Love Hurt Chapter 3.

When bloom parked in the school parking lot, she got out of her car (see in profile) she saw people staring at her car in awe. She put on her sunglasses and locked her car and went and opened East Highs doors and walked in but the when the doors closed it made a BANG and everyone looked at bloom but of course they didn't know it was her.

Bloom walked straight to the front office to get her class schule ( I think that's how you spell it) and map of the school.

"Hi, I'm Bloom Holloway" said Bloom to the receptionist, at the name Bloom Holloway the receptionist looked up with a shocked face.

"Miss. Holloway welcome back to east high where did you go?" Asked the receptionist while giving her, her schule.

" Um, I went to a new school in California" said Bloom of course lying but she didn't know that.

The receptionist nodded while giving her locker number and code.

" Thank you" said Bloom walking out the office and into the hallway and gave everyone in Redfoutain a great view of her ass but the girls didn't know that and they didn't know what they were thinking which was whoa i would love to spank that and so much more.

Bloom walked to her locker with all the boys staring at even the boys who had girlfriends.

When bloom got her locker open the bell went as some boys were going to ask her out.

Bloom walked to her homeroom which was none other than Miss Darbus, she walked into the room while Miss Darbus was talking about the theatre and stopped.

"Ah we have a new student in the theatre, you can sit next to Andrew, Andrew please raise your hand" Miss Darbus said and Andy Blooms first ever boyfriend shot his hand up and bloom knew who he was but had no choice but to sit at the back of him.

"Now please say your name to the class and 1 thing about you" said miss Darbus as everyone stared at bloom.

Bloom stood up and took the glasses off and said " My name is Bloom Holloway and I used to come here" At the word of her name, everyone started to whisper about her being back and Andy turned around in his chair to stare at bloom in shock, Bloom felt eyes on her and looked down to see andy staring at her with quilt in his eyes, bloom glared at him.

" Miss Bloom welcomed back" said Miss Darbus and at down.

All though the day Bloom was getting stared at and winked at guys.

Bloom was at her locker when she heard a scream so loud the people at Alfea had to put their hands on their ears.

Bloom turned around to see Sharpey Evens coming her way with a happy smile on her face.

"SHAR" bloom shouted and rushed to hug her.

When they broke apart they started to talk for ages.

Then when the bell went for classes and took each other's phone numbers and promised to call each other after school.

2 Hours after getting stared at by everyone and Andy the bell went and they got homework from their science teacher they all went to their lockers, to get their things for the end of the day when Andy came to talk to bloom.

" Bloom" said Andy while looking at bloom sadly.

Ohh Cliff hanger.