Chapter 5

The Doctor and Badel materialised in exactly the place and time they had fled. They found themselves facing the five Daleks. The Doctor faced the gold-headed Dalek sternly. 'First, some ground rules', he said.

'Inferior beings do not make conditions'.

'I can't believe I'm saying this, but- you can only kill Davros and his Daleks. No-one else!'


'Well, only necessary killings. What on Skaro am I saying? I can't negotiate killings!'

'Conditions unacceptable', grated the Dalek. 'All exterminations are necessary. If you attempt to stop us, you will be exterminated.' A luminous blue ring appeared around the TARDIS, and it disappeared. 'Your TARDIS is in a temporal lock. It will be unlocked when the mission has been completed. We will proceed'.

'Wait!' the Doctor protested. But the Daleks had already risen off the ground, and were sweeping into the sky. 'Well', asked Badel. 'What are we supposed to do?' Immediately however the Doctor and Badel soared up after them. 'The Daleks have extended their force shields to carry us', the Doctor shouted above the wind. Badel, they're not going to explain anything to us! As far as they're concerned, we're baggage'.

The Daleks and the two Timelords moved across the landscape at a terrific speed. The pocked, war-battered landscape of Skaro raced beneath them. They passed over a mountain, and the domed city of the Kaleds appeared before. Then they flew over a battle. Artillery exchanged fire; soldiers entrenched in the hills fired sporadically. The conflict seemed to interest the Daleks, and they flew closer to view them. The Doctor scanned the scene in horror. Soon the battle was behind them and the Kaled dome was becoming larger. 'Where are we going?' Badel shouted.

'My guess is to the service tunnels to the bunker of Davros's Elite Corps. I don't have many pleasant memories of those tunnels. Some rather nasty creatures doing bad impressions of giant clams!'

'Giant clams don't sound too bad! Can't you unrun a clam?'

'Oh the mutants in those tunnels are fine compared with the monsters with us right now'.