Dinner With The Haruno's

"Are you sure you don't want me to heal that?" Sakura poked the deep gash on Sasuke's knee, his hand tightened around the glass of water he held.

"Hn." Was his reply, but the slight tick of a muscle in his cheek told her that the cut hurt.

Sakura shrugged, if Sasuke didn't want her to heal him then that was fine. Secretly, she looked forward to later when he'd surely seek her out and tentatively ask if she would heal him. Sakura giggled to herself, imagining Sasuke's face when he did so.

It had only been a day after Sasuke and Sakura returned to Konoha, Sakura headed straight to Tsunade's to inform her of the ambush while Sasuke sprinted home so as not to be caught. Tsunade was angry to say the least since her contacts had told her only a few grabbers were at the hideout and not dozens. However, when Sakura quietly said they had all been wiped out by Sasuke, Tsunade's eyes briefly widened then told Sakura to thank him. Sakura was mildly embarrassed, she was a top shinobi with soaring medic skills and yet she was floored by filthy bald men. Sasuke didn't gloat about his victory though, which Sakura was grateful for.

"What do you want for dinner?" Sakura called from the kitchen.

"Toma-" Sasuke began, but was cut off by Sakura's phone ringing.

Sakura rushed over, "Hello?"

"My baby! Kizashi, she answered her phone. Call Momo, get her over here-"

"Okasan!" Sakura shouted over he mother's orders, "What's wrong?"

There was a fumbling sound from the other end, like the phone was being passed around or snatched away.

A loud voice boomed through the phone, "Sakura, are you all right?"

"I-I'm fine, Otousan. Is everything all right?" Sakura sat down next to Sasuke on the sofa, he tilted his head to the right to listen to the call more clearly.

"The Hokage called us this morning and said you were ambushed but she wouldn't say anything else. We...we thought the worst." Her father's voice quivered.

Sakura looked up to the ceiling and sighed with relief, there was nothing wrong. Sakura smiled and turned to Sasuke, he smirked...not quite smile but it was Sasuke after all.

"We're expecting you tonight, pumpkin. The family is coming over, Ino-chan suggested it, she's here right now actually."

Sakura's back shot ram rod straight, "A family dinner?"

"Yes, Ino-chan said you have someone with you that should join us...Is it a boyfriend?"

Sakura jolted off the sofa and away from Sasuke who had choked on his water, "Otousan! No, I would never-he's just a friend."

"Oh, and where is this mysterious boy staying?"

"U-uh, he's on my apartment floor, two doors down."

Sakura's father seemed satisfied with that, he handed the phone back to her mother who had calmed down slightly.

"Sakura, be here by six. I want to get a good look at that boy, Ino-chan won't stop talking about him."

"I'm sure." Sakura gritted.

"Well I'm happy to hear you're okay, we'll see you soon!" The phone cut off before Sakura could reply.

Sakura stared at the phone in her hand. Her heart beat so fast she could hear it, then she let out a whimper and dropped the phone.

"This is all Ino's fault," She moaned, "If I show up with you then everyone will panic but if I show up without you then Ino will stalk me to find out who you are."

Sakura collapsed on her love seat and sighed, "What are we going to do?"

Sasuke took a big gulp of water before answering, "Transformation jutsu."

Sakura lifted her head, "Ino already knows your height and build. We could, if your chakra holds up, channel it to transform just your face."

Sasuke nodded, "I'll try."

"Off to the training grounds then." Sakura sighed again.


Sasuke sat across from Sakura on the grass, he breathed in and out as Sakura had instructed. He needed to be relaxed to channel his chakra to one specific place in his body.

"In through the nose and out through the mouth, Sasuke. Use your nose." Sakura wiggled her own nose to add to her instruction.

Sasuke huffed out a breath quickly, as if he were about to laugh. The two of them looked quite odd; sitting two feet a part and attempting to meditate for the past half hour. Sakura couldn't meditate because Sasuke had leaned forward slightly and was in her comfort zone, he in turn couldn't meditate because she couldn't meditate. It was ridiculous.

