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Author: Paige Turner.

Summary: AU. "I didn't know how or why, but this pixie looking girl was different than everyone else. Even the people at this school, and that was saying something." A/B, Ed/J, R/Em, Es/C.


"From the beginning?" she questioned.

A cute little smile curled at Alice's red lips, her golden eyes bright with adoration. She gave a little nod with a half scoff, staring down into a pair of red eyes twinkling back up at her, more brilliant than the shiniest of rubies. "Yes, from the beginning. Why is that so hard to believe?"

The brunette shrugged her pale shoulders the best that she could, her eyes travelling off to stare at the ceiling. Dozens of images filled her mind, crystal clear with the clarity that came from being what she was. Her first few weeks at Esme's House of Night. She clucked her tongue, ruby gaze sliding back to Alice's face. "You didn't show much interest. If fact, our first conversation involved you trying to emotionally scar me from the Dark Daughters." Bella watched the little chuckle shake Alice's bare shoulders and rolled her eyes. "Besides, I was quite plain back then."

"Plain?" The pixie repeated in disbelief. "Bella, the Tracker had to actually carry you back to the House, because of your Marking process. The High Priestess then waited at your bedside until you woke up. And then we find out you're the missing Element in the Circle, creating the first completed Circle in centuries."

Bella frowned. "Well yeah, but-"

"On top of having red eyes," Alice continued, completely ignoring Bella's protests as she began ticking things off her fingers. "Scaling through the training levels with your Element, being gifted with the Ancient's Marking. All the while being the most genuine and kind person I'd ever been introduced to, befriending someone like Rosalie while having someone like Jasper warm up to you."

A crisp white pillow was swung around, knocking Alice back against the mattress. "Okay, I get it. I wasn't plain. How was I supposed to know you were into me, you didn't show any interest."

"Well, I mean come on," Golden eyes twinkled with mischief. "I'm Alice. I had to act cool, my image was at stake. I couldn't just gush like a fangirl and proclaim my undying love to you. What would people have said?"

The brunette huffed. "Right. Yes. Because that would have made things too easy." Her red eyes narrowed at the little minx laying next to her, Alice's tantalizing heat constantly drawing the cold vampire in. "Sometimes you're a butt."

"Wha-" Alice gasped, snorting halfway through with a quirk of her lips. "Excusez-moi? Did you just call me a butt?" She gave a mock glare when Bella grinned, revealing her large fangs. "Madam, you've just insulted my integrity and honour, I challenge you to a duel."

Moments after she finished saying it, Bella whirled around and tackled the smaller girl to the mattress, pinning her wrists and straddling her wait. Alice's heart raced, her eyes struggling to catch the blurred movements, never failing to be astonished by her speed or strength. "That doesn't even make any sense!" Bella laughed.

"Cheater," the vampyre breathed, halfheartedly struggling against the restraint. She watched Bella's eyes darken shade by shade until they were a glowing red that could have been mistaken for pink, felt the vampire's cool breath fan out against her lips. A low rumble erupted from Bella's chest, vibrating against Alice, her purr filling the room. Alice smiled, her chest tight with unbridled happiness. Their noses brushed against one another and, putting more strength into it this time, Alice flipped them.

She grinned from ear to ear as Bella's laughter filled the room, her long dark hair spilling out on the pillows in a stark contrast. "It's not cheating if you're winning."

Alice rolled her eyes, sitting back on the brunette's toned stomach, lacing their fingers together. "Technicalities," she muttered with a roll of her eyes. Her face turned more serious, holding a sadness that Bella hadn't seen in months. "Bella, I'm sorry about that day. If I had just been paying attention to you-"

"Hey now," Bella interrupted with furrowed brows. "We agreed to not talk about that anymore. We were both being…butts. It's done now."

There was a moment of silence as the two gazed at each other until Alice's smile returned and she nodded. Bella's hands in hers, she raised them up to her face, kissing her knuckles with a hum of happiness. "I love how intense your temperature makes…things now, but I'm glad our first kiss was while you were still a vampyre." Alice said thoughtfully.

"And why is that?" The brunette asked curiously, wrapping her legs around Alice's waist while sitting up. She pushed the vampyre backwards into the mattress again until they were in their original positions at the foot of the bed this time.

Alice glanced to her hands pinned at either side of her head before zeroing in on those pale, uneven lips. "It was like kissing fire. I've never forgotten that feeling." At the fall of Bella's face, she quickly backtracked, "But I still really, really love how cool you are now." She frowned when Bella rested her cooler forehead against the pixie's, her thick hair falling like a curtain around them. "Do you miss your heat?" She whispered out quietly.

