Aside from Harry learning more about his parents than he ever hoped, things were downright calm in the Potter mansion.

Even if he still didn't hear from his friends.

Or the fact that he had an uncle who was a werewolf. (Hey, his brother could turn into a monster when his bracelet came off, so who was he to judge?)

Kyo helped him get over not hearing from anyone by teaching him martial arts. Something that even caught Remus' interest. Soon the three devoted evenings before bed to practice. Draco popped by one night, after activating his port key when he got tired of listening to his father complain about the raids.

Which lead to Harry catching the blond up on their hand to hand combat lessons. Draco was originally worried about the werewolf, but he dropped it pretty quick. Remus was nothing but friendly, despite the fact his last name was Malfoy.

He even admitted to knowing a few spells that even Draco had never heard of...which were clearly dark in nature.

Aside from Snape arriving (mostly because Lucius could really get on his nerves when he whined) and being surprised at finding Draco with a certain werewolf, nothing much happened. Draco did have to go back to his mansion, because his mother would be a real snit if he didn't.

Still, he promised to meet them at Diagon for school shopping.

Kyo decided it was high time to bug the twins, and even sent a floo call to Fred. Mama Weasly would be waiting for them to arrive.

Kyo would share the room with Ron and Harry with the twins. (The only Weasly he was not looking forward to was Ginny. Damn fangirls.)

Remus made sure they got to the house okay before going out.

Much to the twins delight, Kyo was promptly hugged by their mother, resulting in a lot of smoke and a talking cat.

Kyo scowled, then scratched them good. Still, he had to admit it wasn't that bad once he changed quickly and explained the situation to Mrs. Weasly...who promptly screeched at her twin sons for the trick.

When he saw Ginny for the (first time in this body) he was of two minds.

One, he wouldn't mind being her friend if he could get her away from her obsession over the boy who lived. She was a brilliant witch who had a bit of a temper and a natural knack for hexes.

On the other hand...she was part of the plan that lead to him leaving the wizarding world in the first time around, and a key player in Dumbledore's move to control him. So he had to be careful of what he said.

However his main concern was to get her to drop her fangirl fantasies. And he had a really good idea how to start.

Prongslet reluctantly admitted to Kyo a while ago that he had absolutely no interest in girls. Which would have Kyo worried if he didn't know how much Prongslet valued family and friendship. He would never do anything which would drive Kyo away.

So he suspected Harry was the same way. If anything, there was a way to tell by the time he turned into a teenager.

When they went to Diagon, Harry and Kyo headed straight to the bank to withdraw funds. Mrs. Weasly went with them, and they quickly refilled their funds.

Kyo's first stop was the pet shop. Harry followed, fascinated. Kyo eventually came out with a new cat, only it was really weird since it had two tails. Harry came out with a new pet too, a snake.

Next stop was the basic supplies, and a new set of robes. Then, the bookshop.

Kyo was so not looking forward to this part. Gilderoy Lockhart was a glorified idiot. He saw Draco early on, and dragged Harry to him instead of standing still.

"Hey Slither Prince!" called Kyo.

Draco looked up from the book he had been reading and replied, "Gryffin King."

Kyo saw a woman who looked remarkably like him, and a man with platinum blond hair.

He nudged Harry in the direction of them and whispered what he should say to the woman. Harry took the hint and said loud enough for her to hear, "Hey Dray, you never mentioned you had a hot older sister accompanying you today!"

Apparently Draco caught on to what Kyo was trying to do and grinned.

Narcissa was by no means a fool. She knew that the orange haired boy had told the black one to say that. Didn't mean she couldn't preen though. Lucius figured out what the first boy had done and approved. He clearly knew when to flatter people.

"Introduce us to your...friends Draco," said Narcissa.

"Mother, this is the Gryffin King, Kyo Sohma. The boy next to him is his surrogate brother, Harry Potter."

Harry made a show of looking at her closely before saying, "Are you sure she's your mother Dray? She looks way to young to have given birth to you!"

Narcissa beamed at him.

"Yeah, she doesn't look a day over twenty to me," piped Kyo.

Draco grinned. Clearly Kyo knew his mother loved flattery, even when it was clear she was his mother. Now all he had to do was get on his father's good side and he'd be set.

