Love Hurts

Summary: Sky breaks up with bloom for Diaspro and Bloom returns to earth. The winx and specialists sky on bloom and they learn she's different to what she told them and that Oritel and Mariam are still alive. Will Sky dump Diaspro to get back together with bloom or will bloom find someone else to replace Sky.

Chapter 1: After Bloom returns to Earth.

With Bloom.

Bloom was in her bed listening to Jordan Sparks sing Battlefield. It`s been 2 days since she came back from Alfea and nobody called, not even Stella her BEST FRIEND! She was wearing her new Pyjamas ( see in profile) That her parents should not ever see on her.

She just couldn't believe sky dumped her for Diaspro after he told her that he loved her not DIASPRO. Tears streamed down her face just by remembering how he broke up with her.

With the winx.

Stella looked at sky and Diaspro kissing more like Making out.

She thought of all the times him and bloom made out sky belonged to bloom and not diaspro. Stella wanted to call bloom so much just like everyone else at Alfea and Red Fountain. But no one had the guts to.

"Stella! Stella STELLA!" shouted Flora who knew what Stella was thinking heck everyone at the two schools thought it two.

"Yeah?" asked Stella, removing her eyes from Sky and Diaspro.

"Stop looking at them" said Musa while looking sad at the fact that bloom left to god knows where.

"Fine" huffed Stella.