Vernon Dursley was a man on a mission. To get rid of his freak of a nephew, he had taken the business deal with free tickets to Japan. His first order of business was to leave the brat somewhere he would never see him again. So when he saw the bizarre house in between the tall buildings, he knew he had found the perfect spot. Leaving the kid inside the gate, he headed straight to the hotel without looking back.

Maru and Moro watched the horrid man leave. Picking up the child, they brought it to their mistress. Who didn't seem happy about something.

"There's a meddler's handiwork on this boy."

Waving her hand over the child, she saw magic flare up as certain suppressants were removed, and tracers fell off.

She knew somewhere in the U K, an old man was cursing violently as his pawn disappeared. Oh what fun!

Now she could deal with the child. No home, no parents and an uncertain future. But when she saw his expressive emerald eyes, she knew. She would keep the boy and raise him as her own. After all, it had been several years since she one up the old man who sent him to his aunt's family. But what to call him? Names had power in the world she worked in.

Her own private nickname she had already, but his given name would have to be appropriate. Then she remembered a manga she had been reading before the twins brought the boy in. The main character's name seemed appropriate for this child.


And so the wheel of fate turned, as Harry James Potter vanished and Ichigo Ichihara came into being.

His first day of normal school, and he couldn't wait. He hoped he could make friends who believed his stories about where he lived. There was always something new to discover in his mother's treasure room. Certain items he wasn't allowed to touch, but the vibe they gave off warned him away to begin with.

His mother had told him once he was old enough to understand that he was adopted, that though he wasn't hers by blood, he still shared a common bond with her. And in their world, that still meant they were mother and son. He had already begun his training in her ways, though his magic still had yet to develop enough to take on wishes.

He walked to school with his hand in hers, watching the different auras go by. He had seen them for as long as he could remember, though his mother was teaching him to distinguish colors to tell what kind of person they were.

Another boy was there, and he wore glasses too. So Ichigo introduced himself, and made his first friend named Watanuki. They got along great, once he admitted he could see spirits too. He later found out that Watanuki was fated to work at the shop.

Ichigo made a second friend in a boy who lived at a shrine named Domeki. Ichigo turned out to be a genius, as he was easily the top of the class every year. Watanuki and Domeki were his only real friends, and they hung out together a lot.

When Ichigo found out about magic classes, he immediately signed up. He passed the exam for night lessons, which were harder than normal ones, and began his mage training. As far as his friends were concerned, he had a rigorous cram school to get to every night. At least he got to sleep in his own bed every day.

Years had passed since Ichigo was first dropped off inside Yuko's yard, and he was a happy go lucky child. When he was almost eleven, his mother made him a magical construct that looked exactly like him, only with shorter hair and that silly scar he finally got rid of.

Since she took a small portion of his soul to make the construct move, he would see everything the doll saw. They set up a false childhood for the creation, and left it in the Dursley home. Knowing his mother was only doing this to one up the foolish old man in the castle, he saw nothing wrong with it. Another useful thing she added was that he could self destruct the doll from a distance if he said the word, or take it over and speak through it.

This would be the most elaborate prank he had ever played.

For four years, he had seen England through the constructs eyes. and he couldn't believe what blatant morons they were. Every time the doll went to the school, the old man placed him in a life threatening situation that HE had to get it out of!

First it was that blasted stone that the two known as Hermione and Ron egged him to protect (that later reappeared on his shelf once he had the thing in his hand), then there was the snake that was attacking students (he left a fake sword with the old man), then the escaped convict who turned out to be his godfather (all the sweets purchased went to his stash, including blood pops that he pranked Domeki with), and now his construct had to go through some stupid tournament! He gave help when he could, giving it spells and tricks to avoid dying prematurely.

He even helped with the ball, by telling it to ask out Luna Lovegood, and showing it how to dance properly.

Then there was that ceremony where the Dark Tosser tried to come back. Tried, and failed due to the fact that the blood flowing through the construct was snake's blood. Which explained why the idiot looked ridiculous coming out. Hell, the only reason the construct screamed was because he dropped the wok on his foot, piping hot!

So now the Dark Lord was back, and people were running around like headless chickens. At least he saved the Hufflepuff Diggory by pushing him out of the way. Diggory summoned the cup and got them both out of there.

