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There is no friendship, no love, like that of a mother for her child.- Henry Ward Beecher

The kingdom of Corona couldn't have been happier when the ducal couple announced that the Princess was pregnant. But of course, no one was more overjoyed than Princess Rapunzel and her husband. It was going to be their's; a little them, to pamper, spoil, and love.

"I can already see her, Eugene!" Rapunzel bubbled happily as they painted the nursery in soft, neutral colours. Her pale face shone beneath her shoulder length brown hair, her stomach sticking out under her dress, making it fall tent-like to her tiny, unshod feet.

"She could be a boy," Eugene reminded her fondly. Her excitement was contagious; he was grinning from ear-to-ear as he flung paint at the wall, splattering it everywhere.

Rapunzel blissfully painted over the mess he was making. "She'll have your smile and eyes... oh! And your cute little cowlick, and your-"

"Is this only going to be my baby?"

She laughed, flicking paint in his direction. It landed directly on his nose. Pascal laughed with her, while Eugene scrunched his face, "Not cool Goldie." he complained.

Rapunzel smirked but more or less ignored him, singing to herself, but only in short phrases.

They lapsed into sudden silence, the only sound coming from her even paintbrush and his more violent strokes.

"What if we have twins?" Eugene mused.

"I've always like dynamic duos!" Rapunzel said brightly. With an agreeing chirp, Pascal scuttled up her arm and nestled on the top of her head.

People grew restless when the Princess did not deliver when she was supposed to. Rumors circulated and grew, forming into full blown riots and panic attacks. Was the Princess ill, as her mother had been? No, no; it was obviously Rider and his bad blood. Or perhaps he had slit the Princess' throat in a fit of ruffian-rage, therefore killing the child as well!

Or maybe, some baby's just come a little later than they should.

"What can I say?" Eugene explained to his pacing wife, "It's probably my genes that are doing this. I'm always late for important events. I almost missed our wedding, right?" He cringed when she fixed him to the spot with a glare.

"Not helping right now, Eugene!" Rapunzel panted, while Pascal hurriedly fanned her flushed face.

"Darling, perhaps you should sit down," Her mother advised carefully. "Staying on your feet will only strain you more."

Rapunzel did as she was told with a small huff, her normally sweet-temper dampened by her discomfort. She rubbed her stomach, her brows knitting into a worried line. Eugene bent down to kiss her forehead, and Pascal rubbed her cheek comfortingly.

"Is it wrong that I just want this to be over?" She whimpered, lowering her green eyes, as if embarrassed.

"God no!" Eugene exclaimed, sitting down next to her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "I'm pretty sure everyone wants this party to wrap up, and fast."

She sighed and wearily leaned against him, closing her eyes, "At least I'm sure it can't get any worse than this." she said.

Six days later, there was a baby princess squalling in the nursery. She was named Annabelle, and was healthy, happy and beautiful. She won the heart of everyone who crossed her path; the Snuggly Duckling guys couldn't get enough of her! She could captivate an audience like her mother, and was... something else, like her father.

She certainly was something.

"Already has my voice!" Eugene enthused while he tried to calm her down by waving a stuffed duck in front of her face. Rapunzel gently swatted the toy away and scooped Annabelle up in her arms, making the baby squeal. She rocked her while humming a lullaby.

"The one with the nose is your father," She explained softly, running her fingers through her daughter's short but thick dirty blond hair.

"And the one with the eyes is your mom!" Eugene crowed, wrapping his arms around his wife's tiny shoulders, resting his cheek against hers so he could stare at Annabelle's face. "I love me my two insanely gorgeous ladies." He said, sighing contently.

"Watch out; her ego is getting bad enough already without your help."

Of course Pascal- who had been there all along- hurried down Rapunzel's arm and stared lovingly at Annabelle, who gurgled happily. Or was it fear?

"Do you think she loves me?" Rapunzel asked suddenly, the light in her emerald eyes dimming like a candle being extinguished.

"Whoah," Eugene said, breaking out of his revery, taking a step back. "Why would you even ask something like that? It's pretty clear your first on her list!" Something that, surprisingly, didn't bug him.

Rapunzel bowed her head, allowing her hair to shield her face slightly. Annabelle stared up at her mother, with a look that was almost curious.

"It's just... I keep thinking about my mother... I mean, Gothel," She corrected hastily, "For all of her... faults, she still raised me into who I am today." Rapunzel raised her eyes to meet Eugene's, and they were huge and deploring. "What if I become to Anna what Gothel was to me?" she whispered.

Eugene stared at her for a long moment, deciding carefully on what he should say. Over the years, he'd found it rather easy being able to comfort his wife when she was upset. She had such a sunny personality, so she could never remain under the weather for long.

Carefully, he drew her and the baby into his strong, secure embrace. "You are going to be an amazing mother, so stop doubting yourself right now." He instructed firmly. "Get rid of every thought and memory you have of that old witch, and just think about what going to happen in the future. If Anna's going to be anything like either one of us, we should seriously plan early for what's to come."

Rapunzel smiled, an embarrassed blush staining her cheeks. Anna pumped her arms happily, trying to help lift her mother's mood.

"Now tell me what an amazing father I am."


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