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But it's Cold Outside!

Kurt watched as everybody chatted animatedly from the corner of Puck's living room. He had been at the party for three hours and wasn't sure if he could take anymore. Sure it was great to see all his friends from New Directions again, but honestly the guilt of leaving them was starting to weigh him down. He had let them down, and right before sectionals too; Lauren Zizes was his replacement for God's sake! Could she even sing?

And then, on top of his guilt, was Blaine. Blaine had tried to start several conversations with Kurt over the course of the night, but Kurt simply couldn't talk to him. Blaine didn't like him. He had come to that conclusion when Blaine had told him about his plans to confess his love to this mystery guy; if he wanted Kurt he wouldn't have asked him his opinion. It was completely over; Kurt didn't know if he even wanted to be around Blaine anymore. It hurt too much. It was Finn all over again. And if that wasn't bad enough, the guy that Blaine had the hots for was a complete idiot. It was enough to make anybody want to punch a wall.

Kurt looked around the room. He had made it his mission for the night to talk to everybody there, and so far he had succeeded (he counted telling Lauren that her outfit made her look like a monk as talking to her). He had also somehow managed to introduce Blaine to Sam who were currently talking on the couch on the side of the room as if they had known each other for years. Blaine playfully ruffled Sam's hair to which Sam said something that looked like 'shut up'. Kurt sighed. How was it that this boy made him feel this way? He hated how in love with him he was.

"That's a really cute boyfriend you got there," said Puck, leaning up against the wall beside Kurt. Kurt sighed.

"He's not my boyfriend,"

"Yet," said Puck, raising his eyebrows repeatedly.

"No, not yet, not ever. He likes someone else. Why are you talking to me?"

"I'm the host of this marvellous party here, and letting somebody be alone at this marvellous party would not make me a very good host, now would it?" he asked, offering Kurt a beer, which he rejected.

"I don't drink anymore," he said, still remembering the death glares Miss Pillsbury had given him after he had thrown up on her.

"Whatever. So how do you know he likes someone else?"

"He told me he liked someone and then asked me if he should ask him out and kiss him," said Kurt, sighing.

"Did he tell you who this someone he liked was?"

"No, probably a Warbler or something," said Kurt, shrugging. He looked over at Blaine who at that exact moment had been looking at him too. He quickly looked away.

"You know, you're really stupid Kurt," said Puck.

"Why does everybody keep saying that to me?" shrieked Kurt. It was true, Puck wasn't the first person to mention this to him, first it had been Mercedes at the skating rink, then Finn right before the party, then Quinn, Rachel, Sam, Santana (although hers included a bit more colourful language), even Brittany had brought it up. It didn't make sense. Kurt had been one of the smartest people at McKinley and would be one of the smartest at Dalton as soon as he caught up with all the work.

"Maybe because it's true? Look, dude, I'd love to explain it to you, but I really can't cause it's not my story to explain,"

"There's a story behind it?" asked Kurt, raising an eyebrow. Puck rolled his eyes.

"I'll give you a hint. It has to do with lover boy over there," he pointed towards Blaine before walking away.

"Well that was less than helpful," said Kurt, stroking his chin. So apparently he was being stupid… and it had to do with Blaine… something was itching at him, but no, it couldn't be that. It wasn't possible. Blaine liked someone else, someone who just thought of him as a friend… there it was, itching at him again. Kurt shook his head.

"He doesn't love you!" he almost screamed, getting ready to slap himself when someone held his hand to prevent him from doing so.

"Who doesn't love you?" asked Brittany, wearing her usual spaced out expression.

"What? Oh, nobody. How are you doing Brittany?"

"I'm really good. Santa was good to me and Artie this year. I must have been a really good girl," she smiled innocently. Kurt remembered Mercedes mentioning that Brittany still believed in Santa, but hadn't gone into detail.

"I'm glad. What did he get you?"

"He made Artie walk," she said, still smiling. Kurt looked over at Artie, who was still very obviously in a wheelchair.

"I'm glad," he said, deciding not to go into it.

"So what did Santa get you?" she asked.

"Oh, loads of things. I've been a good boy this year too," he said. He was about to excuse himself when he remembered something, "actually, Santa told me he was bringing me one last gift, but it never came…"

"What? That's awful! Don't worry though Kurt, Santa will come through. He always does," and with that the cheerleader skipped away, looking as happy as ever. Kurt glanced at Blaine. What was that extra gift that Blaine had promised Kurt after their sleigh ride? Blaine had said something about how the timing had to be just perfect or something like that…

"You look deep in thought about something," said Blaine, suddenly beside him. Kurt jumped a little.

"What? Oh, not really, I just… Brittany just reminded me of a certain present I was told I was going to receive but never actually got," he said, shrugging.

"Oh, well, maybe the elf delivering it got a bit lost on the way?" asked Blaine, raising an eyebrow.

"Where exactly did he get lost?"

"In your eyes,"

Kurt could feel himself blush deeply. How could Blaine say things like that too him when he liked someone else? It was like adultery! Or something…

"You seemed to be getting along really well with Sam," said Kurt, changing the subject.

"Oh, yeah, well, long story behind that one," said Blaine, smiling. Kurt raised an eyebrow and was about to ask but Blaine shushed him.


"Do you hear that?" he asked mysteriously. Kurt tried to listen to whatever Blaine was hearing, but all he could hear where the McKinley High glee club members talking amongst themselves (except for Santana and Puck who had recently vanished).