Now the doll was back in Privet Drive, awaiting instructions. He told it to wait until something came up, so it was bored.

Then the dementors came after him and the fat idiot Dudley, and everything went to hell.

Harry (doll's official name) was awaiting the time when Dumbledore's little band of misfits picked him up. Oh, he knew alright, even with Hermione and Ron's lack of info. Which is why he only clued Sirius in on the fact that he knew.

Sirius was the only person besides Remus who would know the truth about their precious boy who lived, before his master took him home. He was tired of the bullshit, plain and simple.

Harry whispered to Sirius that they had to talk, and he managed to escape his so called friends with practiced ease. He was a master of silent apparation after all. Finding Sirius was easy, as he talked in Buckbeak's room. Sirius broke protocol and told Harry about the prophecy and everything else Dumbledore didn't want him to know.

It was the only reason he even told him about the prank he had planned for the hearing. Sirius was all ears, and eager to help. He had no idea why Harry asked him to make an illegal port key on his trunk, or that he be on it when he set it off. Harry mentioned helping him escape his new prison, and finding him once he left the wizarding world behind.

Sirius had always suspected something was off about his godson. Like how he sometimes looked off into space, as if talking to someone else, or that far away look in his eyes when he spoke. Like someone was talking through him. And he knew it wasn't Voldemort, because the person was soft spoken and kind.

It seemed he would finally get the answers he had been wanting for two years.

Harry actually couldn't wait to set off the final surprise. It was payback for the hell Dumbledore put him through every year. And he had his master's other surprise, just for him. Even if his current body dissolved, he would not completely disappear. While the master's soul would return to him, the memories would stay with Harry. He had developed into his own small soul.

Harry sat in the uncomfortable chair, waiting for his master to use him one last time. Dumbledore finally entered, and Ichigo took over.

Everyone stared as Harry Potter, the boy who lived, appeared to finally crack. He cackled as he stood up with a smirk.

When he spoke, his voice sounded like he was far away or talking through a telephone.

"To the bigots and fools of the British Magical world, I present this final farewell. And you can all bugger off for all I care. I have watched through this construct as you have ruined perfectly simple things with your dependency of Magic. So a Dark Lord comes back to life, and all you can think of is acting with your heads up your asses like he hasn't. So someone goes on a killing spree, and you believe a child should be your martyr. Grow a brain! Why the hell should I take care of your mess when you have done nothing for me? I bid farewell to you as well, you conniving old meddler. I was never your pawn, and not all prophecies are true. All things are Hitsuzen."

Harry Potter began to break apart in butterflies, and vanish. His wand and clothes were missing, and his cackling could still be heard for four days in that courtroom.

Meanwhile in Grimmauld place, Sirius had vanished by way of port key along with everything that belonged to Harry. Even Hedwig was gone, as she flew off that morning with a letter for someone.

When the Daily Prophet came out, everyone in the order was shocked. Harry had left a letter with Skeeter to be put into the paper the day of his trial, and it was to everyone in Britain!

Harry had paid Skeeter fifty galleons to print it exactly as he had written it, so she did. Besides, it was a good scoop on how the boy who lived really felt after the disaster of a tournament!

(To the entire British Magical Community, from your supposed Savior.

Don't expect me to clean up after the mess you have made. I may have beaten him once, but I don't want to deal with him, since I have no actual quarrel with the Dark Idiot. You actually expect me to kill him when you ridicule me, mock me and make my life hell? I'm am only fifteen for god's sake! I refuse to submit to your hypocritical Statute of Secrecy anymore, so this is my final farewell. To the other two of the Golden Trio, I knew all along you two were the reason I found myself in situations I should never have been in.

I knew you worked for Dumbledore before Second Year even started, and don't bother to deny it.

To the Terror Twins of Hogwarts, give them hell for me, then when you leave I'll let you in on where to look for your co conspirator. Put those extra five thousand galleons I left you to good use!

To Draco Malfoy, I never really hated you. I always considered you a rival for best looking bloke in the school.

Ta, From Harry Potter no more.)

The entire wizarding world was in an uproar over that. Fred and George declared it the best prank they had ever seen, especially when the news of Harry's trial came out that he had been a construct the entire time.