"Yes," Bella murmured, lifting her head again until rubies met molten gold. "I hate this coldness. Emmett's already used to it now, but I…I can't stand it. I just feel so cold it hurts, like I'm full of frost or drowning in a frozen lake." She paused, feeling the chilly ache of her body and grimaced. "Carlisle thinks it's because of how I was before, with my heat."

The vampyre blinked away the sting of tears. "I'm so sorry, Bella."

"Alice," Bella sighed out, the grimace slowly fading into a small smile that tugged at her lips. "Alice, stop apologizing. None of this is your fault, and it's okay. I have you. You chase away the cold bite, you are my heat now." She ghosted her lips along Alice's jaw until she felt the smaller girl start to smile, moving back to her ear. "And I'm feeling awfully cold right now, Miss Alice."

When the vampire nipped at her ear, Alice full out laughed, bucking her hips until they flopped over and she was on top again. She stared down at her Consort with heavy lidded eyes, a heated smirk playing at her lips. "Well I can't promise it'll be like kissing fire, but I can promise it will be very hot."





Rosalie looked up and over at the little vampyre sitting across the aisle from her on the bus. Her moss green eyes took in the pink tint of Alice's cheeks, her dilated pupils and uneven breathing, and the ever growing smile blooming on her face. The blonde looked around them, up to Emmett who was bobbing his head to the music he was listening to, and finally back to Alice who was full out smiling. The first smile anyone had seen in two weeks. "Alice?"

Seemingly lost in the traces of her happy vision, Alice stared in front of her at the back of Eve's head, bringing her fingers up to her lips with a deeper blush. Next to her, Jacob looked over at Rosalie with a raised eyebrow. He followed her line of sight to Alice, gently nudging her with his elbow until she looked over.

Immediately her golden eyes flickered up to the hulking frame of the friendly giant, some of her sadness returning. "Oh Emmett…" she sighed quietly.

The blonde unconsciously grabbed her boyfriend's hand, glaring at Alice and her knowing look. "Alice," she growled this time.

"Sorry." Alice looked down at her lap.

Feeling the air begin to get tense around them, Jake shifted in his seat. "So how much of the city do we have left to search?"

Eve turned around in the seat in front of them, pulling a large map out of her backpack. She ignored Rosalie rolling her eyes and instead handed it to Emmett to open up, who did so happily. "All the red X's are blocks we've checked and found nothing at…which isn't a lot, but we expect to start moving faster with you now. All the yellow circles are areas we've already ruled out."

"Why have you ruled them out?" The wolf asked, scratching his neck.

The smallest vampyre hummed, jerking her thumb towards the window. "Placement of the sun in my visions. It's also not much, but that with the areas we've check, narrows our search down to half of the city now."

"Right," he nodded roughly. "Your, uh, visions. Can't you just look for an address or something?"

Alice scowled, crossing her arms over her chest. "It doesn't work like that. I can't control what I see, I'm just there, witnessing what's most important in that moment. Sometimes it's just images, like a sped up slide show."

"Carlisle's working with her though!" Eve chirped up, seeing the frustration on her friend's face. "She's getting much better, he think's she'll be able to move in the visions soon."

Running a hand through his recently cut hair, Jacob blinked his tired brown eyes. His body was still catching up with the reversed schedule of the House, on top of having to wake up so early (late?) to go searching the city. To say he was exhausted would be an understatement, but he kept it to himself. By the dark circles under the others' eyes, he assumed they'd been doing this for quite some time now.

It made him smile, knowing that Bella had adjusted so well to this new and frightening world. He understood that kind of drastic change. To be ripped from the world and people you loved, to have something reach into your very depths and forever change you. Turn you into this…new thing you didn't really understand. Something that people hated, for…for stupid reasons. The adversity she'd have to face from then on, the sneering and hurtful jabs, being outcasted and alienated, just for existing.

He was glad she found people who cared about her so much, who would help her through it all. Who would search for her, rescue her, when everyone else thought she was dead. A bunch of kids, at that, this ragtag group of class, muscle, power, friendship, and love. She had found her own pack, and Jake would never be able to thank these guys enough for that, because leaving her, leaving his best friend, his sister, had been eating at his soul for years.