Sakura decided to close her eyes and block Sasuke out, she was very aware of him sitting so close but maybe it would help if her mind let her wander elsewhere. Sakura thought about the Akatsuki, Jounin that were sent out to keep an eye on them had not been heard from in the past couple of weeks.

"Sasuke?" Sakura said quietly, her eyes still closed.


"I don't hear breathing from your nose."

"...Hn." Sasuke sniffed.

Sakura peeked out of one eye, Sasuke's nose was slightly red. Quickly, Sakura shot forward and placed her hand on his forehead.

"Sasuke," She growled, "Why didn't you tell me you were getting a cold?"

Sasuke snatched her hand away from his head, "It's nothing."

"The hell it is. It's from you staying up all last night without a shirt." Sakura frowned in disapproval.

"You needed to keep warm." Sasuke replied, looking away.

"Not if it's at the cost of your health. Come on, we're going home." Sakura stood up but Sasuke grabbed her hand, halting her.

"No, I need to channel-"

"Sasuke you are not going to a family dinner when you're sick."

Sasuke glared up at her, then his face softened. He resembled...a cute little cat with big eyes...

"You didn't just pull a cute face!" Sakura shouted, a blush spread across her face while she pointed her finger at him.

He smirked and the cute face was gone, replaced with a look of triumph. He pulled on the hand he was holding and Sakura toppled down onto the grass again in front of him.

"Channel. Now."

Sakura let out an exasperated sigh and slumped in defeat. Who knew Sasuke could pull such wicked acts to make her heart flutter. Sakura shook her head and shuffled back a few feet, maybe this time she could concentrate on relaxing.

"Okay, just relax like before. Feel the chakra moving, then when you've grasped how it moves and what way it's moving, try and channel it up towards your head. Like this." Sakura gathered some chakra and let it sway up to her head, she then performed the necessary seals for a transformation jutsu. In a swift second, Sakura's hair turned brown and her eyes a shade darker. Her face became slightly rounder and her lips thinner.

Sakura had transformed into this face before, so the look she received from Sasuke wasn't a surprise. His own eyes widened as he scanned her face, then he gazed at her matte brown hair as if he detested it. Sakura let the jutsu fade away and her original features returned.

Sasuke stared at her for a moment before nodding and continuing to meditate. Sakura decided she would just be a distraction so she headed to the lake not far from the training ground. Within minutes, Sakura sensed Sasuke take hold of his chakra and gather it. She turned around, careful not to slip into the lake, and found him watching her as his chakra built. Sakura motioned for him to perform the seals and he did, Sakura watched in fascination.

Sasuke's hair turned a shade lighter, his eyes a dark shade of blue and like her transformed face, his became rounder. Sakura grinned and ran over to him.

"Well done," Sakura knelt in front of him, "No one would recognise you."

Sakura palmed his hair, the upward spikes had drooped and gathered at the nape of his neck. Sasuke stared at her again as she checked to make sure every feature of his normal face was changed.

"It's perfect." Sakura whispered, smiling as Sasuke smirked.


"Stop fidgeting."

"You don't know what they could do or say." Sakura whispered fiercely.

The sun was setting as Sasuke and Sakura walked through the streets of Konoha. Sakura had put on a summer dress that fell to her knees, it was nothing fancy but Sakura liked to wear it whenever she could. Sakura had picked out normal black pants for Sasuke and a button down shirt, casual but smart was the norm for family dinners.

Sakura could hear her family from inside her parents house, they were laughing and shouting. Sakura lightly chapped on the door, Sasuke stood on the step below her and pulled on her elbow so she would stop picking her nails.

The front door was thrown open and a short woman smiled brightly, "Sakura-chan! I'm so happy you're here."

"Hi, Okasan." Sakura stepped forward and hugged her mother.