Draco Malfoy was surprised to see Potter admitting to considering him a rival for best looking boy in the entire school. Maybe he should find him and settle that matter once and for all. He really didn't want to be a Death Eater anyway.

Ichigo saw the butterflies return to him. He had left a minor clue as to where he actually was with the word to dissolve the construct. If they couldn't figure it out, then it was their fault, not his.

A single red and gold butterfly landed on his shoulder. It was the soul of the construct named Harry. It had served him perfectly for five full years, and it deserved a reward. He brought out the sheet of paper with animals on it, and said, "Pick one of these. I'll make you a new permanent body based on one."

The butterfly landed on the wolf.

Working alone since his mother was out working on another dimension, he set up the ritual. Maru and Moro helped by setting up the delicate parts. Soon the body was taking form. It had wolf ears and tail, midnight black fur and golden eyes. Instead of human feet it had wolf paws, and human hands. The face was similar in some aspects to Harry Potter's, but in many ways was completely different.

For one thing it's hair was flat and shiny. It had wolf eyes instead of normal pupils, and it had longer canines. To be blunt, it looked like a werewolf stuck mid transformation.

The first thing it did when he was finished making it was tackle Ichigo.

"Thank you master!"

"You earned it dealing with all that crap for four years. And since you have a small soul, you can take human form and walk outside alone."

"What name do I have now, master?"

"How does Lupine sound?"

Lupine's tail wagged. A loud oomph was heard outside, and Ichigo grinned. Lupine turned into his wolf form and was wagging his tail when they went outside.

Sirius Black had landed rather ungracefully inside the yard. Harry's trunk was on the ground, partially open. Ichigo's smirk widened.

"If you have business with the witch, you'll have to wait until she gets back. She's currently off world at the moment."

Sirius took one looked at him and yelped in surprise. A wolf was standing next to...was that Harry?

The last time Sirius had seen his godson, he was barely coming up to five and a half. He also wore ill fitting clothes under his robes, and was skinny from lack of food. Not to mention his glasses looked beaten up.

The Harry before him was close to five nine, wore stylish oriental clothes that put Dumbledore to shame, had contacts on that brought out his clear emerald eyes, and had an archer's build. He also had long hair that was shiny and clean, pulled back into a pony tail, with strange earrings in both ears. They looked like weird rabbits, one black and one white.


The wolf barked, and proceeded to lick him to death.

"Right person, wrong name. The Harry you knew was a construct my mother and I made to one up the old goat in the castle. You can call me Ichigo now. The wolf is what's left of the Harry you knew, now called Lupine."

He recognized that voice immediately. It was the same one Harry used to speak in sometimes.

"You were the one...?"

"Yes, I spoke through the construct to you. Would you like to see how that prank went?"

Sirius had an evil grin. Ichigo brought out a long mirror and scryed back to the beginning of the prank, and gave him the day's Prophet. Sirius was howling with laughter with the wolf before it was over.

"James couldn't have done better himself!" he cackled.

"Too bad Remus isn't here to share it, eh?" smirked Ichigo.

((Remus Lupin sneezed after he said that, and wondered if he was catching a cold.))

Suddenly Ichigo looked up. His face lit up with joy as he said, "Mother's back! Wait till she hears about this!"

And that was how Sirius Black met the legendary Time Space Witch.

Yuko was nothing like he expected, with her outlandish outfit in reds and blacks. She had her hair up in a strange style. She went to get changed, then came back in. So this was the woman his godson called mother.

"Ichigo, you brought in a stray didn't you."

"Hai, Okaa-san. He was in a prison created by the meddler. Besides, he helped me pull of the prank at last."

"Oh? Let's see how that went off."

Her smirk was wide when the butterflies went off.

"I thought you would like that bit. The construct came back intact, so I gave it a new bond with me. He's called Lupine now."

A bark was heard from his side, and the wolf started wagging when Yuko gave it the once over.

"Maru and Moro helped. He chose the form himself."

Yuko was smiling widely. She gave Lupine a good scratch between the ears, which he loved. Then she turned to Sirius.

"I know you could use a good drinking partner, mother."

"And this man is your legal godfather. Very well, the stray can stay. But you're responsible for it."

