I'm going to say this now, Finding ALL of the names of Tsutomu's friends is a PAIN IN THE $$! Seriously, Wikipedia didn't have the names of the characters that were featured in the anime. So, I had to go to different anime sites to find the names and then find out who was who in the anime. And even then, I had a wonderful time looking at almost every episode in the first season just to find out. Thank goodness the dub and anime was really good or else I wold have died watching it. Anyway, if your wondering yes, Tsutomu's friends are going to be important to this story because I thought it'll be fun having them in a story. (This is old...6+ months old but I honestly did have a hard time doing that) Also:

["blablablablabla"]: In mind talking (Birdy or Tsutomu)

['thinkingthinking']: In mind thinking ( Birdy or Tsutomu)

'thinkthink': thinking

"blablabla": talking


"Two weeks." Birdy said out loud while laying back on the sofa in Tsutomu's living room. It has been two weeks since that fateful day when Birdy's best friend, Nataru, was discovered to be a 'defective' Time travel Ixion. Went on and killed almost all the people responsible for smuggling and testing the Ryunka on earth. Birdy is still saddened from the recent events , especially Nataru's leave or 'Jump' to a unknown time. Dispute that, things went back to normal...Well Tsutomu's definition of normal. The federation did not tell Birdy and Tsutomu when Tsutomu's body will be fixed. So Birdy has been given orders to lay low or, in Birdy's translation, take a vacation. Birdy still has to star as Shion Arita, which she doesn't really mind now really. As long Birdy gets her favourite food, white rice! Besides, it's not like she's going to be a international sensation...right?

As for Tsutomu's side of his life, he got a major lecture from his friend, Natsumi Hayamiya, for not being part of the festival. He almost fainted when he found out that his girlfriend, or rather, his love interest, Sayaka Nakasugi. Due to her memory being wiped from Ryunka, forgetting the dates he had with her before the crash she was in, was at the festival to see him. He didn't really complain though, what happened on that day couldn't be avoided.

["What did you say birdy?"] Tsutomu asked. "Nothing... Hey Tsutomu." ["Yea?"] Before Birdy could say anything, her phone/Tute rings. "Hello?" "I need you to come to the agency as soon as you can. *Click*" "What? Hey!" The caller said so suddenly that Birdy didn't hear all of it.["no doubt it was Irma."] "*Sigh* I wonder what she has for Shion Arita." And with that Birdy went out, dress as Shion Arita of course.

At the agency 2:00PM

"Alright Irma what's the gig this time?" Birdy said as she sat down, then looked around. "Where's Capella ?" "She had to quit due some personal issues" "Oh that's to bad, anyway the gig." "It's not a gig, your in a real treat this time." "Why's that?" Birdy ask, interested in what it is if it's not a gig. "Since your last concert a month back was a huge success, the company is awarding you with a two week stay at Hinata City." Birdy looks at Irma with a puzzled look."What's so special about that place?" She asked. "That City is pretty famous for it''s relaxation resorts and Hot springs." (A/N: I totally made that up, gives Hinata city a good reputation no?) "What are Hot springs?" Birdy asked "I'll let your 'buddy' explain everything." Irma responded flatly, clearly not in the mood for explanations right now. "Wait you knew?" Birdy said in shock. Tsutomu was speechless.

"Of course I knew, I have to know who is paying rent. Besides, your boss contacted me about it anyway. Back to the matter, it seems that you can invite 6 friends to come along." Irma hands over 7 envelopes, 6 of them saying 'Your invited!' and one that's just for Birdy. "Now considering that you have no friends here, you should invite your 'buddy's' friends to come along, the train leaves in two days at 3 in the afternoon. You have till then to invite them. Oh, you also have to hand them in person."

"What? I don't know if that's a good idea." Birdy said nervously. She knows that two of Tsutomu's friends, Hazawa and Masakubo, are fanatic fans of Shion Arita, and it kinda scared her meeting them. She doesn't know about their first meet with those two when Tsutomu ended up being in her body for a day...Which he STILL hadn't told her about, he is still puking inside when he ate those bugs on that TV show. Which he swears that those bugs looked like Birdy's boss. "I don't care, have fun." Irma said not really interested in the conversation any more. "*Sigh* Alright." Birdy said and goes outside the agency and starts to walk back home, Tsutomu house in this case

["Oh, you know, I someone that currently lives there, I should probably call him and let him know that were going to be staying there for two weeks."] "Alright, but what about your friends?" ["Well..I guess we should get it over with. No sense in delaying it anyway. By the way Birdy."] "Yea?" ["What are we going to do when my parents get back? They might be back by the time we return from this trip."] Tsutomu was, right. With all the events that happened during the past 5 months or so had made his parents worry so much that they decided to come home early than they originally intended. Because of this, Tsutomu's life will be even more difficult to Birdy due to the fact that she won't be able to walk around the house, not to mention that Tsutomu's parents will be asking questions if Tsutomu keeps disappearing at during the night.

"Well hopefully we might get a status on your body before then. Though until then, well worry about that when the time comes. So, where are your friends again?" ["Well, they should be at the library, still finding something for the next report."] "Wait. Why didn't you tell me this?" ["I didn't want to see Natsumi, she's still mad at me for missing out on the school fair."] "Oh..." Birdy Started walking to the Library

As Birdy walks away, the camera shifts to a man that was reading the newspaper. The headlines read "Student experiment causes school explosion! School closed for 2 weeks for repair!"

Well that's it for this chapter. Next chapt., we find out how the Hinata residence are doing after the Ryunka incident. First, Thanks for waiting for so long for me to post a chapter after, what? 6+ months maybe? Anyway thanks again for being patent. Chapters might com in slow since I'm now a college student. As far as the story goes, I'm a bit rusty on both series since it's been so long. In fact, this story was ready a long time ago, it just needed some finishing touches. Also, Some scan site is translating the manga! (YAY!) So I'll put references from the manga into this story. Well until then, Please tell me if there's anything wrong as I progress in this story. If anything is wrong, please tell me in detail. See ya!