I was sitting in my room looking out of the window, seeing the snow falling from the sky.
There was alot of kids outside in the streets playing in and with the snow, even they who was at my age was there.

If im gonna be honest i have to say that i hate snow, i don't really know why but the snow is just so freakin cold and wet, i always used to play in it then i was little, hmm, mabye i have grown from it. And mabye it was just that it was my time of the month.

I sat there in my own thoughts then i heard a *bip* sound, and realised it came from my cell phone, i went to my nightstand to get it, it was a text message from Duncan that said: Hey beautiful, wanna join me and the other in the snow?

I blushed at the first he had wrote, he was so sweet sometimes, sad he don't show it then we are out or with people, cause he wanna be the 'bad boy', i said ironicly to myself. well i have nothing better to do, i thought as i sent him a text message that said i was coming.

I stood and waited in the park fully packed with clothes waiting for my friends to come. After a minute i started to look around.. with no hope, suddenly i felt some arms wrapp around me, i screamed and turned around to see Duncan.

''What the heck Duncan!'' I half yelled ''oh come on Princess, it was just for fun'' he smirked, just for fun? What world does he live in! ''Well not for me'' i said crossing my arms walking away from him. I sat down on a bench only to get followed by Duncan.

''What did i just say!'' i said annoyed at him ''you didnt say anything'' he pointed out ''you just got pissed off and walked away'' he layed and arm around me and i who was still mad asked ''where are the others anyway?'' just after i said that i heard Bridgette's voice behind me ''we're here silly'' i jumped at her voice who suddenly appeared.

''Im sick and tierd of people scaring me!'' i yelled ''hey gal pal'' Geoff said putting his hand on my shoulder ''ive had enouge of this!'' I yelled at them walking over to a tree to sit down.

''Whats wrong with her'' geoff finally said everybody looking shocked, then looking over at Duncan.

''What have you done now?'' Bridgette asked ''why are you staring at me i havent done anything, mabye she's on her period or something'' he said looking like he didnt care.

''Well, no matter what it is you have to fix it'' she said ''what? Why me?''

''Because, one: She's not my girlfriend and two: It kinda look like YOU made her mad'' she rattled up.

''So? We fight all the time, it ends up good, but i promise you this time.. it was not me'' i put my hans up in self defence. She just stood there and waited for me to walk over there and fix it, even Geoff meant i should do it.

''Okay, okay..'' i finally said making my way over to Courtney.

I sat beside the tree getting wet in my butt because of the snow, i saw Geoff, Bridgette and Duncan was talking and suddenly he came over to me.

''Hey'' he said sitting down, i layed my head on his chest and wrapped my arm around him, i noticed Duncan was shocked at my move, and i said ''im sorry for flipping so mutch out today, you know how i get then i have my you know.. period''

I felt myself blush, i really hated talking about it ''oh shush, it was not that bad a fight and it's really not that embarrasing to talk about that you know, well not anymore'' he thought about all the times Courtney had been 'emotional' because of her period, i lifted my head to look up at him, he looked down at me, then we both leand in to what became the best, most passionate kiss ever.

Only three words hit me afterwords, Best. Snowday. Ever.