"Hai, okaa-san."

Which is how Sirius found himself living in the strangest shop ever. He found Yuko to be more fun than he would have believed, like a female version of James. He still missed Moony, but he didn't worry.

Ichigo was happy to see Sirius in person, as he reminded him strongly of his mother in one of her more fun moods. Thanks to Yuko, Sirius helped him out with clients with wishes in return for staying there. Ichigo's first task was updating the man's wardrobe, getting rid of every wizard robe. Instead the man now had a stylish and much more appropriate muggle attire, with a shorter hair cut to bring out his eyes.

No one recognized him in the outside, which was perfect. Now Sirius was the new grocery runner for them, and Yuko loved him. (Sirius had a nose for very good liquor at cheap prices.)

When the wizards started to show up, initially he was worried, until he realized that no one even realized who he was...except one.

Remus Lupin had been sent to Japan to find Harry by Dumbledore. Apparently the old man finally remembered where he had heard the word 'hitsuzen' before, and it had gotten his robes in a twist. Rumor among the order was that it was an ex-girlfriend which had ended badly.

Suddenly a scent hit him. It was familiar, but cleaner than he remembered. And the man had been missing since Harry's trial four months ago! He followed it to find...someone who looked very muggle.

The man had groceries from the store and two bottles of good liquor in his bag. His hair was short and brought out his blue eyes, while at the same time looked stylish. He was in a pair of well fitting blue jeans with a chain on his wallet, and a long sleeved black shirt with a wide collar. He wore a necklace with a wolf on a silver chain that gleamed. He was heading back to his house from the looks of it.

A fellow order member passed him, and waved. Remus discreetly follow Sirius to the strangest house he had ever seen. Add to the fact that another scent hit him full in the face...and he went in.

A pair of twins greeted him, and lead him inside. He noticed the strange aura permeating the air immediately. Inside the room he went in were two people and a wolf. The woman was leaning against a couch, with a cloth over her eyes. He could smell the water in it. The other was a teenage boy, about five ten with hair as long as the woman's. It was in a simple pony tail down his back. The wolf was at his feet, and when it spotted him it's tail started wagging wildly.

That was no wolf. It had a scent similar to Harry's for one. For another, the same scent was on the boy who hadn't turned.

"Welcome to our shop. Depending on the wish you want, my mother and I will handle any request."

That voice. He had heard it only once before, but Sirius had mentioned their pup had used it before when he talked to him alone. It was the distant voice he had when asking about his parents, and at the time he had thought nothing of it.

The boy turned, and he gasped. It was Harry! Or someone who bore a striking resemblance to him.

"Padfoot you lazy hound! I thought we asked you not to bring home any more strays!" the boy said loudly.

Sirius walked in and gave a laughing bark Remus remembered so well. He gave the man a clap on the shoulder, grinning wildly.

"Yuko-chan, looks like we got another drinking partner here!"

The woman looked up, her eyes smiling.

"So it would seem. You have a wish you want granted, do you not?"

"You can trust her Moony. She might be able to do something about your werewolf problem."

"Sirius!" Remus was scandalized.

"Mother can probably do something about it. I can't, at least not now."

"Sirius, who are these people, and why are you here?"

"I live here now. They, unlike the old goat, actually let me outside! And I'm here because Pup is here."

"Harry is here?"

"I'm standing right here you know," grumbled the boy.


"Right person, wrong name," chorused the twins.

The wolf barked. It went up to Remus, it's tail wagging like crazy. Remus gave it an ear scratch, which had it's back leg going.

'Uncle Remus!'

Remus turned to see who had said that, mainly because it sounded exactly like Harry.

"Oh good, you can understand Lupine. He really wants to take a run with you on a full moon."


The wolf suddenly shifted into a human, only it looked like a werewolf stuck between forms. The face vaguely looked like the missing Harry, only more wolfish and the wrong eye color. The boy grinned at them both.

Sirius had yelped when he saw the shift, mostly from surprise. He had been there four months already and it had never done that!

"My name is Ichigo Ichihara, and this woman is my mother Yuko, whom you may know as the Time Space Witch."

"I'm known as Lupine, and the twins are Maru and Moro!" said the strange wolf boy.