Kyo continued on like that, and even said a few things which put him in the elder Malfoy's good books. Namely mocking a Weasly.

"I'm not saying they aren't great for a Light family, but Ron is clearly the only one of the lot with no brains and all brawn. The twins at least have a brain between them, as shown by the fact that they get away with half the crap they pull. Percy must have a flobberworm stuck up his bum, because that's the only excuse I can think of for his anal retentaveness. Mother Weasly is like a damn harpy."

"And the Weasly Patriarch?" questioned Lucius. He already approved of Kyo and by extension Harry.

"I haven't been around him enough to make a fair assessment...aside from the fact that he should read more instruction manuels before messing with muggle technology. Honestly, who doesn't know what a rubber duck is?"

Kyo immediately went to the defensive section of the store, picking more useful books, and passing a few to Harry. Draco took the hint, and soon they were prepared for the year.

Gilderoy Lockhart was a bit annoyed. He was sure that Harry Potter and Kyo Sohma would be here today, after all his contact in the school said they would be. Then he spotted the distinct orange hair on the second floor.

How on in Merlin had they avoided his detection? Especially with that hair?

Kyo bought everything they needed and they avoided Lockhart's little attempts at a photo together with some difficulty.

Until the man in question grabbed him and Harry. He spotted Neville nearby and said loudly "Why are you only taking a picture with the Gryffindor Court? Do you not like Hufflepuff or Slytherin?"

Kyo had diverted attention perfectly. He actually saw the twins snicker a bit. If Lockhart continued to force them into a photo he would get bad press, since Kyo's question made it look like the man was clearly biased to Gryffindor. It would spell disaster for him if he went to Hogwarts with such press. The students would eat him alive!

So now Draco and Neville were in the picture as well.

(Nevilla actually thanked Kyo for including him.)

Lucius slipped a book into Kyo's cauldron, and Kyo winked at him. He knew exactly what the thing was, and how to get rid of it.

Harry groaned as he and Kyo missed the train. Kyo on the other hand cursed so violently that passerby stared at him in horrified shock.

Kyo dragged Harry and their things outside, then held out his wand.


A very bright purple bus, proclaiming the Knight Bus, appeared. Harry groaned in horror.

"Hullo Stan and Ernie. We need a ride to Hogsmeade. Harry, you mind if I borrow Hedwig so I can at least warn McGonagall and Snape?"


Hedwig was off with two notes, one for Snape and the other for their head of house. Kyo then helped Stan load their things onto the bus, and they barreled off to the village.

Soon they arrived at Hogsmeade station, and Kyo waited patiently for the teachers. McGonagall came up, irate with Snape.

"Why did we have to learn through an owl that you took the bus?"

"The platform was blocked for some reason, and I didn't want the normal folk to start wondering why a pair of boys were standing with trunks and an owl waiting for adults for an hour. It would have brought up questions," said Kyo reasonably.

Even Snape reluctantly admitted he had a point. Since they arrived without breaking the statute of secrecy and within reasonable means, they were mostly let off.

Still, that didn't stop them from raiding the library. Kyo was halfway in an Ancient Runes book before Dumbledore was alerted to the fact that they were forced to take the Knight Bus to get to the school. So he went to find out why and nearly got his head bitten off by an irate Kyo. Harry watched the exchange from behind a book he came across, amused.

Later Kyo looked at the book Harry found, and realized it belonged to him. It was written by the Marauders after all.

So he took it with him to the kitchens for a snack. This is where he met his first house elf. Kyo was the one to show him where it was and how to get in. He then asked the house elves something odd...that Harry filed for blackmail material later.

He honestly had no idea Kyo despised leeks.

Soon they were sitting patiently waiting for the other students to get there. Kyo was so bored he went to help Hagrid with something...and shocked the man when he proved he could see the invisible horses which pulled the carriages.

After which he returned to the castle and took a light nap for an hour. Harry kicked him playfully when the door opened to admit the returning students.

Kyo grinned at Hermione and wondered whether Dobby had locked Ron out of the pillar like last time. They had arrived too early to catch the Weaslys, so it was a toss up whether Ron had to take the car again.