"What am I hearing?" he could sort of hear the clock ticking. There was still about half an hour till midnight he noticed as he glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Shh!" exclaimed Blaine, grabbing his hand, "follow me!"

Kurt followed Blaine through the living room, trying not to laugh. Blaine was acting as if he was a spy, casually waving awkwardly at whoever walked by but glaring at everybody behind their backs and hiding behind every piece of furniture he could. Finally they reached the door that lead to Puck's back yard and Blaine quickly pulled it open, pushing a complaining Kurt outside and then following him, shutting the door as fast as possible and breathing heavily with his back against the door. Kurt finally just burst out laughing.

"You're insane!" he said.

"Aha!" said Blaine, completely ignoring Kurt, "I was right! It's snowing!"

Kurt looked around. Indeed, it was snowing, just as thickly as it had been earlier on in the holidays, and there was already quite a thick layer on the ground.

"Wait? You could hear it snowing?"

"Of course," said Blaine matter-of-factly. Kurt smiled, looking around. It sure was beautiful… and cold. He was already starting to shiver.

"Can we go back inside? It's cold out here,"

"No, not yet," said Blaine, a mischievous smile on his face. Kurt was about to complain when he realized what Blaine was doing.

"Blaine, I swear to God if you throw that snowball…" too late. Kurt quickly brushed the snow off his face and bent down to make a snowball to throw back at Blaine, while at the same time he was pelted with snowball after snowball. Finally he was able to return fire, but just as he was about to throw, Blaine hit him in the face again; throwing him off and making him aim at a tree instead of Blaine's face.

Kurt laughed as he made more snowballs, and laughed even harder when he finally started to get Blaine; hitting him everywhere he possibly could, wanting to drench his opponent just as much as he was drenched.

"Guys!" they were interrupted by Rachel, who was standing at the door. Kurt turned to look at her and was hit in the back of the head with a snowball. He chuckled.

"What is it Rachel?" he asked.

"It's five minutes to midnight. We're all sorta getting ready inside, so you should come join,"

"Five minutes?" asked Kurt, his eyes wide, "Oh my God, totally lost track of time! We'll be right in"

He looked down at his clothes. They were completely soaked. For the first time in about twenty minutes he realized exactly how cold it was outside.

"Blaine, come on, let's go, it's freezing out here!"

"Wait, hold on Kurt!" said Blaine, grabbing his arm. Kurt turned around to look at Blaine, an eyebrow raised. His heart was beating a mile a minute.

"Whatever it is, can't we talk about it inside?" he asked, biting his almost numb lips.

"No. It has to be out here," said Blaine, "look, Kurt, I think I should explain a few things"

"If they're about this guy you like, I honestly don't want to hear them. No offense of course," he said, quickly putting his hands up.

"Well, they are about this guy I like. And I'm really hoping you do want to hear them,"

"Yeah, just like you're hoping I'll come along on all your dates. Look Blaine, I get it, okay? I know I was really stupid for thinking I ever had a shot at you, but that's in the past now, okay? Could we just not talk about him? It makes me feel kind of…"

"Kurt," Blaine put both hands on Kurt's face. He could feel the warmth returning to him slowly.

"Yes Blaine?" he asked, hoping his voice hadn't cracked.

"It's you"

"What's me?" he asked. He wouldn't believe it. He wouldn't. It wasn't possible.

"You're the guy I like"

The stood in silence for what seemed like forever.

Me? thought Kurt, trying to process what Blaine had just said, he likes me?

"Me," he felt he had to say it out loud, "You like me," it sounded sort of weird, coming from Kurt. Blaine simply smiled at him.

"You. I like you,"

"But… what? No, that doesn't… You think I'm stupid?"

Blaine burst out laughing. His hands slowly made their way down Kurt's body until they rested on his hips. Kurt was definitely not cold anymore.

"Well, you were being really thick," said Blaine, honestly.

"That's because you told me about the guy you liked and asked my opinion and it couldn't be me because who does that?" Kurt said this really fast. Blaine smiled, pressing their foreheads together.

"That doesn't make any sense," he whispered.

"You can't like me," said Kurt, shaking his head, "it's not possible,"

"You know you're making this much more difficult than it needs to be?" asked Blaine.

"I'm not making anything difficult," replied Kurt in a whisper.

"Yes you are. I just told you that I like you and you won't believe it,"

"That's because you can't like me… I mean… I'm me!"

"Whoever told you that somebody can't like you because you're you is mentally deranged. You're amazing Kurt. I've… I've wanted to tell you that for a long time,"

"But you wanted it to be just perfect,"

"Which isn't working out too well since you refuse to believe me," said Blaine, letting out a quiet chuckle. Kurt closed his eyes.

"You like me," he said, feeling a goofy smile creep onto his face, "you like me"

"Very much," said Blaine, smiling.

"And I like you," said Kurt, glad to finally have been able to say it out loud. He felt like a huge load had just been taken off his chest.

"And I'm glad to hear that," said Blaine.

"So… if I like you… and you like me…"


"Then… what does that make us?"

Blaine looked into Kurt's eyes, and Kurt barely heard Rachel scream "10! 9! 8!" before the rest of New Directions joined in, "7! 6! 5! 4!"

"You decide," whispered Blaine and the explosion that seemed to have just gone on inside Puck's house was completely blocked out by Blaine's lips being pressed to Kurt's.

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