"Honestly, I still don't think Percy's quite used to having a half sister."

"I wouldn't be so sure," Annabeth reassured me as her arrow hit a perfect bull's eye.

I'd been claimed a year ago when I was thirteen. It was pretty much a huge shock to everyone. Especially Percy. On the bright side, being Percy's sister automatically got me a WHOLE bunch of friends! (Percy's pretty popular around here). I was brought to camp by some satyr and was claimed that night at dinner. After the shock died down, a girl came up to me and introduced herself as Annabeth Chase, Percy's girlfriend. Ever since, we've been crazy close.

Today, Annabeth and I were shooting at some targets when Percy came over. He seamed like he was ready to shoot some arrows when he saw me, an sighed deeply.

"What's wrong?" Annabeth asked.

I would've asked the same thing myself, but I knew what was wrong. He had wanted to shoot with Annabeth, not his annoying little sister. See, this morning Percy was complaining about how today he had to teach sword fighting to the younger demigods today. So he'd already had a long day, and me being there just toped it off.

"Oh nothing," he replied to Annabeth. "Hey," he said, this time to me.

"Hey," I replied, "You still gonna' shoot with us?" It came out more sarcastic than I had intended for it to.

"Yeah, I guess." he replied just as sarcastic.

"Ok, you two," Annabeth spoke up, "I swear... you guys are just as bad as..." he voice trailed off. I knew what she meant though. She was thinking of her own step brothers who were constantly arguing.

We shot for awhile before hearing the bell for dinner.

"I better get going. The other kids in the Athena cabin will be waiting." Annabeth jogged down to the cabins, leaving me and Percy alone.

I sighed, "I guess we'd better get going too."He nodded and we started walking towards the Poseidon cabin.

"Umm... how was, ya know, school this year?" Percy asked. Obviously, school wasn't great or anything, but at least it was a conversation starter.

"School," I said. "Well I guess that really depends on how you look at it. I was only attacked AT SCHOOL once or twice. A bunch of times after school though." I sighed. Life of a demigod: you get attacked. Get used to it.

"Well I guess that's good," Percy sighed. "I've been getting creepy dreams lately. I mean... creepier than usual

"Yeah? Like What?"

Percy didn't say anything for awhile. I thought he just wasn't going to answer me at all. I could tell he was pretty concerned.

"Well," he said finally, "I'm pretty sure-"

He couldn't finish his sentence. All of a sudden, we hear a roar.

" Oh, gods," I heard Percy mumble.

Right in front of us, was a giant Manticore.