Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. I also don't own the House of Night series or anything of theirs. Those belong to Stephanie Meyer, P.C and Kirsten Cast.

Rated: T.

Author: Paige Turner.

Summary: AU. 'I didn't know how or why; but this pixie looking girl was different than everyone else. Even the people at this school, at that was saying something.' A/B R&R!


I hate running.

Just thought you should know that. Running and me? Yeah, we get along just about as well as cats and water. Or, really, as cats getting splashed with water. If you haven't guessed, I'd be the cat.

It's not like I was lazy or anything like that. On the contrary, I was a very active person. It was the fact of the matter that even walking across a smooth surface, forty percent of the time I'd trip, either on my feet or nothing at all. So when you throw fast paced running into the equation; you get a disaster.

Now imagine, if you will, me running and not just over a smooth surface, but down the gravel path through the woods behind my house. And I suppose, it was kind of comical, had you not been in my shoes. Had you been in the Tracker's shoes who was desperately trying to keep a straight face as he raced after me, barely out of breath, meanwhile I was just ahead of him; panting and sweating and almost crying.

However, this was not a laughing matter for me. I was running for my life. This life that I was so content with. Essentially, I was trying to outrun that life. The one everyone tried to avoid, tried to keep out of their own. No one, anyone I knew at least, wanted that life. To be swept off their feet and just thrown into a whole new reality basically.

Renee, my mom, never really worried that they'd come for me. I wasn't very special, not that she'd ever say that – but I knew, I was just plain and regular. I was a klutz and therefore couldn't do anything that would require skill. My grades were average to low, so I wasn't very smart or anything. I couldn't act for crap, nor could I sing. I suppose I was decent at cooking, but it's not like that fit their criteria.

No one really knew their criteria though. That was the problem. No one knew why you were Marked. You just were. It just happened. You couldn't prevent it.

Yet here I was, trying to run from it. That was me though; act first and think later.

While I was too busy looking over my shoulder to see if I had lost the Tracker, yeah right, I failed to notice that I had veered off the path. Only when I turned back around did I realize I was about to run into a tree. Yes, a tree.

That's just as bad, if not worse, as running into a wall. Sucker freaking hurt.

Groaning and holding my face, I tried to blink the dizziness from my head. A shadow covered my face and when I opened my eyes again, I saw the Tracker standing above me with a small frown on his face. He had deep brown eyes that almost looked black, and a shag of brown hair that hung in his face, almost hiding his Mark and tattoos. A filled in sapphire crescent moon that had a 'N' 'E' 'S' 'W' around it like a compass.

Raising a shaky hand to try and push him away, I noticed it was bloody. Must have been from my nose, or maybe I smashed my glasses when I hit the tree and was cut. Either way, it made the Tracker look at it, licking his lips before he shook his head and his eyes bore back into mine. "Isabella Marie Swan, night has chosen thee; thy death shall be thy birth. Night calls to thee, hearken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night."

His voice was smooth, and felt like velvet. Well, if you could feel a voice. It was hard to concentrate on that though, as white hot pain exploded in my head and I fell unconscious.