When darkness falls

Kish: ~pops up, sees Chaos, runs away! NOOOOOO!

Chaos: MUAHAHAHA FEEL MY WRATH! ~grabs crowbar and swings it madly~

Kish: so….what exactly is this about again?

Chaos: ~puts down crowbar~ well, it started like this…


It was late by the time Ichigo had finished work. The sun had already set and the path through the park was dark.

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The wind whispered through the trees, swaying back and forth. Ichigo looked up into the sky, glad for the isolation.

"it's been such a busy week" she muttered to herself "what with alien attacking, my schoolwork, and working at the café."

A strange rustling noise broke the young cat-girl out of her thoughts. Ichigo looked up to see a figure hovering over top of the trees. Kisshu, she thought darkly, holding her power pendant up to her lips. Suddenly, a strange white light burst out of the sky, igniting the park with a brilliant glow. Ichigo covered her eyes from the sudden burst of energy, and heard a shrill giggle from somewhere around her. Whipping her head around, trying to follow the voice, Ichigo felt something like metal scrape across her head, and she blacked out.


A dark figure sat in a chair, admiring her latest work. She had captured a mew, one of the five so-called Tokyo Mew Mew's. Getting up from her chair she sauntered over to a glass cage in which a something was curled up, looking at her with piercing gold eyes through his emerald green hair.

"Don't worry, little alien" she giggled "you will have company soon enough."

The alien gave a short growl, turning his head so as not to look at her. The girl laughed again and winked at the angry alien.

"Don't worry, Kish, everything will be purr-fect" she smiled, her silver eyes alight with insanity "just purr-fect."

Chaos: O.o Cliffy!

Kish: why did you have to go do that, huh? Why?

Chaos: I felt like it.

Kish:~summons dragon swords~ YOU. .IT? YOU KIDNAPPED MY KITTEN!

Chaos: for your own good. Don't worry I have it aaalllll planned out inside my amazing head of…smartness

Kish: you'd better

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Chaos: See you next chapter! ~blows air-kisses~

Kish: bye-bye