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There's The Snow.

Snowball Fight.

Kurt stared at his cell phone. He still couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that he was friends with over controlling, beyond annoying Rachel Berry. It didn't seem normal, and yet at the same time she had started to be really nice to him recently, and when she was nice she was bearable to be around.

New Directions new years party on the 31st. You in?

He had expected a party sooner or later, and he had also secretly expected to be invited, but to be invited by RACHEL? It was a bit unnerving really.

I'll be there

He smiled when he hit send. It would be nice to see all his friends from McKinley again. He hadn't seen any of them since sectionals. Well, he had seen Finn, but other then that he hadn't seen anybody. His cell phone vibrated mere seconds after he had hit the send button, making him jump slightly. He read the text and felt the blush creep across his face.

Bring your boyfriend ;)

He didn't know how to answer. He wished he could answer we'll be there! But the thing was that he didn't have a boyfriend to bring. His mind instantly wandered as it so often did to Blaine. Rachel was definitely referring to him. He wouldn't be surprised at all if she had asked Mr. Schue if he knew how he was doing, and he had completely honestly told her that Kurt was in love. Thanks Mr. Schue.

Just as he was about to clear things up with Rachel that he didn't actually have a boyfriend but that he might ask one of his friends to join them someone poked him in the side. For the second time in about 30 seconds he jumped, turning around to face the brightest pair of hazel eyes in the world.

"Hey" said Blaine, smiling. Kurt couldn't help but smile back.

"You scared me"

"I seem to do that a lot," said Blaine. Kurt laughed, Rachel's text completely forgotten.

"How did the show go?" he asked. He hadn't been able to attend Blaine's performance of Baby, It's Cold Outside, although he wasn't sure if he was actually sad about it. Watching him perform what he liked to consider 'their song' with someone else, a girl that he didn't even know, might have been a bit too much for him.

Blaine shrugged, "It went good. But honestly you sounded much better then that girl"

Kurt tried to force himself not to blush. Blaine chuckled.

"Hey, come outside for a second, I gotta show you something" he tugged the sleeve of Kurt's Dalton jacket and Kurt anxiously followed him through the school's hallways. He wondered if Blaine was going to make him skip class or something, but then he remembered that it was Friday, and that strangely enough on Friday they both had a free period last period. It was also the last day before winter vacation. His heart started beating faster in anticipation. What was it that Blaine wanted to show him so badly?

They reached the front doors of the school and Blaine pushed them open. Kurt gasped as he followed Blaine outside. Snow was falling heavily from the sky, and there was already about two inches of it on the ground.

"Wow…" he said, wondering if this was what his friend had wanted to show him, "It's snowing"

"Beautiful, huh?" asked Blaine; although Kurt couldn't actually see what he was doing as his eyes were set on the sky. He had always loved snow. He had never admitted it to anyone before, but he found snow the most romantic thing in the world. It was so cold, it always made him want to cuddle up to someone, and his dream had always been to have his first kiss in the snow…

His thoughts were interrupted when something cold hit him in the back of the head. He turned quickly, the snow slowly melting down his school blazer, to find Blaine smiling mischievously at him.

"You did NOT…"

"It wasn't me!" exclaimed Blaine, putting his hands in the air and pointing to a small bird perched on a nearby tree accusingly. Kurt couldn't help but laugh. Blaine looked so innocent, as if he honestly believed that a bird had just thrown a snowball at Kurt and blamed it on him.

"Well, I'm just going to have to get a bit of revenge on that bird" he said, picking up some snow and packing it into a small ball, throwing it with perfect aim at Blaine's face. The smile was wiped off of Blaine's face instantly and replace with a surprised look.

"Where in the world did you learn to aim like that?"

"I think I was born to be a baseball player," joked Kurt, "too bad I hate sports"

Blaine rolled his eyes; as he bent down to pick up some more snow. Kurt's eyes widened.

"No. No, don't you dare…" he was cut off by the snow hitting him in the face. Blaine laughed.

"I was born to be a baseball player too," he said, smirking. Kurt bit his lip. How was it that Blaine was doing the thing that bothered him the most, throwing something cold at his face (it reminded him of all the times he'd been slushied back at McKinley) and he wasn't annoyed in the least?

Before he could even make another snowball Blaine, who seemed to be truly enjoying himself, hit him again. Kurt laughed, throwing his half-finished snowball at him. Blaine was hit on the arm and pretended to go down, slowly and painfully. When he hit the ground Kurt ran to his side, laughing. Blaine had his eyes closed, the snow falling on his face and instantly melting. He slowly opened his eyes and grabbed Kurt's arms.