"This is our stop, bud." The giant across from him said, getting to his feet. The wolf stood, not quite as thick or muscular as Emmett, but a few inches taller. He followed everyone off the bus, stretching in the sunlight, letting the warmth seep into his bones with a lopsided grin. He really missed the sun.

Looking around, it was clear that these vampyres didn't share the sentiment. He watched them all slip on sunglasses or shades, Eve pulling her hood up while Emmett slipped on a cap. The small grimace on Rosalie's face while she rubbed her temple made him wonder if the stories were true. "Does this hurt?"

The blonde peered over her aviators at him, a scowl on her face. "No, it feels like butterfly kisses. What do you think, genius?"

"Rose," Alice huffed. She crossed her arms over her chest, looking up at the tall boy next to her. "It only really hurts full grown Vampyres. For fledglings like us it's…more like irritation. It feels like we've got a really nasty sunburn wherever the sun touches our skin, and it's worse the older you are. For Rosalie and Emmett, it's starting to get painful. For Eve and I, it's just really uncomfortable, and kind of burning. The light stings everyone's eyes though, and makes it hard to see, and it gives us a pretty bad headache."

He hummed, stuffing his hands into his pockets, suddenly feeling guilty amongst them. "That must suck."

"Quite a bit, yes." Eve said with a happy chirp. "So, we could take the west end first, or the east. Which do you guys wanna do?"

"Both." Jake said, stepping forward. "You guys take the east, Alice and I will go west."

The warrior in training shook his head with a frown. "No, we decided that we all go together. It's too dangerous to be separated."

"Dude," Jacob scoffed, holding up his large arms. "I turn into a giant wolf. We'll be fine. Besides, I'll smell them before they can get the drop on us, and I have to talk to Alice."

Chewing on her lip, Alice nervously stepped closer to Eve. Jacob, so far, had been super friendly and nice to everyone. But she hadn't forgotten what Edward said about him wanting to talk with her, and she knew it was something to do about Bella. Did he blame her for what happened, too? She looked over to Emmett who considered what he said before finally relenting, giving him a nod. "Fine. But call us in an hour."

"You got it," the wolf agreed, and soon the group was splitting up and Alice watched the others disappear around the corner. She followed Jacob silently for a little while, busying herself with studying the buildings and houses around them. Trying not to concentrate on the boy beside her who, she truly believed, could snap her in two with his muscled arms. How strong were wolves? Stronger than vampyres? It seemed…weird, considering another supernatural race out there besides them. Someone stronger or faster. Impossible. "So." He said, breaking the silence.

Alice took a deep breath. "Yes?"

He worked his jaw a couple times, dark brown eyes looking Alice over curiously. He clucked his tongue and shrugged his massive shoulders. "You're Bella's girlfriend?"

Oh. Well that wasn't what she was expecting, not at all. The pixie furrowed her brows, slowly shaking her head. "No, not…no. She liked me, I think, and I love…but we never actually…no. There were complications and confusion before all of this happened and I ruined it."

"Ah," Jake hummed again. "Yeah, I could see that. Bella's a complicated girl, nothing's ever simple for her, she kind of attracts drama. A lot." He chuckled wistfully. "She was actually in love with my girlfriend before I was."

Golden eyes widened comically as the little vampyre spluttered. "What? She was - what?"

Jacob laughed, the sound rumbling in his large chest. "Yeah. She had it pretty bad for Leah-" Alice's face darkened. She knew she'd been jealous for a reason! "-when she first joined our group. I didn't really care one way or another at that point. I think I was still too upset about my mom passing away. But Bella wouldn't stop talking about her, gushing about this and that, I had to start throwing things at her when she stared. And then I noticed she was right. Leah's hair was silky. Her voice had this perfect scratchy quality to it, gave ya goosebumps." He sighed, his shoulders slumping with the longing to see his girlfriend again. "She was really cool too, like Bella but hot."

"Bella's hot," Alice found herself saying, defending, before she even thought about it. Her cheeks flushed.

With a nod, Jake grinned down at her. "Yeah, but she's my bro. Her attractiveness kinda just bounces off of me, while Leah's pulled me in."

"So," Alice hesitated. A bitter taste filled her mouth but she forced herself to say the words anyways. "Bella loved her? Did anything ever happen between them?"

He shook her head. "Nah, Leah wasn't into girls. She had a thing for me, and when she told me, I jumped at the chance to be with her. I didn't even think of what it would do to Bella, I was just so happy she liked me. Bella stopped coming around for a while, and I thought that was it. Wouldn't take my calls or answer the door when I came over, she wouldn't even talk to Leah. But two weeks later, I found her on my doorstep, drenched in rain and apologizing. Saying that she just needed time to get used to it, but she missed us."

