Author's Notes

This story continues the one in "Rayearth," "Wedding Peach," and "Mew Mew," so if you haven't read the other stories you will probably be confused as to who many of the characters are. Once again, characters from another anime appear as the villains, this time, characters from Azumanga Daioh appear.

Maria Delgado is Sailor Butterscotch

Kurumi Kino is Sailor Caramel

Mortimer Wellington is Sailor Chocolate

Parallax Katzenjammer is Sailor Cinnamon

Basil Anderson is Sailor Licorice

Serena McDouglas is Sailor Peanut Butter

Rainbow Sparkles is Sailor Peppermint

Ahmed Hussein is Sailor Vanilla

Madoka Hino is Sailor Bubble Gum

Pierre Fromage is Sailor Cookie

Bridget O'Malley is Sailor Cupcake

Jessica Cornflower is Sailor Jellybean

Akane Aino is Sailor Lollipop

Mozzarella Rigatoni is Sailor Marshmallow

Sakura Mizuno is Sailor Milkshake

Galaxy Chang is Sailor Popsicle

Chapter 1: Puppy Love

As they had decided back in August, right before the final battle against the Mew Mews, the Outer Senshi and the four Dessert Senshi who lived with them were going to get a Pomeranian puppy, or maybe even two puppies. They eventually decided on looking for a puppy or even a young adult Pomeranian at a rescue shelter, which was encouraged by several websites about Pomeranians as well as books they read. They became lucky in September, when two female Pomeranian puppies showed up at the same shelter Bridget had gotten her cat from. On September 4, which was a Saturday, the 8 Sailor Senshi headed off to the shelter to finally meet and pick up their dogs, who they decided would be named Miaka and Yui. The initial idea for the names came from Serena, who had been watching Fushigi Yuugi a lot recently. Once they got in, a blonde girl named Bianca took them back to a private room where they could meet the new puppies.

"How did the puppies end up here? Didn't anyone want them? Puppies are so cute, especially the little ones," Serena wondered.

"I agree with you, but the people who brought in these girls already had enough dogs to take care of when their Pomeranians had puppies. Now I know that to be allowed to adopt the puppies you agreed to get them spayed, but I really want you to promise to do that so there aren't even more unwanted puppies out there," Bianca said, waiting to get their agreement on this before she showed them the puppies.

"Sure, we can talk to the vet about it when we take the puppies for their first check up," Haruka answered, thinking that their puppies would probably go to the same vet that Madoka's Norwegian Elkhound did.

"I will bring the puppies to you now," Bianca said with a smile, obviously glad that the puppies' new owners were going to be responsible. They didn't have very long to wait until she brought the puppies out. One was brown and the other was blonde, and they were both very cute, as Pomeranian puppies usually are.

"They're ADORABLE!" Serena squealed excitedly, "Can I hold one of them first?"

"Just be gentle. They're dogs, not stuffed toys," Michiru warned her.

"I know that! I used to play with my friend's dog back in Scotland all the time!" Serena pouted.

"She's licking my fingers," Hotaru whispered, holding the brown puppy, who had bounded right into her lap.

"This one's name is Yui," Serena said as she watched the blonde puppy sniff around on the floor, "And the brown one is Miaka. Because in Fushigi Yuugi, Miaka has brown hair and Yui has blonde hair."

"Do you like anime?" Bianca asked her with a slight giggle.

"Of course I do! Except when the anime characters attack me," Serena sighed.

"Attack you? Are you those famous Sailor Senshi?" Bianca realized, "Then I know these puppies will be well-protected."

"Yes, we are the Dessert Senshi, although luckily there haven't been any villains to fight for awhile. Hopefully Sailor Nemesis is done sending anime characters against us," Galaxy replied.

"I doubt she'll be done until we defeat her," Haruka said.

"Why can't she send out characters who are already villains, or at least are from series I'm not interested in? I hate having to fight characters I would rather be friends with," Serena sighed.

"Maybe she just likes role reversals and seeing normally sweet characters act evil? I know I sometimes like to write role reversals in my stories," Rainbow suggested, "Like how Spectra is the youngest of her sisters but she's the biggest and smartest."

"But Spectra is the hero in your stories, and you didn't like it when Sailor Nemesis reversed her role and made Spectra attack you," Serena pointed out.