Remus did the only logical thing once he realized who Ichigo was.

He fainted.

Yuko was howling with laughter after the poor werewolf fainted from shock. Since the Japanese Ministry didn't hate werewolves like Britain, she gave them a call. They agreed to grant him citizenship if he applied for it.

When Remus woke up, he was still in shock, though it wasn't as bad. Ichigo was sitting next to him. Remus was sheepish to discover they had put him in another room and put a cover over him. When he saw the time, he was surprised.

He had fallen asleep for three hours? He must have really been jet lagged. The wolf was at his side too, and snoozing.

"Feel better after the nap?" Ichigo gave a grin that would have made James proud.

"A little. What happened to you?"

"Vernon Dursley abandoned me a week after I was left on the doorstep in Yuko's yard. She raised me to who I am today, and helped me make the magical construct who took my place at Hogwarts. Though I'll be graduating from my mage training next month anyway. The courses here are so much better than Hogwarts, and the Defense teacher is actually competent!"

He listened as Ichigo filled him in on his life, and his school. He had to admit, Yuko had done a better job over Dumbledore when it came to one on one training. At least here his pup wasn't forced into dangerous situations every year.

He also noticed that Ichigo was happier and more carefree compared to the Harry he knew. Like any problems that came up were usually ones he had taken on willingly or accidentally caused.

Remus looked at Ichigo, who had fallen silent. Like he was unsure how the wolf would react to the real Harry. So Remus gave the boy a much needed hug. And found the wolf on his back, licking him.

"Down Lupine. Or should I say Harry?" grinned Ichigo.


"The Harry Potter you knew. He was a magical construct that we used to pull one over the old goat. He had a built in self destruct word, which released those butterflies everyone saw in the court room. It was an elaborate prank, and he played his part perfectly."

"So it was all lies?"

"No, he was real. After five years of adventures, I gave him his own permanent body which he uses now. He chose the form, and I gave him a real name."

Now Remus knew why the wolf acted like he did. He was everything that was left of his Harry. The boy before him was the original, but the wolf still loved him.

"Why wait five years?"

"Originally we wanted to keep it going for as long as possible, but that trial pissed me off. And he was tired of living like a martyr. So we ended it. Harry Potter and I are one and the same, only he is inside me now."

"So Harry never existed?"

"That construct was based on what I would have been like had I actually grown up there."

Remus felt his head spin. It was almost too much to take. Ichigo felt his confusion, and grinned.

"You can stay the night and make a decision in the morning. I'll be making breakfast and there will be liquor if you're interested. Mother can always use more drinking buddies."

Remus became the new Magical Creature instructor at the magic school. He made a deal with Yuko to turn his wolf into an animagus form, in exchange for going to Ichigo's graduation in a month. Sirius was going as well, since not even the order recognized him now.

Sirius actually spotted Arthur Weasly, and gave him a message for the twins. Something about the nearest Magical alley needing a good joke shop.

Ichigo was with Watanuki when he saw an old rival. Grinning, he left his friend and snuck up behind the boy. At least he fit in better than the other order members did. His clothing was genuinely Asian in appearance, and obviously expensive. Lightly tapping the platinum blond on the shoulder, he asked if he was lost in Japanese.


Interested why Draco Malfoy had cursed, he smirked as he asked what was wrong.

"How is it you can vanish from the wizarding world and appear looking better than I do? And with long hair no less!"

Ichigo laughed, as he introduced Malfoy to Watanuki. Draco was civil, and soon caught up with the real Ichigo.

He admitted the only reason he was even there was to find 'Potter' and drag him back. But in reality he just wanted to escape Dumbledore and Voldemort. Since it was Christmas, Ichigo brought him to Remus, who was surprised to see the Malfoy heir there.

Soon Draco was registered in the same school as Ichigo and Watanuki. Ichigo was chosen to be his guide around the school, and to answer any questions he had.

(He was also Draco's teacher in muggle things, and helped him immensely with his homework. Draco had a LOT of catching up to do.)

Since Draco went to Hogwarts, they enrolled him in an intermediate study program to bring him up to speed. Now he was taking far more interesting classes at night and with competent teachers. He realized that the castle was far behind on magical learning.