"That was pretty big of her." Alice said. She felt bad for being relieved that nothing happened between the two, but the thought of Bella with someone else made her feel like she had a belly full of acid.

Jake nodded, looking off down the street. "Yeah, Bella was a good person."

"She is a good person," the vampyre huffed.

Uncertain brown eyes glanced down at her, Jake's gut churning and twisting. "Yes, of course."





Blonde wavy locks fell in the boy's eyes, his scarred hand running up through his hair to bring them back out of his face. He continued to stare down at the floor while the other two chatted around him, talking about their list of Professors, and trying to decide if Mr. Monroe should be added to the Possible Psycho side of the list. The man was dark, that much was already established just from their Fencing class. He was spooky and grumpy and looked like a classic vampire from Dracula or something. Seriously, he had some kind of cape robe thing. It was weird, and Raven said that he wasn't a good man.

On the other hand, Edward said he didn't pick up anything overly psychotic or bad. Sure, he didn't pay his taxes, he used to cheat on his wife before he left her, and he abandoned three or four kids. But he never killed anyone, he couldn't stand Sulpicia, and he really did seem to care about his employment at the House. There wasn't much in his life other than his job, and most adult vamps were lucky to get a spot in a House. It was hard being a lone Vampyre out in society.

"We should make a maybe list then, Edward!" Raven growled, stomping her foot. "This man is bad. Maybe he isn't helping crate dead students off the grounds, but he wouldn't tell Esme if he knew someone else was."

Edward pinched the bridge of his nose. "You can't condemn the man on speculation. He's done nothing."

"Exactly," Raven agreed with burning purple eyes. "If he's seen something, then he's doing nothing. He's letting us die. That's just as bad as killing us."

"No, it's not the same, Raven." The bronze haired boy began pacing again. "This could ruin his life, and he may be innocent. Can you live with that? Destroying someone who hasn't done anything against us?"

She stuck her chin in the air, crossing her arms over her chest. "There's nothing innocent about that man. If I didn't have morals, I might just do something about it myself. He deserves this."

"We're not the judge, it's not for us to decide whom to punish!"

"No one else knows about him, Edward. He's going to get away with everything he's done and everything he might have done, if we don't put him on this list," Raven fumed. "Even Jasper thinks so, he said he lusts over his students. If he snaps one day and a fellow student suffers because of it, how are you going to live with that, knowing we could have prevented it?"

His jaw clenched painfully. "And if he never touches anyone, we've doomed a man who hasn't done anything wrong."


"How can you punish someone for their thoughts, Raven? Do you not ever find yourself thinking something guilt worthy?"

She considered this. "Guilt worthy? Sure. Inherently bad? No, I never actually toy with the idea, like he does."

"Can you tell me for certain that he will snap and act on his thoughts?" Edward challenged, trying to read his moral compass that wouldn't stop spinning. He couldn't destroy someone's life, he just couldn't! Why was she asking him to? This was wrong, all of this, they shouldn't be the judge and jury, it wasn't up to them. They were just kids, how were they supposed to pass judgement on another being?

Raven's face softened, losing her argumentative fire. She helplessly shook her head, frustrated tears in her eyes. "Edward, can you tell me for certain that he won't?"

The two stared at each other for what felt like centuries. Jasper desperately tried to block out their emotions, lest Edward's guilt start eating at him too, or Raven's confliction make him dizzier than she already was. He knelt down on the floor, running his fingers over the grooves in the marble of the Training Hall. He'd been staring at this…indentation for fifteen minutes, trying to figure out what it was. It didn't go with any of the other designs or writing in the marble. It was…random, just there, in the middle of the Hall. He looked up towards the ceiling, gazing at the stars through the skylight.

Edward's voice, dejected and soft, broke the silence. "Put him on the list."

"Guys," Jasper called out when he finally figured out just what these grooves were. He made a fist, lining his knuckles up with the four indentations, looking back up at the skylight. "Edward, you remember that one night we were supposed to go training with Bella?"

He nodded, staring up at the skylight and then back down at his boyfriend. "We got distracted and by the time we showed up, she was gone."

"But all her stuff was still there, so we grabbed it for her." Jasper said, straightening back up. "Mickey said he saw her running like a madwoman and we all assumed it was because she was late for a Circle meeting."

