Myrnin went through the portal, shutting it behind him quickly so Claire or Amelie didn't try and follow him. He emerged from the back rooms of Oliver's stupid coffee shop. He ignored the urge to ransack and shuffle through Oliver's things and left the less populated rooms. He walked into the main place full of bustling coffee students and few vampires. Myrnin's eyes scanned the room. And as they did, he muttered Darkwing Duck's catch phrase to himself so only he could hear, "Let's get dangerous." Then he tightened the velvet cape around his neck.

And then they came to rest on the man behind the counter pulling shots for children. Oh, Oliver. That man looked so dreadfully out of place. He was working with human teenagers. And, not to mention, forcing smiles.

While some might think those smiles of Oliver's were genuine, Myrnin knew better. He saw the cold depths of Oliver's heart through his merciless eyes. And just as he was thinking of what kind of evil thoughts that brain of Oliver's was thinking, Oliver's eyes snapped to meet his and it seemed like the whole world froze for that moment.


The old man's voice snapped Myrnin back to reality. "Myrnin, what in the world are you wearing those ridiculous curtains for?" He was now smirking, trying to perturb Myrnin.

Myrnin returned from his mind's babbling to look at Oliver coldly. Myrnin suppressed an angry growl. He was not here to fight. He was here to rid Morganville of evil villains. "Ridiculous? I'll have you know, these are incredibly expensive, made from fine velvet Amelie picked out herself!" Myrnin came back to the reason he was at Oliver's stupid coffee shop. "Anyway, you're going to have to come with me, sir."

Oliver seemed to not understand for a moment, being thrown back by Myrnin's remark, he lost his smirk. "What?"

"Yes, you heard me. Did you think your crimes would go unnoticed for long? You were obviously mistaken," Myrnin said seriously.

"What crimes?" Oliver was wearing that expression that hid his guiltiness, but also had the gleam of suspiciousness in his eyes that made it obvious he had something to hide. "And if I am being accused of a crime I have unconsciously committed, why would Amelie send a fool like you to come 'arrest' me?" Oliver was unhappy Myrnin was embarrassing him in public.

Well, he'd been embarrassed plenty of times before, so one more time shouldn't hurt anyone.

"Being a posing hippie who smokes marinjuwhanna," Myrnin said with a grin. Oliver nearly sighed with relief that Myrnin hadn't found out just what crimes he was actually committing.

Oliver responded to Myrnin's quip with, "I'm not a hippie."

"No, you're correct, you are not. Which is why you're a poser." Myrnin muttered as an aside, "Claire taught me the word." He then resumed his normal speaking voice and continued, "And Oliver, you deny smoking marinjuwhanna?"

"I smoke nothing of the sort," Oliver said angrily.

Myrnin rolled his eyes. "Whatever. You'd better come with me then, or else I'll have to break out the cuffs."

"What are you talking about?"

"Handcuffs, Oliver. Obviously."

"You haven't any on you," Oliver said.

"So?" Myrnin flipped his cape in a conquistador-like style and said to Oliver, "Follow me."

There it is. Chapter two.