Mebuki was the shortest woman in her family, not that her personality was small as well, quite the opposite. Her hair had strands of grey that she never attempted to hide and as always, she wore her 'Kiss the Cook' apron.

Sakura's mother let go of her and cupped her hand on Sakura's cheek, "You get prettier every time I see you."

"That dress is too short." A gruff voice said behind her mother.

"Otousan," Sakura smiled, "You're the one that bought me it."

Sakura's father tilted his chin up, "Come here, pumpkin."

Sakura rushed over and hugged Kazeshi, he lifted her off her feet and spun her around just as he always did.

"Oh, this must be the boy Ino told us about!" Mebuki grabbed the collar of Sasuke's shirt and hauled him into the house.

Sakura stepped back from her father and stood next to Sasuke.

"This...this is...Yuki."

Sasuke tensed beside her, he sighed and closed his eyes as Sakura's mother rained down compliments on his attire, all the while she called him "Yuki-chan."

Sakura had to congratulate herself for quick thinking, Yuki was a popular name and common...although, Sasuke didn't appear to like it.

Kazeshi stroked his chin with his thumb as he analysed Sasuke, Sasuke stood straight and nodded, "Thank you for inviting me, Haruno-san."

Sakura's father narrowed his eyes slightly, then he moved forwards to stand directly in front of Sasuke.

"What are your intentions towards my daughter?"

"Otousan!" Sakura shouted, a blush covering her cheeks.

Mebuki put her arm around Sakura's shoulders and kicked her husband's shin, "Kazeshi, you're embarrassing your daughter."

Kazeshi rubbed his shin, "Woman, how many times are you going to kick me tonight?"

Mebuki ignored him and rubbed Sakura's arm, then she led her into the living room where more than thirty people had gathered. Every single one of them greeted Sakura with a bear hug or a tight hand shake. Her family never held back when it came to gatherings...and food.

As Sakura's auntie chattered away to her about how her son had decided he wanted to become a Shinobi, Sakura watched Kazeshi and Sasuke in the dark hallway in front of the door. Her father was saying something which made Sasuke look down at his feet, but a moment later he raised his head and replied to whatever Kazeshi had said. Her father's eyes widened but then, to Sakura's delight, he smiled and patted Sasuke on the shoulder.

Sakura grinned and caught her mother's eye, she gave her a wink before returning to the kitchen. Sasuke joined her moments later.

"What did Otousan say to you?" Sakura asked, sipping her orange juice.

Sasuke shook his head, "Nothing."

Sakura glared and Sasuke smirked in return, "Just tell me."


"Sasuke, tell me."


Sakura huffed and took a big gulp of her drink, she shot a look of venom to Sasuke when he still had that smirk on his face.

Just then, Sakura spotted her cousin. The blonde hair and bustier top made her stand out, not that Sakura was jealous of her melons sprouting over her top.

Sakura's cousin strutted over to them, she grinned and her 'cute' dimples appeared on both cheeks. Sakura plastered a smile on her face and greeted her.

"Sakura-chan," She squealed in a high pitch voice, "I'm so happy to see you're okay, and you brought a friend. Aren't you going to introduce me?"

Sakura let out a strained laugh, "Of course, Emiko, this is Yuki. He's my neighbour in the apartment complex."

"Well, why is it I've never seen him before?" Emiko took a step forward in Sasuke's direction, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Sakura stood by and watched the interaction, Emiko twirled her blonde hair around one finger and purposely wedged herself between Sasuke and Sakura. Sakura's fists tightened, she was most certainly not jealous...was she? What calmed her down was Sasuke's lack of interest in Emiko; while she chattered on about her hobbies he scanned the room watching Sakura's family play a game of Risk and joking with one another about various things.

"Sakura dear," Sakura's mother laid her hand on her back, "I need to speak with you about something."

Sakura let her mother lead her away from Sasuke and Emiko. Mebuki took her to Sakura's old bedroom upstairs which was still intact from when Sakura moved out. Her parents always said if she ever needed to come back for any reason then her old room was still there for her. Mebuki sat Sakura on her bed and sat next to her.

