Christmas Morning

"Yes! The ghosts did it all in one night!" Vlad exclaimed and then picked up his cat. "Maddie, we gotta do something."

That morning, at Fentonworks, Vlad Masters showed up with gifts for the Fentons. Each one got a fruitcake. However, instead of giving Maddie a photograph of himself, Vlad gave Jack an enlarged copy of their old college photograph of them and Maddie together. "Jack, I so regret not accepting the invitation to spend my first Christmas after the accident with you and the rest of our college friends."

"V-man, it's so touching." Jack emotionally said.

"It seems Vlad really got a visit from the Ghosts of Christmas after all." Maddie whispered to Danny.

"You don't know the half of it." Danny replied, leaving his mother confused.

From that day onwards, Vlad never took part on any evil plot. Trying to get over his obsession with Maddie, Vlad Masters took Danny's other advice. Believing 'his sister's cat' needed some companionship, Vlad got a male cat named Jack. Vlad still created the Masters' Blasters but told them not to hunt Danny Phantom and maintained the fact Danny still might be needed.