This is how I hope the journey continues like after the new film, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. If you are wanting to stay spoiler free I suggest you do not read until you see the film which was excellent by the way! Just disappointed about how they left Caspian/Lilliandil a mystery romance. It is going to happen and I'm continuing it, hhehe, Please review too!

The Chronicles Of Ramandu Island: Constellations Change

King Caspian X/Lilliandil


Rated k+


King Caspian turns from the watery portal after saying good bye to his friends that felt like his family Lucy, Edmund and Eustace. Aslan still stood there beside him. He grins at the King Caspian and steps forward a few feet.

"You've done well Son of Adam." Aslan walks beside Caspian and they walk along the beach.

"I'm sorry." Caspian said.

"Sorry about what my Son?"

"I'm sorry that I doubted my job as King. All this time I've worried about what my father would have thought and I never wanted to disappoint him. Part of it was me wanting to have Queen Susan as a Queen because with her I couldn't ever disappoint the Narnian's." Caspian admitted.

Aslan heaves. "You would have been very unhappy with her anyways Caspian. I've seen people in the Pevensie's world marry others whom they don't belong with, but once they are tied down with a family there's no turning back for true happiness."

"So Susan and I were never meant to be?" Caspian asks and there's a somewhat relieved smirk on his face.

"No, what you and Susan had was infatuation. It's part of finding compatibility and part of temptation. It was temptation of beauty that got the best of you. It happened to good princes before in the Golden Age whom fought for her love. It will happen again in Susan's world too and eventually Susan will settle with her true love one day in her world." Aslan explains. Caspian seemed better.

"What of Lilliandil?" Caspian suddenly asked.

Aslan chuckles. "I can't tell you that on my own Son of Adam. I do know who your true love is true, but you will have to decide for yourself, get to know a person first before making judgment if you truly love them. Whoever makes you happy you'll know and she'll know."

"Is there a feeling I will get?" Caspian asked.

"You mean butterflies? A shiver going up your spine?" Aslan said.

"Yes those wonderful feelings." Caspian is getting excited.

"Those are crush feeling not love feelings. You'll know when you'll feel the opposite, you'll feel nervous because you'll feel responsible and committed to the person, it'll feel scary at first but once you're through the comfort sets in. It's the feeling you got with Edmund when you said he felt like a brother to you. How did it feel?" Aslan explains.

"Well I felt companionship with him and with Lucy. They felt like family."

"Companionship." The word said by Aslan went through like a Spring breeze. "I can't tell you more Son of Adam except go to Lilliandil and see for yourself."

"I will." Caspian smiled. "After all I told her that I hoped we meet again."

"I know." Aslan fades from Caspian's view. Caspian turns around to see himself back on the Dawn Treader in front of his crew members.

Drinian joins Caspian. "Where to? Dark Island is now clear Island so-"

Caspian interrupts Drinian. "We sail to Ramandu Island, full sail. I'm not breaking my promise." Caspian pats Drinian on the shoulder. "Tell the people to come aboard. We have plenty of room."

Drinian did what he was told by Caspian. All the people that were taken by the green mist come aboard in single file. Caspian helps Rhince, Gael and Rhince's wife aboard.

Caspian goes to sit at the helm of the Dawn Treader. He watches as Rhince and his wife caress each other and embrace.

"I tried as hard as I could to get you back, forgive me please." Rhince kisses his wifes forehead. Gael joins beside Caspian.

"It's gross sometimes when they get like that." Gael said while shivering at the same time.

Caspian chuckles and puts his arm around the little girl. "You're lucky to have parents that are truly in love."

Caspian watches some more. He smiles at them, not too long the Blue Star came out ahead, Caspian glances up and smiles at the Blue Star.

Caspian is excited to return to his headquarters and king sized bed. Determined to take a nap the display in front of him made him cringe. Caspian got up stomped over to the display of Susan's horn and bow. Grasped it all in one tight squeeze, looks around, opens a closet door and throws them in slamming the door after.

Caspian goes back to his bed and pulls the covers over his face.

Caspian dreams that he is back on Ramandu's Island, the constellations are the same as they were on Goldwater Island.

Caspian stood in the middle of the bridge ahead of Aslan's Table. A strand of light passes by overhead. Caspian twists around to watch it pass by.

"Caspian," A faint female voice calls. It came from behind Aslan's Table.

"Lilliandil?" Caspian called, he rushes over to the table, walks around in sight for the star.

"Caspian," She said again, Caspian turns to the right and sees a flicker of blue moving through the trees.

Caspian runs towards the light into the woods. It is the same pathway Lilliandil showed him Dark Island in that same day. Soon Caspian comes to a hault. He sees Lilliandil there by the ledge staring out at the ocean.

"You did it," Lilliandil said stiffly without turning to Caspian. "Dark Island is now renewed."

"I'm relieved that we're finally meeting again my lady."

"I have one more mission for you." Lilliandil walks further up the ledge.

"Anything," Caspian walks closer.

"You must go back, forget about me, forget that we ever met." Lilliandil said.

Caspian's eyes grew wide, his face full of shock and disappointment. "Lady I came because I thought we-"

Lilliandil laughed. "You thought wrong, I don't want to see a man that is interested in both me and another girl. Just go back where you came from."

"No, I wont and I don't, not anymore." Caspian tried walking up to her. His feet felt stuck to the ground. He couldn't move and before he knew it, he was dragged into another setting. The setting was a party, people had weird hair cuts and weird clothing.

People are dressed in tuxedos and glamous gowns different from Narnian gowns. Men swung the women in weird dance form. Caspian heard a familiar voice and a laugh came after that.

"Oh Colin, you're such a great dancer." Susan Pevensie is being swung by a tall man of nineteen years. He is dressed in a tan uniform, has black hair and was sleeked back.

"And you're the most beautiful young lady I've ever had a pleasure in dancing with, perhaps I'll transfer over my job to live in London near you. I'm going to miss you so much Sue."

Susan awed, she pulled his face to hers and kisses him. The kiss turns out as a make out on the dance floor. Caspian didn't seem at all bothered.

He ran away from the scene. "Lilliandil!"

"Caspian, Caspian, Caspian!," Lilliandil's voice is heard.

"Caspian!" Drinian is pushing Caspian's shoulders trying to wake him up.

Caspian woke up in a deep sweat, looks around and he's still in his cabin, he then sighs and looks to Drinian.

Caspian rubs his eyes. "I'm sorry Drinian. What is it?"

Drinian pats Caspian's shoulder, "We're here sire."