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Caspian prompts himself up. Lilliandil stands tall, her feet are planted to the ground and doesn't move, a nervous expression cross her face as she examines Caspian's awing glance. Caspian grins and bows to Lilliandil.

Lilliandil traces her index and thumb fingers around her chin and lightly chuckles. "My king why do you bow before me?" A calm cool breeze brushes through. Caspian stands straight from his bow and smiles as Lilliandil's hair grazes with the breeze gracefully. Caspian slowly steps closer toward Lilliandil, Lilliandil feels her heart beating faster as Caspian presents closer. Lilliandil feels that her body starts to tingle until every limb became numb. Her head began throbbing.

Lilliandil had never experienced this feeling before and had a small panic attack inside of her. Lilliandil lowers her head, Caspian stops six feet before her thinking he's done something wrong. "I am sorry if I startled you Lady Lilliandil."

Lilliandil shrugs and turns to her left side. Repeating Caspian's voice in her head warmth spread throughout her body and felt like she was coming back to normal. "You've done nothing wrong dear King." Lilliandil said. "Just for a moment there I wasn't feeling too right." She gives Caspian a light smile.

Caspian makes a nervous sound and looks around him. "Here," Caspian slides his maroon jacket off and places it on a ruined stone. Caspian pointed with his body language that he wants Lilliandil to sit there.

"King Caspian," Lilliandil shakes her head. "You might catch cold." Even though she said this she walks over and sits there. Caspian didn't say anything, he just glances at her and joins her side on the stone. Lilliandil glances up at the constellations, Caspian glances up at the stars later on with Lilliandil, Lilliandil slowly glances at Caspian looking up at the constellations, she grins and looks back up at them.

Caspian finally spoke, "It's amazing how they change."

Lilliandil looks over to Caspian and Caspian looks at her, they both smile and Lilliandil glances back up. "That is because us stars align the future. They change when another story is about to come true."

"So everything that is going to happen is written by the stars?" Caspian asked curiously. Lilliandil nods her head yes.

"Well Aslan lets us know." Lilliandil nods.

"Do you know everything on what happens to me or,-"

Lilliandil shakes her head no. "I've been in the sky for five years now." Lilliandil looks at Caspian as she explains. "I'm actually half star, my mother was human. My father Ramandu is a retired star and I took his place up in the sky when he left. I knew three days ago that you were coming here. I know not about tomorrow or a lot about you, just that you are King from a land called Narnia."

Caspian stares amazed at Lilliandil, his eyes set and medium sunken with a large grin on his face. Lilliandil grows nervous again and shrugs. "What?" she asked softly.

"Nothing," Caspian examines her more in awe. "Just your eyes are the same light blue as your star form." Lilliandil slowly smiles at Caspian.

"Is that a good thing?" Lilliandil asks.

"Very." Caspiain replies. He smiles big at Lilliandil as Lilliandil smiles big back.

They both sat there all night watching the constellations in silence and constant stares as the morning came.