Edward shrugged his shoulders. "Well yeah, she was hanging out with Rosalie after that."

"We haven't had a Circle meeting in a long time now," Raven piped in.

Jasper nodded down at the fist mark in the marble floor. "I think someone was chasing her."

"What?" Edward gasped, crouching down to look. He reeled back, looking up at the two with wide green eyes. "Who could do that to the floor? And -And from the skylight? No. No, that's not possible. You can't survive a drop like that."

"We still don't know why Sulpicia is killing us." Raven said. It felt like she had a lead ball in her stomach as she looked up at the skylight. "And what she's doing with them."





I hated Jane.

Hated her, her face, her hair, her tiny little body, her guts. Everything about her. I hated it all. The smug little cretin knew this too and made it her life's mission to torment me any moment she could, which was often. Apparently Aro was a very busy man and not at the mansion nearly as much as I thought, so Jane had free rein to do pretty much anything she could think of. Everyone treated her like a princess, and the other two specials didn't seem to mind. Granted, Alec was her brother so he supported her, and he was just as sick and twisted as she, just not as obvious about it.

Renata wasn't really like that. She wasn't a ray of sunshine or anything, I'd actually seen her take the head of another vampire clean off his shoulders during their sparing. The girl didn't seem to get any pleasure from it though, and I guess that made her better than the twins. Renata was just this…broken thing. Different from the other vampires, not falling into the category of demented beast for Aro to unleash, or empty vessel he could command, she was just broken. Black eyes haunted, scarred, but not hollow or void of anything, she was an unwilling weapon that Aro still kept an eye on now and then. Made sure his blood was pumping through her system, just in case, because her defiance and hate still flared out whenever she looked at him.

Though I knew the chances were slim, I hoped I was still doing better than her. I could feel myself slipping every day, every hour I was there. Each horrendous act Aro had me perform was becoming easier to do. Not easier easier, but it wasn't a shock to my system anymore. My guilt was gone, perhaps because of Milo's words, maybe he was right and a weapon had no reason to feel guilt. These were Aro's decisions, his hand pulling the trigger. Or perhaps it was that my conscience had just died, finally catching up with my body.

Either way, it…helped. Aro wasn't keeping such a close eye on me anymore, and I could wander the mansion all I wanted. I'd even been granted permission to watch over the "pawns" while they went out hunting in the city, to keep them in check. Of course there were boundaries I couldn't pass, certain streets he had forbidden me from stepping foot into, creating a box around the mansion, and had ordered the pawns to kill me should I disobey.

That's where I currently found myself, leaning against an old gas station in its shadow. The sun had just gown down, leaving more of a dusky sky, and the humans had all scurried off into their homes, winding down for bed.

"Wish we didn't have to kill them before we fed," Albert grumbled from beside me, his arms crossed over his chest with a silent snarl on his face. His blonde hair stuck up in random places and, along with his stained and scruffy clothing, he looked like a beautiful homeless boy. His black eyes stared expectantly up at me while we waited for Stephan to finish his…meal in the alley.

My hands clenched and unclenched in the pockets of my jeans. Since I had woken up, all my needs had been taken care of almost immediately. Aro's specials wanted for nothing, it seemed, and that included wardrobes. It had been a while since I hadn't been in my uniform, all dolled up with my ties and blazers and suspenders. I felt weird in just a pair of jeans, hoodie, and sneakers. I felt… plain.

I met Albert's onyx gaze, my face hard. "Would you rather they scream and alert the human police?"

"We could take them!"

Sighing, I rolled my eyes, kicking off the wall. "Then you're stupider than you look. Which is really stupid already."

He snarled, jerking forwards towards me. "Fuck you!" My hand shot out, grabbing the front of his shirt and yanking him into my face, his snarl and threat dying out quickly. "Hey, wait! I'm sorry. I was just playing, seriously. Let go."

"Pathetic," I scoffed, shoving him backwards, watching him stumble to the cement ground. "What's that smell?"

Albert lifted his nose to the air while Stephan stepped around the corner, wiping the blood from his face. "I smell vampyre," he growled out, shadow framed black eyes looking around hungrily. The tall skinny vampire blurred over to us, helping Albert to his feet while I crept to the corner of the building, peeking around it.

Honestly, I expected something. My heart skipping, though I knew it was dead and unmoving now. My breath catching in my throat, even if I didn't need it. My stomach flipping, filled only with Aro's poisonous blood. There was nothing, much to my growing disappointment, not a flicker of anything, and it just further proved how dead I really was. Sure, I was walking around, but you weren't truly living if you never felt anything.

