Hot water continued drooling on my face, as I stood aimlessly under the shower. I detest, taking showers in the middle of the day, but the cooler ones seem like a good aid to calm me down, especially when I'm mad. And no doubt, my blood is boiling in my veins right now.

Before this, I attempted to fix my clothes, and that's when I realized the stain marks were permanent. Stupid mud-blood first destroyed my suit and then said sorry, acting as if she cared. Ugh! I'm not thinking about it anymore. It's giving me a headache. I snapped closed the shower.

"Draco, where were you? I couldn't find you in the Great Hall" Gregory almost jumped into my shoulder, as soon as I came out of the bathroom.

"That's because I wasn't there!" I leaned on the other side to avoid his embrace.

"Oh! Are you still mad about the potion thingy? Lily didn't do it intentionally though"

"Who the hell is Lily?" I asked.

"She's the one, who spilled the potion on you. How can you forget her name?"

"I didn't forget…I never knew it. How do you even expect me to remember the name of each and every person, in the school?"

"I mean Dumbledore, just introduced her to us, this morning. You can at least remember that."

"Seriously? I have many other stuff to worry about. For example, my suit…which she destroyed. Stupid mud-blood." I felt my anger rising up again.

"I don't know why you are so mad at her. You were glaring at her like you're going to eat her or something"

"Believe me, I would hav…" I suddenly became distracted, at the memory. The memory of her overwhelming scent. It was so maddening, so captivating. She smelled like lavender…actually better than that.

"Any ways what class do you have now?" Gregory asked.

"Huh?" Even though I heard his question….I couldn't concentrate enough to give the answer. It was hard to think about anything else except her smell.

"I said what cla…" I cut him off.

"Have you ever smelled anyone?"

"Like a person?" I nodded. "Well, no. I mean you can't really smell a person. It's weird."

"You're right. It's weird…. She's weird." I said, lost in my own thoughts.

"Who's she? Who's weird? I've no idea what you're talking about"

"Me neither" I said in a low voice. " Any ways I'm going to Arithmancy right now. See you at dinner" I said at a higher pitch.

"Thanks for answering my question. Bye" He yelled.

"Yeah! Bye"

Arithmancy was hard, as usual. We had a bunch of number charts to remember, as usual. Hermione was acting over-smart, answering all the questions before asked, as usual. And I didn't let her bother me, as usual. Nothing was unusual and I was glad for that.

I still had an hour left before dinner, and I was already hungry. All thanks go to Lily or whatever her name is, for making me skip lunch. I returned to my dorm. The bed next to mine was empty. That means Zabini was still out….thank god. I mean he's nice and all that, but sometimes I just like to have some privacy. Actually, I always like privacy. It feels so nice to be alone and think in peace, without any interruption. (I kept my books on the table and threw myself on the bed). I don't understand why people even have best friends. I mean why will you want any one else to know about your life history? I consider that sometimes you need someone to listen to the crappy problems of your life…but when you do tell them; they start to give you their opinion and advice. Ugh! Such people bother me so much. I sometimes feel like yelling at them and saying "NO one WANTS your advice. People can figure out their own problems themselves. So thank you for giving your lame advices but you're not helping, at all. And if you really wanna help, then just keep your mouth shut and listen."

That's why I don't have much friends. Some kids, I mean most kids say that it's because people are terrified by me (which is kind of true, even though I don't see why) and that I'm not a really nice person. The last comment is the one that angers me. The kids who say that I'm a bad person, don't even talk to me, they don't know me, in fact they don't WANT to know me and still say all these crap. I mean how can you judge a person whom you've never even talked to? I'm sure if any of them ever talked to me, they'll not find me half as bad as they think I'm now.

"Hey man, what's up?" I heard Zabini's voice.

"What? Oh! Nothing." I lost my train of thoughts.

"Whatcha doin' here? You don't wanna have dinner?" Zabini asked while putting his books away.

"Oh! Dinner. I almost forgot about that. Gosh, I'm starving to death!" I suddenly felt my stomach grumbling, "What's the time?"

"6 o' clock and dinner is ready!" He said the last part of the sentence in such a way that it seemed like dinner was a big deal.

"Let's go then."

"Yup…let's go"

My stomach growled once again in our way to the Great Hall.

"Dude, you're seriously hungry!" Zabini exclaimed.

"You have no idea. But I guess, that's the punishment of skipping lunch." I replied as we entered the hall.

"Seriously? You skipped lunch. Why will you ever do that?" Zabini yelled to me, so that I can hear out of so many other voices in the hall.

"Cleaning up some mess!" I frowned.

"Hey buddy, where were you all day?" a voice from behind asked. I looked back to see it was Crabbe.

"Arithmancy and then in my room, wait for supper!" I replied as I sat in my chair.

"Hi Draco!" someone else yelled; probably, Pucey or Higgs. "Oh! Hey Blaise!"

"Hey!" we yelled back together.

"Nott, can you pass me the toasts?" I asked.


"Thanks man! These toasts look so good" I mumbled the last part to myself. Food was never really a big factor to me…probably because I never starved. But today, all these potatoes and toasts and hams tasted extraordinarily delicious to me! Today, I concentrated more on what I'm eating rather than the gossip that was going around the table.

"Did any one saw the new girl in school?" Pansy Parkinson asked. Some of the girls replied that they had. "Oh my god…. I'm so jealous of her big curls. They were so pretty. And her eyes lashes are so prominent. I can't believe a mud blood has such pretty features."

Why does everyone always have to talk about the person I'm concerned with.

"Do you seriously think she's so pretty? I'm sure she wears a hell lot of makeup." One of the girls said.

"That girl was actually pretty hot." The conversation now passed to the boys. "Most probably her name is Lily or something close to that." The girls threw a disgusted look at this.

"Her name is Lily. Pretty name, isn't it? It's a pity that she's in Gryffindors." Pucey said.

"Guess what? I talked to her once and she was pretty nice to actually." Both me and Parkinson rolled our eyes at this one. "Well, I said 'hi' to her and she 'hi'-ed me back and asked me what classes I had and stuff. I mean that was kinda ni…"

I rose from my seat to leave. That was too much for me to bear. I once thought of arguing with them, but soon enough I realized that it wouldn't do any good, except from making my already bad mood, more crappy. I don't know, why every one in the room seems to like her. I mean there's nothing special in her. Instead she's a mudblood, a negative sign and everyone still likes her.

"Umm…it's her I think. She's coming this way," Nott said. "She's coming towards you, Draco"

I turned back to see that she was right behind me.

"What?" I scowled at her.

She looked a little frightnened at my sudden 'what'.

"I…just wanted to say that I'm really sorry for t…"

She started again. Without even bothering to answer her, I turned back and was about to leave, when she suddenly got on her knees.

"Please let me complete what I've to say. I'm really really really sorry for spilling the potion on you. I didn't mean to do that. It was just an accident. So please don't be mad at me. And you have to forgive me, because I won't give up, till you do so." She said all in one breathe.

There was a moment of silence before I could reply. I was quite shocked. Well, not really shocked, I just wasn't expecting that.

"Can you please get up?" I leaned towards to her.

"No, I wouldn't till you forgive me!"

"Just get up. Everyone is staring at us." I said fiercely. "Surely I've no intention of getting embarrassed anymore than I already am."

"Then just forgive me. It's not that hard." She replied with a half smile. Of course, she's enjoying it.

"Fine. I….I'm not mad at you." I said at last. "Now can you please get up?"

"Sure!" She jumped off from where she was. "Yay! You're not mad at me anymore. You've no idea how happy I am right now." Her half smile now turned into a full one. In fact, she was rejoicing in her victory.