Note: This will actually be three multi-part stories and a one-shot all under one title.

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Summary: Fiona knew there would be other surgeries to follow before Adam's transition would be complete, but this was a huge step forward. For the first time it felt like they were living their future instead of just talking about it. – Fiona/Adam; Future fic; Lemons! Post-"How To Save A Life".

Author's Note: Not sure how to summarize this one. I wanted to explore some themes that haven't been written about in great detail yet. FTM transitioning and surgery is plot point. I apologize in advance if any details are off. I'm not transgendered and am going mostly off internet research.

I've been writing one-shots that fill in the events in between the last chapter of "How To Save A Life" and the epilogue. This will actually be three multi-part stories and a one-shot under one title. They take place during the summer after Adam's junior year (hence, they are future fics!).

The first is a day in the life snippet that occurs not long after an important milestone in Adam's life. It examines acceptance (both of yourself and others) and embracing where you are in life. It's a three-shot.

The second occurs four weeks into the summer. It examines love and trust. It's a multi-chapter fic.

The third is a set around the time of the second story. It's a one-shot.

The fourth occurs six weeks into the summer. It examines balancing love and friendship. It's a multi-chapter fic.

Categories: Humor/Romance, Angst/Romance, Romance/Friendship; Adam/Fiona pairing; Lemons! Future fic; Torres brothers fic!; Adam/Eli friendship; Clare/Eli friendship.

Rating: Definitely M (chapters 2 & 3)

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Fiona barely had time to lock the front door of her condo before Adam kissed her. Her back rested against the frame of the door as he eagerly brought his lips to hers. He let out a soft laugh when they pulled apart.

"Freedom!" he whispered and then cupped her cheek. She smiled back at him. She was happy that he was so happy. She grabbed his hand.

"Come on, let's go!" She led the way to her bedroom. They had been looking forward to this all week. One afternoon alone. She loved his parents but his mother had been incessantly hovering for the past two weeks. Fiona understood her concern but Adam was fine. He understood his limitations. He wasn't going to risk pulling his stitches.

She helped Adam lay down on the bed. "Okay, you ready?" she asked him.

He nodded and lifted his arms. She gently removed his shirt. She then removed the medical shirt he wore underneath. He looked up at her with uncertainty.

Fiona raised an eyebrow. "Looking good Mr. Torres," she told him. She realized this was the first time she saw his bare torso uncovered. She had seen him in the shower a few times, but he was always embarrassed and turned away from her. This was different.

Two weeks ago Adam underwent top surgery to construct a male chest. He had been looking forward to this since his breasts first started to grow. Following surgery they had to monitor him and drain fluid for a standard ten days. However, now his bandages were off and he was in the next stage of recovery. No heavy lifting for the next six to eight weeks.

His mother had been pretty draconian about his recovery. As far as she was concerned reaching for the remote was too much movement for him. At first Mrs. Torres didn't want Adam to leave his room, let alone the house. She also decided it wasn't a good idea for Fiona to sleep over for the next few weeks.

It had taken awhile but they finally convinced her to ease up a bit.

"Very good," Fiona continued. Adam smiled at her. The medical scarring was fresh, but in time it would heal. She lightly ran her hand up his stomach, feeling the newly smooth contours as she travelled upwards and came to rest in the middle of his chest. He placed his hand over hers as she felt the steady beat of his heart.

When she looked up she saw a look in his eyes that she couldn't quite place. She knew there would be other surgeries to follow before his transition would be complete, but this was a huge step forward. For the first time it felt like they were living their future instead of just talking about it. She reached over and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

"Come here," Adam said as he opened his arms. She carefully snuggled beside him, avoiding putting any weight on his torso.

"So what's the first thing you're looking forward to?" Fiona asked him.

He looked over at her and grinned. She playfully hit his shoulder, "Besides that!"

"I didn't say anything," he said innocently and raised his eyebrows. After a beat he told her, "The beach. Can't wait to go and run into the water."

Fiona smiled. Adam loved the beach but he always stayed on the shore. It was uncomfortable when his binder got wet. He wouldn't dare wear a t-shirt without one.

He turned to her. "What about you?"

"Me?" she asked surprised by his question.

He nodded, "Yeah. This surgery has an impact on you too, right?"

She thought for moment. Of course it did, but she hadn't vocalized her thoughts on the matter. She always told him she supported his decision either way.

Some boundaries about his body were mutable. When they first became intimate he was extremely uncomfortable with her touching him. Anything south of the border was a no fly zone. Over time he relaxed about reciprocity. Despite the disconnect between who he was and the body he had, he eventually realized being physically intimate with her did not invalidate his gender identity. Because she loved him and wanted to please him she was more than willing to work with the parts he had.

However, when it came to his chest the lines were clearly drawn. Perhaps because they were the most outward marker of femaleness he never wanted anyone else to see him shirtless. Including her. Nor did he want to be touched there.

Adam looked at her awaiting an answer. Fiona smiled at him. "This."

He gave her a quizzical look. "I like seeing more of you," she continued.

Adam nodded with understanding, "No more hiding?"

Fiona smirked, "Nope. Next time we're together you're going to be fully naked."

Adam laughed. He wondered when that might be. Along with her long list of restricted activities that could aggravate his stitches, his mother had bluntly told him sex was off the menu. He cringed at the memory. He was mortified when she said that.

Fiona snuggled closer to Adam and closed her eyes. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. He suddenly realized he could use some rest too.



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