"May I have your attention please," asked Dumbledore to the kids having breakfast at the hall, right in front of him. He waited until everyone got quiet even the Slytherins.

"Today we will welcome a new student in our school." At this statement there began a low murmuring. Dumbledore waited again for the kids to shut their mouth. It took quite a while. After all, why will anyone join at the second last year of school? Once the kids became quiet, Dumbledore spoke again.

"As I was saying, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Ms. Lily Trotsky." At this, a pale looking girl came to the stage. She was wearing a baby pink half-sleeved fitting shirt and skinny blue jeans. Her dress suited nicely, in her well-developed body. She was quite pretty indeed. She had chocolate brown hair, hanging a little above her waist, dark brown lashes, pink lips (which were twitched a little in a gentle smile) and sky brown eyes. As she appeared on the stage, another murmur started. This time however, Dumbledore did not wait. He continued:

"She will be attending Hogwarts from now on. As her parents are not wizards, she's not familiar with many things in the wizard world, so I expect you all to help her get through the year. Now, (turning towards her) your house will be chosen. Please bring the hat"

Upon his word, the magic hat was brought immediately. The same hat chose which houses Harry and all his friends were.

"Does that hat talk?" asked Lily, a little frightened.

"Yes I do! Now do you have any problem with that Miss?" the hat said angrily.

"No, not at all. It's just that, you're a….a..little..creepy." she said in a low voice. "But no offence."

At this, there was laughter in the dinning hall.

"Many taken!" the hat replied.

"I didn't mean to…" Dumbledore interrupted her. "Can we begin?"

"Yeah yeah sure" Lily said a little scared at the thought that the creepy hat will be placed in her head.

She jumped a little, when the hat was placed on her head. This made another scene of laughter in the dinning hall. After few minutes of grumbling to himself, the hat at last declared her to be in the Gryffindor house. A loud whistling and cheering followed this announcement, made of course by the Gryffindors. Then Dumbledore spoke again.

"You may now go and have some breakfast. Best of luck to Lily. I'm sure you're gonna do good."

"Thank you sir, for having so much faith in me" Lily replied.

All the Gryffindors welcomed her as she walked down the hall. They were beyond doubt the nicest house in Hogwarts. Lily sat beside Hermione.

"Hi, I'm Hermione." said Hermione.

"Hello! I'm Lily. Nice to meet you" Lily replied in her twinkling voice.

"You too. And this is Harry and Ron, my two best friends."

"Hello Lily" Harry and Ron said together.

"Hey, Harry. Hey Ron. Nice to meet you guys" Lily said as she took a bread slice from the tray.