At least until Kyo heard the distinct sound of something crashing into the Whomping Willow. McGonagall heard it as well, and scowled. Alas, she couldn't leave the first years hanging. So Snape went to deal with it for her.

As soon as the first years were sorted, she was quick to head to Snape's office. The look on her face when she returned could have curdled milk. Snape, on the other hand, looked a little too pleased about something.

"What was that about?"

Kyo made a show of looking up and down the table. When he failed to see Ron, he asked the twins where their youngest brother was.

"We thought he was with you two on the train," said Fred.

"We had to take the Knight Bus to get here. Something blocked the pillar when we went to go through."

Fred and George looked at each other.

"You don't think he's stupid enough to..."

"I don't know Fred. Ron's never been that bright to begin with..."

"I don't know if this helps, but I definitely heard something crash into the Whomping Willow as McGonagall was sorting the firsties," said Kyo trying not to grin.

The two looked at each other, and grinned evilly.

"Sounds like Ron was dumb enough to take the car..." they said in unison.

"Well, I think the most he would get is a detention, because the point counters won't be turned on until morning," said Kyo with a smirk.

"Oh?" said Fred.

"I never knew that," said George.

"I read in a book somewhere that the counters are automatically turned on the first morning. Apparently one of the previous headmasters thought that students couldn't possibly cause troubles during the first night back."

The positively evil looks the twins shared was enough to send a premonition of doom down Percy's spine.

"Tell you what. Harry and I will be your alibis if we get to help."

The twins struck a deal.

"So who should we hit first?"

"How about that pompous moron Lockhart? Ron is probably smarter than he is," said Kyo innocently.

The twins gave the new DADA a look. Then looked back at Kyo.

"What makes you say that?"

"Have you guys even read his books? Half the time lines are wrong, and in some of them he claims to be in one village and in another on the same day. And I know for a fact there isn't a hex to turn a werewolf back into a human."

"'s free-for-all on Lockhart?" asked Lee Jordan.

"If you can prank him, I really doubt he'll even bother with a detention."

The twins looked positively evil when he said that. Hermione on the other hand was glaring at him full force.

"Why on earth would you set the twins on him?" she demanded.

"Hermione, reread his books and then look up the incidents in question. Gilderoy Lockhart is nothing more than an errant fraud with good teeth. And by the way, my magical guardian is a werewolf, and he has never heard of a hex that can reverse the lycanthropy condition."

Hermione accepted his challenge, eager to prove him wrong. She simply refused to believe that Lockhart had lied while writing the books.

She would have to learn the hard way that not everything printed in the Magical communities was truth.

Kyo stretched, and wasn't surprised to hear that Ron had been stupid enough to take his father's enchanted car.

It didn't take long for him to groan in horror. Double potions, DADA and Herbology.

The only class that didn't give him headaches was herbology!

Kyo promptly grabbed his Potions text and a book on actual defense magic used by Aurors. Harry took the hint and did the same.

Anyone who was unlucky enough to have the twins set on them had to be bad.

Ten minutes into Defense, Harry found exactly why Kyo disliked the man.

He was a complete and utter narcissist. He could care less about teaching them Defense and seemed totally dedicated to promoting himself.

One look at the test the man gave, and Kyo had immediately transfigured his into a paper dragon which he set on Draco with a grin.

Draco took the hint, and soon every boy in the class had either turned their test into paper airplane or used their magic to turn it into a creature. For once, the Slytherin and Gryffindor boys were in complete agreement.

Lockhart frowned, but did nothing to stop it.

That alone spoke volumes of his teaching ability. Even Hermione was frowning at the fact he did nothing, but she still believed he would shape up eventually.

Kyo knew better. The man was willing to endanger children just to become famous. He had to be taken down as soon as possible.

Harry looked at the mandrake with something akin to horror. He loved plants as much as Neville did...but even this was beyond his ability to deal with.

Kyo on the other hand, took it in stride and began replanting the mandrakes without batting an eye. Harry took the hint, and copied Kyo.

They spent the rest of the day comparing prank ideas with the twins, who were positively gleeful to find out how bad a teacher Lockhart was.

Anyone who didn't even bother to deduct points from unruly second years made prime pranking material! He was the perfect test subject.