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Hogsmead Station

Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger had just stepped off the Hogwarts Express on the 1st September 1998 to attend their 7th and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

After almost a year on the run, looking for horcruxes, fighting off snatchers and eventually defeating the most evil wizard to ever exist they were happy to be doing something normal…if you could call learning magic normal.

They walked out of the station and towards the Thestral pulled carriages that would take them to the castle. All those that stayed in May for the final battle could now see the Thestrals and were sorely reminded of everyone that had been lost. As the carriages drove towards the castle the trio and many other students noticed that not only had the castle been fully restored in the few short months after the final battle, but also a new building had been built between the castle and the quidditch pitch. It seemed to be several stories high and magically aged to look as though it had always been part of the castle.

The trio thought this strange but thought no more about it after stepping out of the carriages and heading up to the large front doors and entering the castle that would again be there home for another school year.

Harry took a deep breath and entered the Great Hall followed by Ron and Hermione and took a seat at the Gryffindor table, he felt odd that not 4 months ago this hall was half destroyed and he had just defeated the man that had ruined so many lives and taken his parents from him before he had the chance to know them. Looking around he thought about how nice it would be to have a normal and safe year leaning with his friends and doing what normal teenagers do.

Looking at his friends sitting across for him he was grateful for everything he had, and even more grateful that when they decided not to pursue the relationship that seemed certain after the final battle nothing had changed between them and that they still bickered and loved each other just as they always had.

After the sorting ceremony was finished and everyone had eaten the amazing feast the house elves had provided, Professor McGonagall stood and gave the usual announcement, reminding students that the forest was forbidden territory and that magic was not permitted in the corridors. The Professor then asked that all 6th and 7th year students remain behind and sent everyone else off to bed.

"The reason I have asked you all to stay behind is that I have one final announcement that will affect the majority of you in the following months" said the professor. She seemed to struggle as to how to continue, which was unusual for this particular professor and had the trio looking at each other with worried glances.

"As you may have noticed there is a new building within the grounds and I think it is only fair that I tell you why from now…..there is to be an announcement of a Marriage Law tomorrow and we have been asked to construct this building for all students that are married to live in". At this the majority of the students left in the hall became either shell-shocked or down-right terrified as they processed the information.

Hermione being Hermione instantly put her hand up and after quieting down the outraged students the professor indicated she could ask her question, "Professor… please can you explain what you mean" Ron gave Hermione a look that said 'I thought you were the smartest witch of our age' while Harry resigned himself to the fact that no matter what he had done to save the world, being a wizard meant he would never have a normal life.

The professor walked towards the students that she had fought side by side with and sighed before beginning to explain "the ministry are putting in place a marriage law for people between the ages of 17 and 45, that states you must marry the person chosen for you and produce one magical child within 18 months and a second child within 5 years or be ousted from the wizarding community and have your wand snapped".

Hermione felt the bottom fall out of her stomach at these words, she looked around the hall and felt complete despair at the thought that very soon she and her friends would be forced into a lifelong commitment with someone they may not like or even know.

Professor McGonagall continued "Tomorrow at breakfast I will be making the announcement to the rest of the school and pamphlets with all the information on what the law entails will be given to you with your timetables for the year."

At this the professor returned to the head table and indicated that they were free to go to their common rooms and to bed. On the way out Hermione noticed that Malfoy and Goyle were right in front of them and looking just as down-trodden and shell-shocked as she did. She was shocked that even with Malfoy's connections in the ministry he didn't know about the law, although thinking again having your father locked away for life in Azkaban prison may mean not being quite so privy to all the gossip going around the ministry.

Once back in the common room, Harry and Ron sat down on one of the plush couches along with Ginny and began to discuss what they had just been told "…..they've gone bloody mad I tell you" said Ron to Harry, who had his arms round a very worried looking Ginny "What if they make you marry someone else, I only just got you back", said Ginny who looked on the verge of tears. "Don't worry Gin, tomorrow when we get the information, we'll work out a way so that you and I end up together. Even if it means running away and getting married so that they can't split us up", Harry seemed determined in what he was saying, which seemed to perk Ginny up if only slightly and Hermione decided that she would go to bed and try not to worry about this until the morning. After all they had classes to start in the morning and Hermione needed to be wide awake and ready for her first lesson.

Bidding goodnight to her friends and patting Ginny on the shoulder to show her support, Hermione climbed the spiral staircase to her dorm, got into her pajamas that had already been unpacked by the house elves and went to bed. Turning over she closed her eyes and went to sleep.


The next morning Hermione awoke to the sun shining in her eyes, she got up, used the girls bathroom in the tower and got dressed. Upon entering the common room she found rather unusually that Ron and Harry were already up and that Ginny was pacing the room looking rather frantic. They proceeded down to the great hall for breakfast and after eating what she could considering the butterflies flying around in her stomach Hermione sat and waited for her world to change forever.

Professor McGonagall stood up after all the food had vanished from the plates and cleared her throat for attention. With a flick of her wand everyone's timetables appeared in front of them along with a yellow pamphlet entitled 'The Marriage Law, What You Need To Know'. Those students in the 5th year and under looked around in confusion whilst the older students began to look through the pamphlet, the professor then went onto explain what exactly was going on..

"The ministry has decided to put a marriage law into affect as of yesterday. All students over the age of 17 will be sent a letter by dinner time tonight informing them of who their future spouse will be and when they are expected to be married by. As you can see from the pamphlets there are several reasons for doing this, the most important being that after the war our population is at an all-time low and the ministry is hoping that this will help to stop the wizarding world in Great Britain from dying out altogether. As most of you will have seen last night, there is a new building in the grounds, 'the Marriage Wing' has been erected to house all the couples affected by this law and will afford enough room for any children born while you are all still in school, it also has a nursery area so that you can come back to classes when you are ready. Please read through these pamphlets carefully, even if you are not of age yet as the law will affect you soon enough".

"Myself and the rest of your teachers will be willing to answer any questions you have to the best of our abilities and welcome you to come and see us between lessons, now off to class" with that McGonagall left with a swish of her robes, leaving most of the students to pick their jaws up off the floor and go to their first classes. Ginny kissed Harry and left to go to her charms class, as the trio got up and headed towards the dungeons for double potions with the Slytherins "I wonder who's teaching us this year with Snape gone" mused Ron, it seemed to Hermione that he and Harry had not quite taken the news in yet, but for Hermione the only thing on her mind was who on earth were the ministry going to place her with and "can we make it!".

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