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Ulquiorra stared at the leeping woman in front of him as the sun rose naturally outside. The chirping of the birds was a mild annoyance that he had not had to put up with before. In Los Noches there was no natural sunlight or animal sounds. There was only moonlight and the sounds of scuffles in the sand. He was surprised that the woman in front of him had actually slept through the whole night. There was going to be so much he would have to teach her. Her helplessness was more than frustrating. This world was so different. The need for food was one he never thought he would have to be concerned about. The Espada all ate weaker hollows . He sensed immediately when the orange haired woman awoke. The way the spiritual pressure had disbursed around the room was hard to miss.

The two sat in silence for ten minutes before the human began to try and feel her way around. The demon watched as his charge as she shakily stood up on her feet. Her hands knotted into fists as she hesitantly called out his name.

"I'm here woman." The emotionless one stated. He watched as Orihime jumped in shock at the sound of his voice.

"Morning, Ulquiora."


The first thing Orihime had thought of when she woke up was Ichigo. It was neither the demonic Ichigo or the human Ichigo, but the idea of Ichigo. The way he would always try to make things right. The way he would never give up. She could have laid in that bed all day but she knew that she had to get up. Her heart still hurt and it felt like she was going to break down at any second, but she had to hold it together. That would be what Ichigo wanted.

Orihime tried to listen for any sounds. There was creak from her water heater near the kitchen. The birds were chirping outside. The wind was rustling the leaves on the large oak tree that sat in front of the apartments. These sounds comforted her but it was not what she was looking for. An irrational sense of loneliness came over her as she listened for the demon. She heard nothing. Orihime took a shaky breath as she stood up, trying to find her balance in the eternal darkness. She hesitantly called out the Espada's name. Relief flooded through her when he answered.

The thought of being completely alone in the recently unfamiliar apartment was a scary one. The human steadied herself as she tried to regain balance. She couldn't keep doing this. There had to be a better way. If only she had someone tell her where to go. She doubted Ulquiorra would since he wanted her to become self sufficient as soon as possible. She had to focus on living, that was the only way she could keep her mind off of Ichigo.

"Summon up your fairies." The arrancar stated in a bored tone. The human turned her head toward the sound of his voice.

"Why?" The fairy user carefully asked. It was such an odd request.

"You look pathetic standing there and I will not support the dependency of someone weaker. If you want daily help your fairies will have to provide it."

Orihime's non-seeing eyes widened. A strangely giddy feeling rose up in her. Ulquiorra was trying to help her, albeit in a mean way but she supposed it was the thought that counted. That's right, there was a chance she could get her eyesight back. The human touched her hair pins to summon up the fairies. Ulquiorra blinked at the bright light.

"Ug, you insane woman! What is the purpose of summoning us! Where's the fight!" Tsubaki growled as he fluttered around the human's head.

"I'm sorry Tsubaki-San it's just that I needed some help is all!" Orihime frantically apologized as the small fairy pulled on her hair. She stumbled around as the darkness started swirling her senses.

"What happened to your eyes Orihime?" Ayame quietly asked.

"Huh, yeah, they do look different." Tsubaki stated as he stopped the assault on the human. A hot blush came to the human's face from the attention. Ulquiorra watched curiously as the woman began to explain. He could tell by the tremble of her lips that this would be an emotional response.

"Umm…we...well….you see…." The human stuttered.

"She's blind. The trash blinded her." The demon stated. The trembling lip turned into a snarl at the mention of her dead friend.

"Stop calling him trash!" She yelled out. The fourth espada smirked. Why did she keep denying that he was trash? All it was doing was sending her into an fit on anger but he felt it was justified. She was more amusing when she was angry then depressed.

"Why deny what he is? Do you want me to tell you that he didn't blind you? That it was a dream and it was someone else? Do you want me to tell you that everything will be alright? If that is what you expect than you are mistaken."

"What are you doing here!" Tsubaki screamed as he lunged for the demon. The battle fairy was held back in mid lunge by Shun'o.

"Let me go! I'm going to get him!"

"Stop it Tsubaki! We have to focus on Orihime. There has to be some reason he's here! Don't jump into things."

"I'm surprised that one of you has the intelligence to hold back from jumping to conclusions. I will be her caretaker from now on."

"Orihime, let's try to fix your eyes." Ayame suggested as she nervously looked between her Master and the demon. Orihime focused on her breathing. Why did Ulquiorra have to constantly bring it up? Why couldn't he let it rest for a day? The door to the apartment opened as Urahara came in dragging a giant package.

"Yoo Hoo! Anyone home? I know it's early but I had to see how my favorite couple was doing?" Kisuke cheerily yelled as he walked through the home. Ulquiorra sent a bored look to the shop keeper and the fairies stared.

"State your purpose." The demon stated.

"Oh Mr. Urahara. Don't mind him, please make yourself at home." Orihime invited. She was still angry about the way she had been treated but politeness came through.

"I think I will. Ulquiorra, your Gigi is done." The shop keeper stated with a voice of authority. The fourth espada raised an eyebrow. This could prove interesting.

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