Scream of the Daleks

Gary Campbell

Chapter 1 – Return

Foul grey mist wafted through a dead valley. Above the valley barren hills were lit by a red glow. There was a dull pounding emanating from the glow. Then a wheezing sound intruded. A blue box appeared. It entered into this reality with a thud. A tall thin man stepped out of the box. He wore a brown coat, a red bow-tie and a wave of hair. He gazed at the scene in front of him. He sniffed the air, tasted it. He listened, and said, 'I've been here before'.

This world wasn't much like Faradal. He had recently found out that a Timelord had, millennia ago, taken dinosaurs from Earth before they were wiped them out. He had taken them to a planet called Feradal, where they still thrived. The author of this feat was not so much a Timelord as a Timeboy. It was a Science project for the Academy. 'Which only earned him a C-' muttered the Doctor. But this wasn't Feradal. He patted the TARDIS. 'Why did you want to come here? Or- what or who brought you here?'

'Come on, this way!' said a cheery voice. 'That voice!' gasped the Doctor. 'I know it!' He couldn't see the owner of the voice, but recognised it came from the farther side of a nearby dune. He scrambled up the dune and fell face down at the top. Beneath him he saw three figures. There were a girl, a man in naval uniform, and a second, tall man. This second was leading, striding confidentally in a long tweed coat, wide-brimmed hat, and a ridiculously long striped scarf. 'Oh dear', the Doctor said quietly to himself. 'I hoped I'd lost that one for good. Nice to see Sarah and Harry though.' He waited for the three to disappear behind the next dune. 'Shouldn't really talk to them. Crossing timelines and all that'. He stood up. 'So this is Skaro. Right at the moment when the Timelords gave me the mission to- but that's impossible! The Time War's locked. Mind you, I would have said lots of things were impossible not so long ago. ' He gazed toward the direction he had gone. 'To the Kaled City. Davros, Daleks, Nyder, Ronson', he mused. 'Might be fun to follow him – I mean me- and watch myself in action. Nah! I know how this ends. Davros exterminated, Daleks entombed in a bunker, yada, yada,yada. No, I'm more interested in knowing why I'm here. Back to the TARDIS!' He strode back, delighting in sinking in the cool sand. But when he saw the TARDIS again he froze momentarily-

And dove into a dune. He lay on the crest, observing four Daleks by his TARDIS. Their shells were the colour of chrome, glistening even in the dead sunlight of Skaro. They had blue half-domes on their lower casings. 'That's odd', the Doctor mused. 'The Daleks in this time are supposed to be grey and primitive. Pretty boring. But these look more sexed up, inasmuch as a Dalek could be sexed up.' A fifth Dalek arrived, gliding about two metres off the ground. 'And they definitely shouldn't be able to do that! '

'No, they shouldn't'. The Doctor shot a gaze to his left, and saw a clean- shaven man of middle-aged appearance lying beside him, watching the Daleks. The man was dressed in a black and white robe and a hood.

'Oh, it's you', remarked the Doctor.

'What?' the man whispered.

'You guys never thanked me for what I did here. I did succeed. Well, almost. Well, no, I should say I will succeed'.

'What are you talking about? Who are you? And how do you know me?'

'I'm the guy you just sent off with two Earth people to try to avert the creation of the Daleks. '

The man almost spluttered. 'But that's impossible!'

'Shhhh! Now look at those Daleks. They're not from this time period. Unless Davros created a second race of Daleks we knew nothing about'.

'The brief from the High Council of Timelords said nothing about that'.

'Not your High Council maybe'.

'You say you're the Doctor?'


'But you can't cross your own timeline!'

'Oh, I have a few times already. Come on'. To the horror of his fellow Timelord, the Doctor bounded down the dune, in full view of the Daleks. 'Hi there!' he chirped. The Daleks swung their eye-stalks toward the Doctor.

'You are the Doctor!' cried one.

'Yes, that's right'.

'You are an enemy of the Daleks!' screamed another.

'Right again'. He looked at the three Daleks who hadn't spoken. 'And now, you all say –exterminate! Exterminate! And get all paranoid and crazy. Well, crazier than usual.'

The Daleks moved toward the Doctor, gun stalks twitching. But the head Dalek, with a gold-domed head, stopped them with a swivel of its eye. The Doctor sighed.

'You are so predictable. So you don't want to know why I'm here?'

'We know why you are here' the head replied, drawing out the last syllable.

The Doctor was uncharacteristically non-plussed. 'You do? Well, maybe you can tell me then!'

'You will come with us'.

'First, let me introduce my friend'. He beckoned to the Timelord, still perched on top of the dune. 'Come on, down, err- uh- what is your name?'

'Are you mad?' spluttered the man, clambering down the dune in exasperation.

'He is insane!' grated the Dalek.

'Well, thank you very much!' said the Doctor indignantly. 'Just for that, I won't go with you'.

'Badel', said the Timelord, brushing down his robes.

'Come again?'

'Badel! My name! Vice-under-castellan elect of the Panopticon of Gallifrey'.

'Wow, that's impressive'.

The Dalek swung its eye and gun-stalk toward Badel. 'Gallifrey?'

'Yes', Badel replied with dignity. The head Dalek withdrew slightly, as if engaged in conversation with something unseen.

'Badel?' asked the Doctor.


'How did you get here? TARDIS?'

'No, time-ring'.

'Give it here'.


'Give it here.' Badel handed over his time-ring, bearing the Seal of Rassillon, to the Doctor. The Doctor applied his sonic screwdriver to it.

'What are you doing?'

'Making some adjustments'. The head Dalek addressed the other Daleks.

'You will come with us!' commanded the gold Dalek.

'I don't think so', remarked the Doctor, still working on the time-ring.

'What about me?' pouted Badel. 'I'm here as well, you know!'

'Oh, you don't deserve a mention when I'm in the vicinity'. The Doctor said. 'Sorry about that. But you'll get used to it'


'Hang on', said the Doctor, placing Badel's hand on the time-ring. He activated the ring.

And the Daleks raged at empty air.