"Yuki isn't his real name, is it?"

Sakura gasped, "Okasan, how-"

"Shh, you know this secret won't go beyond this room. Not even to your father."

Sakura breathed deeply and calmed herself. She stood up and paced back and forth.

"Okasan, how did you find out? Could you tell I was lying or was it the way...Sasuke...acted?"

Mebuki smiled, she folded her hands on her knees and said, "Remember when you were twelve and you just found out you were in a team with Sasuke?"

Sakura nodded.

"Do you also remember when you brought home the first picture of Team 7? You ran up to your father and pointed to Sasuke in the picture. You didn't say anything, you just waited for your father's response. He said he didn't like him. You clutched the picture and said, "Well I do, so you better be nice if he ever comes here.' Your father patted your head and said he would, and you smiled in gratitude. Tonight, when you two came to the door and Kazeshi eventually warmed up to Sasuke, you had the same smile."

Sakura was shocked her mother could remember. Sakura remembered too, the sad feeling in her heart when Otousan said he didn't like Sasuke. Maybe she should have asked why and saved herself the heartbreak that came later on.

"Oh, and your jealous pout when Emiko joined you gave it away too."

"I was not jealous." Sakura said stiffly, but Mebuki just laughed.


Some time later, dinner was served. The whole dining table was covered with bowls of food for everyone, with thanks to Sakura's mother and aunties. The Haruno family sat down, some had to sit in the living room, and shouted, "Itadakimasu!" Sasuke sat beside Sakura and kind of jolted at the enthusiasm of her family, Sakura guessed his family dinners weren't quite as rowdy.

"So, Yuki," Sakura's father bit into a pickle, "How is this the first time I'm hearing of you?"

Sakura cut in before Sasuke could say anything, "Otousan, he just moved in a couple of weeks ago."

Sakura's father nodded, still eyeing Sasuke, "And what is your full name?"

"Watanabe." Sakura answered quickly.

"Watanabe?" Kazeshi stroked his chin in a thinking manner, "What of your family?"

Sakura made to answer again but Sasuke beat her to it, "Deceased. An...accident."

Sakura turned to gaze at Sasuke, his head bent down so low his chin nearly touched his collar bone. Without thinking, without worrying about what he would make of her sudden gesture, Sakura gently placed her hand on his forearm under the dining table. Not quite holding his hand, he'd surely run away at that, but just a motion to show him comfort. Sasuke's shoulders released their tension and he soon began to eat the meal, Sakura's hand slipped away from his arm.

Questions of all sorts were fired at Sasuke; what did he do for a living, how did he meet Sakura, has he asked Sakura on a date yet. Sakura slapped her forehead when her auntie asked that last one, she growled when the whole family gazed and waited for an answer.

Sakura's hands shot down flat on the dining table causing multiple glasses to shake, "We are not dating. We never have been dating. We never will date. He is a neighbour and a friend. That is all!"

Many in her family groaned in disappointment. Sakura's cheeks heated and she refused to look up from her plate, even when her older cousin kicked her under the table.

"Sakura, if you're not dating him, I've got a friend who likes you." Itsuki said around a mouthful of rice.

"I'm not interested." Sakura hissed.


"She said no." Sasuke said beside her, biting into a tomato.

Sakura's cousin frowned, as did Sakura herself, "Frankly, this doesn't involve you."

Sasuke paused his eating and glared at him, a lock of hair falling over one eye. Sakura threw her napkin in her cousin's face and told him to shut up. Not that she needed to of course, Sasuke's glare had him looking anywhere but at them.

Sakura leaned over to Sasuke and whispered, "How's your chakra holding up?"

"Good." He replied.

"Because if not then we could leave right now-"

"Sakura, you're not using my chakra as an excuse to go home." Sasuke glowered at her.

