Captain Deckard rubbed his sore eyes as he watched over the bridge of his ship. For a moment, he caught himself nodding off into sleep. He cursed himself and sipped his coffee for the hundredth time which had long since grown cold. He sat backward and massaged his temples. The Light's AI Dallas sprung from the holopedestal beside the captain; its avatar was simply an ODST in full battle armor with numeric symbols and data streams flowing through his armor.

"Sir, do you realize that you have prolonged sleep for ten hours now?"

Deckard ignored the AI and took another drink of his coffee, he frowned, dismayed that the cup was now empty. Then he finally replied, "Dallas, look at these people," the captain gestured to the people working at the control terminals. "They haven't slept for nearly two days now. I refuse to rest easy when the rest of my crew is working their asses off. Besides, I'm not paid to sleep."

"I understand that sir, but if you do not give your brain the rest it needs, you will not be operating at peak efficiency. This could endanger the crew and the ship." The AI's tone became solemn, "Think about it." Then its avatar disappeared.


Spartan C-077 paced the small room. His gaze wandered to and from his jet black armor, with its helmet's silver visor staring at him. Ever since the Spartan- IV project, Spartan production had been raised rapidly. One was assigned to every military ship the UNSC had to offer. Whether it be pure bad luck or fate that 077 was transferred to a random patrol destroyer, he didn't know. All he knew now was the dull grey walls of his room. His childhood training prepared him for just about any type of combat situation, but not boredom. To make things worse, this particular UNSC destroyer lacked a cryo-sleep chamber.

After another hour of pacing, 077 couldn't take it anymore, he put together his armor piece by piece until it formed a layer of Titanium over every part of his body except for his head. Finally, he slid the helmet on. There was a faint hiss as his suit pressurized and his Heads-Up Display flickered into view.


Dallas operated the Light's planetary scanner as they passed world after world. For once in his short life, he was bored. He was about to scan another planet until something caught its interest.

"Captain, I have detected an anomaly."


Well, there's the first Chapter, I hope you enjoyed it.