Chapter 8-Alone

A month had passed since 3's death. 9 had become increasing bored with every step he took. There was no one to talk to. Although 9 couldn't really communicate with the twins, he at least had someone to look at. At least there had been someone there. Now there was no one but himself. Now 9 was truly alone.

He couldn't help but blame himself for all this. He hated himself. Nothing could keep him from hating himself. There was no one around to tell him it wasn't his fault; no one to comfort him.

9's mind wandered back to when he had first met 2; his first friend. He had been responsible for the death of his first friend.

9 didn't really get to know 8 and the bigger ragdoll hadn't shown 9 any kindness whatsoever. Still, 9 could tell 8 had at least cared about the group (if not at least 1) and 9 cringed when he remembered watching 8 die.

5's death hurt 9 the most. 2 had been his first friend, but 5 was his best friend. 9 wished he could have saved 5. He almost hated 1 for a second. After all, 1 had been the one who stopped 9 from helping 5. In the end, 9 realized 1 had been right. There was nothing he could've done to save 5. Actually, there was. He could've not put the damn talisman in the machine!

There was clearly more to 6 than met the eye. 9 wished he could've gotten to know 6 better. Even if 6 had accepted his death, 9 still wince whenever he recalled watching 6's body drop into the chasm.

1's sacrifice proved that he wasn't really heartless, but 9 still wished the old man hadn't pushed him out of the way. Even if 1 was partially to blame for 2's death (and to a lesser extent 5's), 9 still felt he should've been the one to take the hit. It was all his fault the Machine had awoken; he should've been the one to die. Maybe then the rest of the group might still be alive.

9 walked aimlessly around the Emptiness. He stumbled across the burnt cathedral. Part of him wanted to go inside but he knew it would just hurt too much. He knew better than to go into the destroyed Factory when he got close to it; not that it mattered. If he had a heart, it would've broken at the sight of 5's body.

Once or twice, 9 had come close to wandering off the edge of the cliff where the bridge had once stood. He strained his optics to see if he could find 6's body but it was no use. The chasm seemed endless.

More moths passed and 9 began to hallucinate. He'd run up to 7 or one of the twins or 5 or 2 or 6 or even 1 and 8 only to find they weren't really there. He imagined that the Scientist was walking along side him a few times but whenever 9 tried to start up a conversation, the image would disappear.

The hallucinations stopped for a while and 9 would fall to his knees and sob.

"PLEASE!" He'd screamed as loud as he could. "PLEASE!"

No one answered.


Still no reply. Not even a howl of wind.

"PLEASE! 7! 7! 3! 4! 5! 5! PLEAE! 5! SOMEONE! ANYONE! 2! 6! 1! 8! 2! 7! 4! 5! 3! 8! 1! THE SCIENTIST! SOMEONE! I DON'T CARE JUST SOMEONE!"

9 begged and pleaded until eventually his voice box stopped working. He'd open his mouth to scream but nothing came out. He deserved this, he thought. He deserved this. It hurt badly but he knew he deserved it.

One cold winter day, 9 finally collapsed. There was no one there to wake him. A month had gone by and he still hadn't awoken. A year passed and he was clearly dead. There was no one there to find him; no one there to send his soul into the sky with the others. 9 died alone and he would always be alone.


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