Sakura pouted and went back to eating, stabbing her fork into a piece of meat and shoving it in her mouth. Sasuke smirked beside her.

Suddenly, Sakura remembered something important. She turned to her mother beside her, "Okasan, where's Ino?"

"Oh, Ino-chan?" Mebuki frowned and shook her head, "She said she'll be back later. Something about getting someone. I told her she can invite whoever she wants so-"

"Mebuki-san! I'm back!" Ino called from the front door.

Sakura's shoulders hiked up and she felt like fainting, who could Ino have invited now?

"So am I!" Another voice shouted...Sakura knew that voice...

Mebuki stood up and shouted, "Naruto-kun, I haven't seen you in weeks. Get over here, boy."

Naruto strode into the dining room and everyone erupted in greetings, Sakura covered her face and sank down lower into her chair. Mebuki shuffled along the dining table so Naruto could sit next to Sakura. Ino walked into the dining room too, she flashed an evil smile in Sakura's direction and wiggled her eyebrows.

"Ne, Sakura-chan," Naruto leaned over close to Sakura, "When were you going to tell me you got a boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend!" Sakura exploded, "Ino's telling lies."

"Is that him?" Naruto pointed angrily at Sasuke, "I reject you as Sakura's boyfriend."

The tomato Sasuke had been about to eat dropped back onto his plate as he stared, gob-smacked, at Naruto. Sakura didn't know if he was shocked that Naruto was here or if he rejected him as Sakura's boyfriend.

"Naruto, this is none of your business." Sakura growled.

"Sakura-chan," Naruto moaned, "You can't go out with him. He's a teenage boy who's a closet pervert, I should know!"

Sakura punched Naruto in the face and buried her head in her hands. This would be a long, long dinner.


"I'm sorry you had to go through that." Sakura said quietly.

Sasuke looked down at her in surprise while Sakura crinkled her face up in embarrassment. The whole dinner was an interrogation from Sakura's father and Naruto who had attempted to get Sasuke drunk so he could 'reveal the inner pervert'. Sakura wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.

The gathering was still going on back at her house, she and Sasuke had left due to a call from Tsunade asking her to come into the hospital. Sakura had gabbed Sasuke's hand and sprinted out of her parent's house in seconds. When they were out of site, Sasuke released the transformation jutsu and his face returned to its normal beautiful self. Sakura shook her head, they were walking to the hospital right now so Sakura had stolen Naruto's hoodie for Sasuke.

"When the...Uchiha's had gatherings, they would separate the woman from the men."

Sakura's brows drew together as she looked up at Sasuke, surprised he was telling her this.

He continued, "My father would tell the men of war stories, things they thought women shouldn't hear."

"That sounds...very traditional." Sakura said.

"I've never experienced anything that's on par with your family."

Sakura smiled, "They are quite wild, aren't they?"

"...Your mother showed me baby photos."

"She what?" Sakura screeched, skidding to a halt.

Sasuke shrugged, "When you went to the bathroom."

Sakura panted heavily in fury and embarrassment. Sasuke, the love of her freaking life, had seen her baby photos!

"Wait, did she show you the...the freckle?"

Sasuke's blush told her she had, Sakura was born with an overly large freckle...on her butt.

"Oh my god," Sakura breathed, "I can't believe this."

Sakura growled low in her throat and spun on her heal, she was ready to go back to her parent's house and have a tantrum but Sasuke grabbed the back of her dress. She turned round preparing to give him hell but what he said stopped her heart.


Sakura was unsure if Sasuke was trying to give her a heart attack, but he was doing a pretty good job of it. Sakura stared at him for a moment, his hair waved a bit when the wind picked up, and he was utterly gorgeous.

"Thank you," Sakura straightened up, "But we are never to talk about that...freckle every again."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow but nodded anyway, Sakura made a bee-line for the hospital hoping something, anything, would make her forget what just happened. Sasuke was seriously going to do some damage to her heart again.


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