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"Shayla!" I grabbed the pillow and placed it over my ears to muffle the sound. "Shayla, child!" I sighed in frustration when I realized that not even the pillow could stop my adopted mother's shrill voice from piercing my ear drum. The door opened and with it came the end of my hopes for sleep. Mother marched in with a broom in her hand and went directly to the curtains.

"No," I moaned. "I'm still sleepy."

Mother laughed her full and hearty laugh. She was a stout woman who lost her son and husband in the growing battle against the Orgs twelve years ago. I had only been six so I don't have many memories of them. I remembered my brother—Eric—had been 16 when he left. He used to help me sneak sweets from Mother. All I remembered of Father was his smile. His eyes would light up whenever he laughed.

Then, they were both gone.

Mother told me that they had died valiantly fighting the evils of Master Org, but I could tell that that sentiment didn't help her sleep at night. Mother had lost her real family and I was the only one left. Not that she cared whether I was or wasn't her flesh and blood. "Families aren't people related to by blood, child, but people that your heart connects with."

The curtain opened and golden sunlight filled the dark room. I clenched my eyes shut. How I longed for a few more minutes of sleep!

"Shayla, daughter, rise!" She grabbed my pillow and flung it away from the bed. "Greet the new day with open eyes!" She was moving for the blankets next, so I quickly sat up before she could do any more damage to my bed.

"Yes Mother, I am up." I rubbed my eyes and yawned. Mother sighed.

"Tsk, Shayla," She chided. "A young girl of 18 years of age should be full of energy! A girl of that age shouldn't want to sleep her days away while the rest of the world changes!" I stood up from the bed and nodded respectfully. I knew I worried her with my constant desire for sleep, but I couldn't tell her the truth. I was her adopted child, the daughter she took in after my family was killed in the crossfire between the Six Warriors of the Kingdom and the Orgs. Whenever I had asked her about why she and her family had adopted me, she always said: "There wasn't any choice when we saw you, dear one. Our hearts connected and we knew that you belonged with us."

So, I knew that was why I couldn't tell her about the dreams that I had been having.

They had started out small, but over the past few months they had gotten bigger. I had been dreaming about animals. But they weren't ordinary animals, they looked mechanical. Over the course of the dreams, I had met a lot of these "animals"—Lion, Tiger, Eagle, Bison, Shark, Wolf, and Deer. At first, I had been scared, but the animals were friendly and in the most recent dreams, I sworn I could've heard them speak!

The dreams, while pleasant, always tired me out. That's why I wanted to sleep, but Mother could never know that. It would worry her and that's the last thing she needed to do.

"Shayla!" Mother screamed. "Were you even listening to me?"

"No, Mother," I replied quickly. "I was still in my dreamland, I suppose."

Mother chuckled.

"You're always in that dreamland of yours. I suppose you dream about being a Princess, don't you?"

"No, not me." I replied. "I am content being of our normal status in society."

Mother smiled.

"You're a lot wiser than I was at your age."She informed me. "Anyway, you must go to the market for me and get some food."

I stood up and nodded my head.

"Right away, Mother." I told her obediently.

"Well, get dressed child and then you best be on your way!" She pushed me towards my oak dresser. "I hear there's going to be more fighting with the Orgs coming this way and I don't want you anywhere near it! Don't dilly-dally!"

She stormed out the door and I sighed. At last, I could have a nice peaceful moment to myself! Staring at the small mirror in front of me, I smiled. The market was always a fun place to go. The goods they sold there were also amazing, but I liked to sit and watch the people go by. You could learn a lot about a person by just watching them and each person had their own story to tell. So many different stories and yet they all intertwined at that one place—the market.

"Well, Shayla," I muttered to myself, pulling out my white under dress and throwing it over my tousled brown hair. I reached for my green under skirt next and quickly tucked the under dress into place and tied the skirt on. Lastly, I grabbed my light blue over dress and put it on. I finished quickly with the corset and then grinned. "Time to go."

I practically sprinted out the door and on the path to the market, excited for whatever laid just around the bend.