will happen to me. Dean, please!" Sam's voice was pulling on him, begging him to stop. The bound man's chest heaved with the panic that radiated off him in waves. Dean's eyes widened, body frozen where he stood. Sam fought desperately against his restrains as Death leaned closer, the shinning soul clasped tightly in his bony fingers.

"No, no!" The shouting had turned into breathy pleas. It took all the strength Dean could muster not to step in. His instincts screamed at him to help Sam, to protect him, no matter how little of his brother was left in this shell.
The doubts clawed their way through his veins, like a poison, that was burning his insides with freezing ice water.

What if his brother was right? What if the wall wouldn't hold? What if he in his stubbornness just destroyed Sam's only chance of living by following through with his plan?


He couldn't go back. Not now.

Sam wouldn't have wanted to live like this.

HE didn't want him to live like this.

The moment the Grim-Reaper plunged his fist into the young man's chest Sam's eyes shot open, a bloodcurdling scream ripping from his throat. His head snapped back, veins popped out from the exertion and pain. Dean's fingers dug into the hard metal door frame as he watched the man's body spasm in agony, far worse than when Cas had tried to locate his soul in the first place.

All of a sudden the noise stopped, sucked from the room when Sam's convulsing body went slack on the narrow cot.

Dean was too afraid to move, even to breathe. In the back of his mind he noticed Bobby's rigid presence next to him, but all his focus was on his brother, searching for a sign of life in the familiar features.

"Did it work?" he finally managed to rasp out.

Death simply nodded his head, unsettling calm as usual. Slowly he got up with eyes fixed intently on Dean.

"Your brother must under no circumstances scratch that wall. It's fragile as it is. Just a tiny mark on it's foundation could shatter all of his chances at a somewhat functional life."

The hunter swallowed heavily as the meaning of these words sunk in. Bobby could only stare open mouthed at the exchange, lost for words as his mind tried to come to terms with the recent events.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a heart attack to attend."

"Thanks." Dean whispered, but the Horseman had already vanished, leaving them staring off into empty air.




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