"No, you were the one behind that! You were the one who told the Love Angels about my stories so they could warp Spectra into a monster!" Rainbow snapped back.

"But I thought Pierre would be better off without Ahmed and I thought Spectra could help you find him a girlfriend!" Serena cried.

"I LOVE Ahmed! And I'm not interested in girls that way!" Pierre protested.

"I know that now! I was just trying to tell Rainbow that I didn't mean for Spectra to turn against her!" Serena whimpered.

"That's enough fighting, you three. Don't worry about potential enemies right now. What we need to do is make sure we have everything we need to take care of these two dogs," Haruka said.

"I thought we bought all the things for them yesterday? Remember? Madoka and Jessica were at the pet supply store too and Rainbow tried to get Jessica to switch houses with Galaxy again," Pierre reminded them.

"I didn't exactly mean things to buy, more like we should ask Bianca here if there's anything we need to do before we officially adopt the puppies," Haruka said.

"I'll just need at least one of you to sign the adoption paperwork and pay for the puppies. I'm sure you Sailor Senshi will do a good job helping protect them. And I think I know Madoka, too. She sometimes visits here and helps walk the dogs around in the play area. She has light blue hair and she's really muscular, right?" Bianca said cheerfully.

"That would be her. And I'm sure these puppies will have a good home with us," Michiru smiled.

"Okay! I'll be right back with the papers!" Bianca chirped before leaving the room. It wasn't long before the papers were signed and the Outer Senshi were now the adoptive mothers of two little Pomeranian puppies. On the way home in the van, Serena held Miaka while Rainbow took Yui, as she liked how calm and quiet the blond puppy was.

"I almost wish Yui had black fur. Then she would be more like Jessica, because she's also little and quiet," Rainbow commented.

"I guess, but then she wouldn't look like a dog version of Yui from Fushigi Yuugi," Serena said.

"If the characters from Fushigi Yuugi appeared and attacked right now, what would you do?" Pierre asked, half-teasing, half-serious.

"I don't know. I don't want to think about that right now. If it was the villains I wouldn't mind it, but not if it was Miaka or one of the Suzaku Seishi," Serena said nervously, "Please don't say things like that. I hope the problem with Sailor Nemesis is over now."

"Why would it be? She hasn't been defeated yet. We'll probably have to defeat her before she stops sending anime characters to attack us," Rainbow pointed out, "And she knows that's a weakness of yours, so she'll keep doing that."

"We're home now, let's just focus on our new dogs and forget about...who's that?" Michiru asked, noticing that someone was standing out in front of their house. It was a girl with long brown hair who was wearing a red bodysuit.

"'s Yomi...but why? Why use the characters from Azumanga Daioh? They don't even have superpowers," Serena wondered, horrified. Fighting anime characters who weren't normally evil was bad enough, but it would be completely unfair for them to fight enemies who didn't have any magical powers. Yomi quickly proved Serena wrong, as a ball of fire began to form atop the palm of her outstretched hand.

"She does now! Get out of the car before she sets it on fire!" Haruka ordered, unlocking the doors and dashing out of the car, and the four Senshi and the others followed.

"Cookie Crystal Power, Make Up!" called Pierre.

"Peppermint Star Power, Make Up!" yelled Rainbow, holding Yui in one hand and her brooch in the other.

"Popsicle Crystal Power, Make Up!" finished Galaxy. Serena did not transform, as she was still staring at Yomi in shock. She fell to her knees, and Miaka jumped out of her arms, looking around confusedly at the battle that was beginning. Yomi raised her palm again, and this time, a red energy beam shot out of it, striking Serena in the chest. Serena collapsed, unconscious, as her heart crystal appeared.

"Now they're going after heart crystals? They better not be trying to reawaken the Silent Messiah," Haruka growled, stepping in front of Hotaru protectively, as if she expected Yomi to attempt to capture her.

"I don't know what the Silent Messiah is. All I know is that you Sailor Senshi are evil," Yomi growled. Sailor Peppermint and Sailor Cookie began to get their attacks ready, but Sailor Popsicle stepped forward instead.

"Why do you think we're evil? Did Sailor Nemesis brainwash you with lies?" she asked.

"Because you kill endangered species. And I have no idea who Sailor Nemesis is, either," Yomi snapped, her last words surprising everyone.