There are so many things that you never question, just because you never thought to question it. Like sexuality. Of course, there are people who grow up knowing they're not straight. But for others, it's not something you think about. You're brought up with stories and fairytales- the princess gets the prince and that's the aim, the happy ending. The only one. The princess never realises that actually, what she wants is another princess. It just doesn't happen. Which is fair enough, you know, totally understandable. But sometimes, that means that you don't know anything else. You think gay people know they're gay, and you never even think about the possibility that you might not actually be into guys. I don't think I'm gay. I was completely happy with Heck. Until I met Luce. Then it all changed. There I am, sitting on my couch, in my living room, and we're talking, and then suddenly, I'm wondering what it feels like to kiss her lips and which way I'd tilt my head if I were to kiss her right now and then shit! What am I doing? How could I feel like that? I was married, for God's sake. Recently married. Recently, as in, a few days married. I couldn't have got tired of him already, could I? It was all so perfect. But I love her so much I can't remember how I went through with the wedding. I think when you meet that person, you know. But it's not always obvious what you know. You don't make eye contact with a woman at your wedding and think I'm in love with her. But there's just some connection, some feeling that makes you want to see her, and then when it gets to that moment when you're sitting on your couch and you realise that maybe it's possible. Maybe you are in love with her. Maybe you don't actually need to question your sexuality, because when you find that person you love, whoever they are, you just know.