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He is starving. He is so thirsty. Please. He wants just one taste. Just one.

"Dean? You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good." He says the words but knows they are false. He wishes they would just hurry the hell up and give him the cure. Or kill him. Either one will do. His body is on fire. The thirst, it courses through him. So damn strong.

He senses them as they approach, their heartbeats play a deafening tune. He licks his lips, dying to take just one little nip from them. No, he can't give in, not now, he has almost made it. He has resisted this long, he just needs to focus. He closes his eyes to try and block out the increasing craving he feels grow within him.

They must be closer now. It, they, the beats, the blood travelling through their veins, it pounds in his ears. And he can't deny it any longer, it sounds so damn good. He wonders what the taste would be like. He feels his mouth water at the simple thought of it. Blood. Oozing from their bodies into his. Running down his throat, soothing his want. His need. His hunger. He smiles at the vision in his mind. Blood. The taste. Just one taste.

They stare at him as he sits there, eyes closed and blade in hand. They see him moisten his lips and watch his mouth curl up into a disturbing smile. They are wary of the darkness, the blood lust that must be consuming him.

"Dean?" Sam sees his head tilt but his eyes remain closed. He gently lifts the knife from his brother's grasp.

He opens his eyes and keeps his focus to the ground, careful to keep his gaze away from his brother. "Gotta hurry Sam. I'm losing. I want... I want... the urge, it is so strong. Don't know how much longer I can control it."

"Let's get outta here, we can still fix this Dean."

His breath is ragged and comes out short and fast. He sees Sam reach an arm out to him. "Best if you keep your distance...don't touch me. Your blood...I can hear it...running through you. Your heart...so strong. The sound...it's...it's...beautiful. God, the taste...I'm sure it would be...wonderful."

Dean rises to his feet and stares into Sam's eyes. Sam takes a step back. The eyes. So dark. Animalistic. He sees want and need in them. He sees instinct and loss of control. His body shudders involuntarily. Dean is right. He is losing. Fast.

His eyes fall onto the neck. He stares at it. Mesmerized by it. He can't focus on anything else, nothing else exists to him at this moment. Just the neck. The pulse. The blood. It's right there. It taunts him. It dares him. To take some. Just one taste.

They watch him. They wonder if he even realizes that he is staring, and drooling, at Sam's neck. His eyes are transfixed at the pulse point. And he just licked his lips. Again. And they know that this, this situation is not good. At all.

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Just One Taste