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Merry Christmas Elena!
Christmas – 2011 (Between 'I'm Your Man' and 'Love Bug')

Since the night that she had confessed that she loved him, Damon and Elena had spent almost every moment together. It was wonderful. Damon had thought that he knew everything about Elena, but he was wrong. She liked to sleep in pyjamas, not out of modesty, but because she liked the feel of the fabric on her skin. She hated that Caroline had a television in her room, because she sometimes fell asleep with it on and the static bothered Elena.

But even though everything was wonderful, something was bothering Damon; they hadn't told Jenna and Alaric that they were together. It had only been a few weeks, and Elena said that they would do it at Christmas. He agreed, but, although he wouldn't admit it, he was a little nervous.

It took a lot to for Damon to get freaked out. It took a lot more since he'd discovered long ago that vampires existed. The bar was set even higher when he turned, and was bumped up periodically as he grew older. Alas, some things could still scare him. His mother, before she'd died; Pearl, before she was killed; and Jenna Somers, soon to be Saltzman.

He and Stefan left the boarding house and arrived a little early for Christmas dinner with Elena's family. She answered the door, and, after a quick hug, Stefan left to distract everyone while the couple had a moment together.

As soon as they were alone, Damon wrapped his arms around Elena and pulled her into a deep kiss. She reciprocated for a few moments, leaning into him before pulling back for air.

"Hey," she said with a shy smile.

"Hey," he smirked back.

She twined their fingers together and began speaking. "Maybe we should postpone this for a few days. You know how Christmas is, all the excitement and…"

Damon suddenly looked panicked. "Elena, is there something wrong?"

"Oh! No! You know how I feel about you. It's just… there's a surprise."

Before she could reveal more, said surprise emerged from the kitchen. Elena pulled her hand back and stepped away.

"Hello Damon, it's nice to see you again," said John Gilbert, with a pained smile.

Damon was speechless for a moment. He frowned and looked at Elena for a moment before shaking John's hand.

"You're lying. I don't tolerate liars," he hissed out.

"Hm. Do you mind if I talk to Elena alone for a moment. She's been running around all day, and I haven't had a chance for some one on one time."

Damon smiled at Elena. "Smart girl. See you in a bit." And with a wink, he shoved past John and headed into the kitchen.

"So, how's college?"

Elena scoffed. "You're a little late to get interested in my life." She tried to move past him but he stepped in her way.

"I've always been interested in your life, just from a distance. I heard that the Salvatore's killed Katherine."

"Only after she kidnapped and raped me." She tried to get around him again, and this time, he let her.

The time before dinner was uneventful enough, although Damon kept sending very meaningful glances at Elena, while Stefan watched interestedly. They sat down; Alaric and John on either end of the table, Damon and Stefan sat on one side, with Jeremy, Elena and Jenna on the other.

"So," Jenna said, "Elena, not to be awkward, but have you spoken to Cole lately? I liked him."

Damon choked on his turkey, and Stefan clapped him on the back.

"Uh, yeah. We're still good friends actually."

Damon was violently stabbing at the food on his plate.

"Are you seeing anyone else?"

Elena exhaled loudly, and her eyes flicked to John before settling on Damon for a moment. He was smiling like the cat that'd caught the bird.

"Um… Yep. I'm seeing someone." Her voice was higher than it was before.

"That's great honey! Who is he? Is he nice?" Jenna was grinning from ear to ear. "Is he hot?" she added conspiratorially.

"Oh yeah!" Damon exclaimed. "So hot!"

Elena tried to kick him under the table while Jenna focused on him. "Did you meet him? Is he a good guy?" She looked over at John. "Damon really took care of Elena during her rough patch. It was great to have someone so involved in her life," she said pointedly.

Stefan was smirking at his plate, and Elena felt like she wanted to melt into her chair.

"So who is he?"

The room was quiet as all eyes fell on Elena. John looked suspicious, Jeremy entertained, Stefan amused, Jenna interested, and Alaric concerned. Damon was eyeing Jenna with some trepidation.