"Tell… tell my mom…"

"What?" asked Kurt not believing this was happening. How could this guy make absolutely everything he did into a huge drama production? It was one of the many things that he loved about him…

"Tell my mom that… she owes me ten bucks" and with that he let go of Kurt's arm and let it fall to the ground. Kurt burst out laughing, and Blaine slowly smiled, his eyes still closed.

"You know, it's hard to die in peace when you're sitting there laughing at me" he said, propping himself up.

"You must be freezing"

"So what? I got you to laugh. My mission is accomplished!" he said proudly, standing up and dusting the snow off his jacket.

"Huh?" asked Kurt.

"Well, you've seemed a bit down since that friend of yours came to visit… I wanted to make you feel a bit better"

"Friend of… Oh! You mean Mr. Schuester!" said Kurt, remembering that Blaine and his old Spanish teacher had coincided briefly after Blaine asked Kurt to sing with him.

"Yeah, so, I decided to cheer you up by forcing you into a snowball fight with me, except that I didn't know you had a pitchers arm" said Blaine, his eyes shinning.

"Sorry for making you worry…" said Kurt, rubbing the back of his neck, suddenly self-conscious. He had even realized that he was feeling down, and here was Blaine totally aware. It made him kinda happy, if he was honest with himself.

"Hey, no sweat! I know you must be missing your friends from your old school," he said, patting Kurt on the shoulder.

"Yeah, well just a bit" suddenly he remembered Rachel's text, "Actually, my old glee club is having a new years party"

"Oh really?" asked Blaine, shuffling his feet.

"Yeah, on the thirty first. I just got a text from Rachel inviting me"

"Rachel?" asked Blaine. Kurt realized he had never actually told Blaine about Rachel. He had spoken to him about Mercedes, and about Finn, and a little bit about Sam, but other then that Blaine had no idea who Kurt's 'old' friends were.

"Yeah, she was the one I was talking to before sectionals" he said, and Blaine nodded, making an 'Ah' sound.

"So, are you going?" he asked, putting his hands in his pocket.

"Probably. I mean, I'm not doing anything else" he replied, shrugging.

"That's cool man. Have fun" for some reason Blaine's voice sounded slightly hurt, as if Kurt had forgotten his birthday. Kurt bit his lip.

"So um… what are you doing for new years?" he asked.

"I dunno. Might spend it with my family" he smiled at Kurt. Kurt took a deep breath.

"Why don't you come to the New Directions party?"

Blaine looked a bit stunned for a second. Then he chuckled.

"Nah, I don't think so. They'll probably think of me as the enemy or something…"

"No, no, actually Rachel told me I could invite y… someone" he felt himself blushing again.

"Really?" asked Blaine, raising his eyebrows. Kurt nodded.

"Yeah, really"

"You're lying" he said, "let me see your cell phone"

Kurt's eyes got really wide.

"No way" he said, turning towards the entrance to the school.

"Come on, let's see it" said Blaine, walking beside Kurt.


"Don't make me tackle you. You know I'll do it," he said, smiling. Kurt thought about it for a second, realizing he kind of wouldn't mind if Blaine tackled him to the ground and took his phone from him by force.

"You wouldn't dare," he said, taking his phone out of his pocket and holding it in front of Blaine. Blaine smirked and before he knew it Kurt was lying on his back in the snow, every inch of him freezing, trying to keep his phone away from Blaine who was pinning him down.

"Gimme the phone Hummel!" he said, laughing. Kurt laughed too, moving the phone farther away from Blaine. Why was he so bent on this? Was he… flirting… with Kurt? Kurt pushed that thought from his mind instantly. Just because Blaine was gay didn't mean that he liked Kurt.

"Never!" he exclaimed, but just then Blaine snatched the phone from him and stood up.

"Mwahaha!" he had a look of absolute triumph on his face, "now, let us look at your received messages!"

Kurt slowly stood up, officially frozen. He didn't try to take the phone from Blaine; he just tried to keep his blush under control, which was beginning to prove impossible. Blaine searched through Kurt's phone for a few seconds, and then obviously came across the last text that Kurt had received, because he stopped pressing every single inch of Kurt's iPhone's screen. He read the text, and then looked at Kurt, his eyes wide. Kurt didn't know what to say. Blaine, suddenly burst out laughing, throwing the phone at Kurt who caught it, confused. Blaine walked by him, chuckling to himself and opened the doors to the school. Before he stepped inside he turned towards Kurt, grinning.

"I'll be there," he said, and then he went into the school, leaving Kurt standing in front of Dalton Academy for Boys, wondering what in the world had just happened.