Love Hurts.

Chapter 2: A different Bloom.

walked into the room to see all the specialists and fairies.

"Alright it good your all here, I need to tell you all something" said while all the students looked at her.

"Now you all know that princess bloom is gone" All the students nodded expect Sky and Diaspro. "If your all wondering where she's gone, she gone back to earth but i want you all to watch her and see watch she does" said Faragonda with a smile and then left.

"Okay ... Let's see her than" said Stella all excited, everyone nodded expect for Diaspro and Sky.

"Baby you okay with this?" whispered Diaspro running her hands down sky's chest.

"Yeah" whispered sky holding her tightly and kissed her on her forehead. Diaspro sighed and rested her head on his chest.

Stella used some magic and a big screen appeared and bloom was in it asleep.

With Bloom

Bloom was sleeping peacefully when her dad came in to wake her up,

"Bloom, Bloom wake up its you r first day of school" said Oritel and when the school saw him they shouted "ORITEL".

Bloom woke up and put on some appropriate pyjamas and went down stairs to see her mum cooking breakfast and her dad reading a newspaper again the school was shocked to see Mariam alive aswell.

"Morning mum dad" bloom said while sitting down.

"Morning sweetie" Her parents said together with a smile on their faces.

Bloom, Oritel and Mariam ate breakfast and then Mariam and Oritel had to go to work, so they kissed bloom on the head and said goodbye and get to school.

Bloom went up stairs to get ready for school in the bathroom and a hour later came out in something that made all the boys jaws drop even SKY`S.

Bloom at herself in the mirror and check out her outfit, she added a hat to complete the outfit.

When she got to school everyone