"It's Damon. Damon and I are together." She tried to sound casual, but it came off sounding as though she needed to vomit.

John's fork slammed into his plate and his glass fell over; Alaric choked on his wine; Jenna leaned back in her chair, her mouth opening and closing as though she wasn't sure what to say.

Jeremy looked from his sister to Damon, then leaned across the table, "About time dude," he said, his fist outstretched. Damon grinned and the two bumped fists.

"Damon!" Jenna suddenly growled, and Damon's face fell, "Kitchen. Now!"

Hesitantly, Damon got up and followed Jenna out of the room, sending a panicked look back to Elena, who was wide-eyed watching him go.

"Man, you'd think after all those sketchy guys you dated in high school, Damon would be a prize," Jeremy chuckled.

Alaric took another sip of wine, and set his glass down firmly, looking at Elena. "Are you sure about this?"

Elena nodded, smiling, "I really really am."

"Then I'm happy for you."

They were all jolted when John slammed his hand down on the table. "No! This is NOT happening again! I thought when you at least broke up with him," he pointed at Stefan, "That you learned your lesson about vampires!"

"Good thing I don't give a rat's ass about your opinion then," Elena responded coldly.

Before John could say anything else, Jeremy looked at Stefan. "Can you hear them in there?"

Stefan looked around at everyone else, and then spoke disinterestedly. "Uh… "What's wrong with you? Is this why you've been so good the last few years? You wanted to take advantage of her?"..." Never… I've had feelings for her for a long time… She came to me"… Oh!" He stopped and frowned. "It's gone all quiet, I think… That's weird."

"What?" Elena asked urgently.

"It sounds like someone's walking into things…" Then he started laughing. "She's threatening him! She must have cornered him with something! Sounds like a frying pan!"

"No wooden spoon?" John murmured.

"You can leave now if you want." Alaric was glaring across the table, "You show up unannounced, you don't tell anyone what you're doing in town, and instead of supporting Elena's choices, or being productive about explaining your point of view, you're just being obnoxious and frustrating. Suck it up, or get the hell out!"

Elena smiled at Alaric, and Jenna came back in, followed by a very humble looking Damon. He paused behind Elena's chair, and she expected him to kiss her on the head. Then she saw the look on Jenna's face, and Damon moved on, back to his seat with his hands in lap.

"For the record, I don't like it either," offered John.

"Shut up!" Jenna responded.

At the end of the evening, during which Damon pulled out gifts for everyone but John ("Sorry man, you should have called ahead of time, I would have gotten you something you really could have used… Like a new pair of shoes, because those ones are hideous, or maybe a heart!"), Stefan went out to start the car. Although Damon had spent most of the night sucking up to Jenna (giving her some very beautiful jewellery and giving her the heads up about Jeremy's super-secret plan to sneak out the following night to go to a party), she was still adamant that Elena stay with her family until they went back to college.

They were, however, allowed some time alone, in Elena's room, during which Damon surprised his girlfriend by not tearing her clothes off.

"That wasn't so bad," Damon offered, sitting next to her on the bed and pulling her close.

"Jenna threatened you, and practically called you a pedophile with stalking issues."

Damon grinned, "She didn't say that, although she made very valid points."

"It's too bad you missed Ric's big moment. After you and Jenna left, John went off about how I should have learned my lesson with Stefan, and Alaric pretty much told him to shove it."

"Well, I can't say that I'm not pleased that you didn't learn your lesson with Stefan, since I'm the one who lucked out in the end." He kissed her on the forehead and got up to leave.

"Damon," Elena whispered as he reached the door, "You can always sneak back in through the window."

Damon grunted. "First, I'm not following the precedent set by the high school idiots that you dated, and second," he opened the door, revealing Jenna who had been listening, "I think Jenna's gotten a little more intense since your Timz days."

He waved at both of them, and left.

Elena looked at Jenna. "Shot down by my boyfriend on Christmas. That's a new low."

Jenna laughed. "Merry Christmas Elena."