My red eyes zeroed in on the three walking down the sidewalk two blocks away. The familiar faces of Eve, Rosalie, and Emmett, old friends from my old life. It felt like it had been years, centuries, or that it was all a dream. There were dark circles under all their eyes, like they hadn't been sleeping, and I wondered what they were doing out here so early in the day. Why they weren't back at the House, sleeping.

A small voice in the back of my head suggested that they were out here, looking for me, coming to save me from Aro and the others, but I quickly silenced it. They thought I was dead, rejecting the Change. They'd seen it happen. And even if they somehow figured out that I was still alive -sort of- and really were out here to look for me, it was pointless. I couldn't go back with them. I was trapped in the box Aro had created. And I was…I was a monster now. A nightmare bound in flesh and venom, as cold and lifeless as the gargoyle statues by the front gates of the House.

"Well, well, well, look at this." Albert brushed against my side side, rolling his shoulders and cracking his neck. "This should be fun."

Rumbling erupted from my chest as I glared at him. "Leave them."

"Hell no!" he huffed. "Do you know how delicious fledgling blood is? Not quite human, not quite vampyre. Sarah is always bragging about changing them." Vampires biting vampyres, like Milo had done to me, injecting their venom to change them into us. "It's my turn."

I reached out, grabbing his shoulder and shoved him back into the wall. "If fledglings go missing, the High Priestess will investigate. There's a reason for Sulpicia's process, stupid."

"Stop calling me stupid!" Albert growled. "We can blame it on the humans, they already hate vampyres. I just want one, the little one with white hair."

His words sparked something in me, the hungry and malicious look in his black eyes making it grow and burn. My lip curled back in a snarl, my eyes stinging as the whites faded to black, shadows spreading out to frame them. In a blur of movement, my fist shot out and Albert gasped, shrieking as his chest caved in, insides bursting into flame. He yanked and scratched at my arm while the flames filled him up, spilling out onto the ground by our feet, and I sneered in his face, watching it twist in agony and fear.

Stephan's pale hand hesitated before patting my shoulder. "They're coming," he whispered.

Finally I pulled my hand back, stepping away and let Albert collapse to the ground.


Guess I found my Flame.





The little vampyre's head whipped up in surprise at the shriek of pain that filled the street. She looked over to the others who froze, alarmed at the sudden noise shattering their silence. "What if it's Alice and Jacob?" She questioned.

"Go!" Rosalie hissed, taking off down the sidewalk with her warrior and Eve at her heels. Her mind was racing, thoughts filled with the possibility of Alice being gone. Dead, she thought in a strangled voice. She pushed herself faster, shaking the thought from her head. Alice wasn't dead. She was fine. She was all the way on the other end of the city, perfectly safe, waiting to meet up and call Rosalie a selfish, shallow bitch. She was fine. Alive. The blonde wasn't losing anyone else.

When they finally slowed down to a stop, breathing deeply while Eve doubled over to catch her breath, Rosalie frowned.

Taking a deep breath, Eve straitened back up, looking around them. "This…this is where it came from," she panted out, her face flush. "I'm certain of it."

"Look!" Emmett gasped, jogging over to an old gas station building. He nodded to the little alley beside it and the others stopped by his side, uneasy looks on their faces. "What happened? Do you think…was this a person before?"

Rosalie crouched down next to the burning embers, pulling a pen out of her purse. She hooked it in something, lifting up what was clearly a belt with a silver buckle. "Yeah." At some point, it had been human. Or vampyre maybe? Now it was just a pile of burning clothes, scorched bones, and a lot of ash. Like someone had been burned in an inferno, even the cement and brick wall were scorched.

Beside the giant, Eve shifted foot to foot. "Rosalie did you…did you feel something when they shrieked?"

"Yeah," she snorted, standing up. "Felt my heart in my throat."

Grey eyes studied the scorch marks, Eve's chest fluttering. "Besides that. Something deeper." Her pocket buzzed and she tore her gaze away from the scene in front of them, pulling her phone out of her pocket. Two text messages from Cole and Raven.

What just happened?

She looked up at the blonde who was slowly nodding, dropping her hands to turn around and around, scouring the area. Her heart hammered in her chest, squinting her eyes and straining them to see in the darkening light while Emmett asked what was going on.

A hopeful smile pulled at her lips. "We felt Bella."





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