Chapter 1

BPOV (Bella)

My name's Isabella Swan though I go by Bella, I've lived in a small town named Forks my whole life. I'm a half-blood with my dad being native and my mom white. I'm 5'9" tall and tan, with long wavy blue-black hair and chocolate coloured eyes. I go to Forks High School which is where I met my boyfriend, Edward Cullen.

Edward and I have been together for a year now, we started dating at the start of our sophomore year. Edward is different from any boy you could ever hope to date. He's beautiful, strong, smart, pale and well… he's a vampire. I know, I know, it's stupid to date someone who may very well view you as dinner, but it's not like that. Edward and his family don't drink from humans, they drink animal blood so really it's not much different from us eating meat.

I'm really excited though, cause today is my 17th birthday and Alice is planning a party for me. I can't wait to see what she's done. Edward is coming to take me to his house in only a few moments I need to finish getting ready. Undressing for my shower, I feel something soft rubbing against my leg, reaching down I find what ever it is and hold it in front of me to see what is was.

I couldn't figure out what it was, it looked like it was a long haired torbie cat's tail that was like 2½ feet long. Pulling it, I let out a yelp as I feel something at the base of my spine. Looking behind me, I see that the tail is actually attached. To. Me.

Running to the bathroom, I look in the mirror to see if anything else is weird. There on top of my head is a pair of cat's ears too! Looking closely I see that my normal human ears have disappeared, and that my usual chocolate brown eyes have turn to copper coloured cat eyes!

Ok, I'm freaking out now. I need to calm down.

Getting into the shower, I try to think of reasons of why this would be happening, not coming up with anything I just concentrate on relaxing.

After my shower I move to look in the mirror and start playing with my ears, I soon find out that I can lay them right back making them almost disappear into my hair while still being able to hear, so I fluff my hair up and keep them back hoping no one will notice them. Getting dressed I make sure to wear loose pants even though I knew Alice wouldn't like it, but I needed to hide my new tail. OMG! I have a tail and cat ears!

By this time, Edward was at my door ready to take me to his house.

"Hello, Bella. Happy birthday" Edward said kissing me gently.

"Thanks, shell we go?"

"Hop on and close your eyes" saying so he swung me onto his back.

We reached his home in a few seconds, as we were heading for the door we were met by Alice running out.

"Oh, thank god you're ok"

"What do you mean Alice?" I asked concerned.

"Well I was going through your future, you know to see your reactions to your gifts, when suddenly it totally disappeared! I had no idea what happened."

"Well obviously nothing did. Can I open my presents now?"

"Nope. Not until you have your cake, and Emmett insists on party games." Alice rolled her eyes at this.

"Ok, I'll wait."

"Oh you're going to have so much fun. I saw it before my vision went black."

After I'd eaten the delicious cake Esme had made, Emmett insisted we play a bunch of corny party games, he definitely had the most fun. Finally Alice saved us.

"Ok! It's time for gifts."

In my excitement, I forgot about my new ears and they perked up, causing everyone to cry out in shock.

"What! What happened to your ears? Why do you have cat ears?" Everyone shouted at the same time, causing me to cover my ears which were much more sensitive in this form.

"I'm really not sure what happened. I not only have cats ears but also eyes, and a tail." With that, I pull my new tail out to show everyone.

"That's so cool Bella Bear! Can I pet it?" Emmett asked excitedly

"Sure, just don't pull it ok? It hurts when you do." He ran up to me and started to pet my tail, and god, did it feel good

"Did you just purr?" Edward asked sounding almost disgusted.

"Must have I seem to other cat attributes, I can now seem to walk with out tripping, I'm able to fit in small places, and I can jump really high. So why not purr?" He looked even more disturbed after this.

"Bella? Do you think I could do some tests?" Carlisle asked.

"What kind of tests?"

"Just simple ones."

"Um…Sure I guess."

"Ok this first one is simple. I'd like you to close your eyes and we're going to move around. I'm going to shut off the lights and you're going to go to each of us in turn ok? We'll be able to see so don't worry."


As the lights turned off Carlisle said, "I'd like you to go first to Alice."

I opened my eyes and I could see perfectly, I walked straight to Alice who was behind the sofa jumping over it in the process. "Ok now Emmett." Emmett was hiding behind the chair. "I quickly and quietly ran and jumped on him "Ahhh! Bells, you scared me! I didn't even hear you." "Esme." I moved over and gave her a hug. "Now Jasper." I decided to do the same thing to him as I did to Emmett, but this time Jasper was looking at me. Somehow, I was able to move quickly behind him and get on his back before he could turn. "How did you do that?" "I'm not sure" "Anyways could you move on to Edward now?" I turned looking for Edward but couldn't see him, so I tried listening for him but heard nothing, he must be holding his breath, lastly, I sniffed the air, following his sent I found him in the kitchen.

"Got you Edward." I said as I went to kiss him, he pulled away shaking his head.

"I can't do this." He said before taking off.

I stayed put wondering what just happened. I finally turned to the rest of the family. "Do any of you know what's going on?"

"By his emotions, he's confused, and well sadly a little disgusted." Jasper said sadly.

"But why?"

"I think it's because you're no longer human, if you ever were."

"Oh, Alice? Can you see what he's going to do?"

"Yes, he's leaving."

"Are you going to go with him?"

"No. He's alone. Why would we leave you because you're not human, we can't really talk now can we?"

"Thank you Alice."

"No problem. Now would you like to open your gifts?"

My ears perked again "Yes!"

By the time I was done, I had an iPhone 4 from Alice and Jasper, a new lap top from Edward, plane tickets from Carlisle and Esme and a giant teddy bear from Emmett and Rose.

"Thank you all they're great presents." I said as I hugged each of them, even Jasper, he told me that my blood no longer smelled human so it didn't bother him as much.

"What am I going to do now?" I ask Carlisle "How can I go to school with cat ears and a tail?"

"I personally would talk to the Quileute elders, they may be able to help you. As for your other question, I'd say to just do what you did tonight, but don't get excited about anything, none of us noticed until your ears perked up."

"Why would I talk to the elders?"

"They may have a legend about this, if not talk to your father he may know."