'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Trek Style

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the ship

The sensors were quiet, not even a blip.

The stockings were hung in the Rec Room with care

In hopes that candy and cookies would soon appear there.

The crew were all snug in their bunks,

Only a few still in Christmas funks.

Spock in his robe looking just like a Jedi

Was settling in with me for much needed shut-eye

When the alarms began to sound for an alert that was red.

"Intruder on board," the intercom loudly said.

Away to the bridge we flew in a flash

My Star Wars pjs still on in my dash.

The screen showed the stars all so serene

I had to wonder where the intruder was seen.

"The sensor reports that it does appear

to be a sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer,"

Spock reported, surprise on his face.

Quickly I went and took over his place.

I knew in a moment that it was Santa Claus

Giving my Vulcan quite a long pause.

"He does not exist," Spock quietly said.

"You can tell him. He's the one in the red."

Lo and behold, Santa stood on our bridge.

He laughed, and security relaxed just a smidge.

"You can stand down," I said to the guys.

"You know for a fact that Jim never lies.

I really am Santa, you can see with your eyes.

You've all been a really good crew.

Admiral Pike also knows that it's true.

I've come to make each Christmas wish real.

Scotty, you know you cannot have a still.

I have your new tools – making you an engineering lord.

Sulu, I have your new plants and shiny new sword.

Pavel, I have these old books written in Russian

You'll even find one on dog sleds and mushin'.

Nyota, I tried to get all the boots on you list.

But they made my pack far too heavy to lift.

I hope these three pair will do in a rush.

Leonard will like them," Santa said in a hush.

Bones tried not to look happy

But we knew he's really quite sappy.

"Leonard, you really are a very good friend.

Even when Jim drives you around the last bend.

I don't have your gift with me right here

Soon you'll be with the one you hold most dear.

JoAnna is coming aboard in the morning.

Her smile will make yours even more heart warming."

Bones didn't quite know what to say

His eyes huge when he looked over my way.

I smiled and winked. I knew she was coming.

It was the only thing he had lately been wanting.

"Jim and Spock," Santa said to us with a smile.

"You know I wish I could stay for a while.

The universe is huge and Christmas won't wait.

As it is, I'm going to be very very late.

But I had to stop by and say thank you a lot.

You both keep your calm even if it starts to get hot.

You are the anchors that keep your crew steady.

They know whatever comes, you will be ready.

Your love shines out from your eyes and from your faces.

There's no one the crew would choose to be in your places.

Their love for you is real. Their love for you is true.

No one could begin to replace either of you.

Please be careful and stay clear of all danger.

Stay away from those planets that seem even stranger.

Take care of each other and all of your crew.

And know they will do the same favor for you.

And now I must fly. With my reindeer I'll dash.

On your sensor I may just look like a flash.

Please don't fire your weapons. We'll do you no harm.

And we are sorry we caused you so much alarm."

And with that he was gone just like he had said.

"Well. I think we all need to return to our bed."

I smiled at Spock and I knew I was right.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

A/N: I'm sorry about the double spacing throughout. Fanfiction won't let me post with single line breaks and I don't feel like taking the extras out. Hope it isn't too disruptive!