Many things could be said about Kyo Sohma. That he was rash, cursed and had no luck with females.

What no one ever said about him was his past. Kyo Sohma may have been cursed with the year of the Cat, but what people didn't know was that he CHOSE to be cursed. He was also a wizard, fully trained to use magic without a wand.

And his animagus form just happened to be a cat whose fur was the same color as whatever hair dye he had on. He liked orange, so sue him.

The only curse he had been stuck with was that weird form that came out whenever his suppression bracelet came off. If it meant he could leave his birth name behind, it was worth it. Even if Akito insisted on holding his real name over his head in order to keep him in the family.

Who was Kyo before he was Kyo? That's a tale best told in fragments, for he only barely remembered it that way. He had already forgotten his original name, even if his vaults were still opened under his new name.

The only reason Akito even let him remain in the clan was for a quarter of the money in his vault to bail them out after all. Kyo Sohma was the one who saved the entire clan from the banks.

He loved the sky. And he almost missed flying. But it brought back memories. Like Shigure whenever he did something to remind him of his godfather. He wondered what the idiot dog would do if he knew Kyo wore colored contacts to fix his bad vision. Tohru was humming a popular song while doing laundry, Yuki was in his garden, and Shigure was giving his poor editor another anxiety attack.

He wondered if the damn rat knew the only reason his precious garden survived was because Kyo made sure it lived. Yuki wasn't the one with the green thumb, if left alone he was sure to kill the poor plants. Who else would bother to buy fertilizer and not check the potency?

Yuki's annoying brother came by today, and Kyo almost made the same mistake he always made. No one in the family knew he could speak to normal snakes as well as cats. In order to get some sleep, he pulled a minor prank on the idiot.

Ayame woke up to find snakes in his futon. Normally he wouldn't care, but the snakes were too excited to get rid of. Something about a speaker in the house. Kyo wasn't bothered in the least, and got up to eat breakfast.

Tohru had a cold, so he made something instead. Kyo put out the breakfast, and went to the dojo for the day.

Shigure woke up early, and wondered who made the English breakfast. Tohru was sick, so she was out. Yuki and Ayame couldn't cook to save their life, not to mention do it perfectly, so they were out. And he didn't do it.

Which left Kyo.

He came back, irritated. Kagura wouldn't leave him alone that day. So when Yuki made an annoying comment about leaving the dishes for a sick Tohru, he was pissed.

"You should be glad I even know how to make breakfast properly, you damn rat!"

Kyo had hated rats for years, ever since his godfather was framed by someone who's animagus form happened to be a fat grey rat...which Yuki bore an uncanny resemblance to, minus the missing claw on his right front foot.

Which started a fight with Yuki, and he lost. He could easily win if he wanted, but he didn't like letting people know he was better.

Best to stay out of the limelight until he had to reveal the truth.

He couldn't take it anymore. A familiar face from his dark past was around town, looking for a black haired, emerald eyed man with a lightning scar.

The red head made a comment on his hair, and he resisted growling barely. Instead he hit the idiot with a bat bogey hex, and left.

He helped Tohru with the groceries, and told her to stay away from the weirdos around the neighborhood who wore mismatched clothing. When asked why, he mentioned the rumors that kidnappings happened whenever they were around. Which had Yuki walking Tohru home everyday until they finally left.

The spell had the usual side affect, and gave him old nightmares. One dreamless sleep potion, and he was sound asleep.

He really hated having to hide those. But the last thing he needed was for them to draw the worst conclusion and get rid of them.

A new English teacher came to the school. Hermione Weasly.

Kyo was on the roof before the introduction was over in the assembly. Notice me not charms were really handy in escaping. His invisibility cloak would have drawn her attention faster anyway. Knowing he would have to deal with the woman unless he did something, he made a special request with the school, and after taking a test was completely exempt from having to take English ever again.

He only needed the translation charm for the first month anyway. After that his magic automatically translated anything said to him in any foriegn language.

Yuki was annoyed with him, but he at least kept off school grounds during the final period of the day. Having no English classes ever again was actually great since he got out of school earlier. Less chance of Hermione figuring out what he did.

So what if the Yankee made fun of him in his absence from the class. Still worth it.

What were they doing here of all places? What did they mean, Dark Wizards were in the area? Did they take him for an idiot?

"Get lost. We don't need insane people spreading lies around here. There are NO Dark wizards anywhere near this house, so go away!" Kyo said finally, snapping.

Yuki and Tohru noticed he was fingering his bracelet, like he really wanted to take it off and rend these foreigners to shreds.

Wait, did he say wizards?

"How do you know about wizards?" demanded the red head.

'So he's still a complete idiot.'

"I happen to be fully trained, you moron. Do I have to call the Ministry to get rid of you? I'm the only one here, and I know for a fact there's no one else for another twenty miles. Hell, the nearest alley is twenty miles away!"

Cats were showing up everywhere. One looked a lot like an older Crookshanks. Then Hermione looked shocked. So that WAS Crookshanks.

Kyo looked at the cat, and said, "Get your owner out of here before I do something drastic."

Apparently Ron and Hermione still didn't understand Japanese very well. But Crookshanks understood. He started to claw the crap out of the two of them, and they were forced to leave.

He stayed up all night that night, putting up wards to keep magic users out. Everyone else could come in, but not the ones he had been avoiding for ten years.

Hermione and Ron got odd looks from Yuki and Tohru because they were unable to get in. When Kyo found out later that they were still around, he had enough. He shifted into his animal form, and ran to the nearest alley.

The Japanese Ministry arrived the next day and expedited Ron and Hermione back to England. The was even a restraining order against them, making it impossible for them to approach Kyo ever again. He had found peace, and he wasn't about to lose it so they could blame him for how crappy their lives were now.

There was apparently a new Dark Lord in England. So they never learned from their mistakes the first time? He didn't care if there was a new prophecy about him this time or no, he wasn't going to save them this time around.