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Chapter 13

After we'd finished teasing Jake about being caught, Jake spoke up again.

"You girls know that we'll have to tell the counsel about all this right?"

*sigh* I did know this… I guess it's not too bad for me because the boys already know about me but Ang is going to have to show everyone… all at once. I'm glade Jake and I will be there with her. "Yea Jake, I know. You get everyone together – at Sam's house preferably – and Ang and I will meet you there."

"Sure sure. Bells? Try to get Ang to calm down… she's hyperventilating." Turning around I see that Jake's right… Dam poor girl.

"Get going I'll take care of her… howl when everyone's ready." I say over my shoulder as I go to hug Angela hoping it will help her calm down.

"Ang… it's going to be fine. I promise. Nether Jake or I will let anything happen to you. Trust me the most danger you have is that the boys are going to end up jealous of Jake for having a fairy for an imprint. Just remember… the boys turn into giant dogs… because of that they are loyal to their family, and being Jake's imprint makes you a part of that family." I ramble trying to calm her down and thankfully, her shaking has stopped… Just in time too, I hear Jake calling. "Come on Ang… let's go make some boys jealous!" I say with a laugh and Ang nodds with a slight smile.

We walk outside and I pull her up into my arms carrying her bridle style "It'll be faster if I run… hold tight." And I took off towards Sam's. As we come into sight of the house I set her down so I can tuck in my tail and fix my ears so I can show them when I need to.

"Hey, my wolves! We're here!" I yell even knowing that they can hear me if I were to whisper.

"Here Kitty kitty kitty! Come find us!" I hear Jake yell back followed by three smacks and an "OW!" I laugh walking into the living room.

Hey guys, Leah, Billy, Harry…" I nod to every one before going over to Seth "Hi Babe…" I sit down on his lap then look over at Angela "Ang! Grab a seat!" as she walks over Jake grabs her and sits her on his lap as well.

"Well I'm guessing this meeting has some thin g to do with imprinting." Billy says laughing at Angela as she pouted in Jake's arms.

"Well you'd be right and wrong dad… There's a bit more to it then that."

"What do you mean Jake?"

I spoke up "Well yes Ang was imprinted on by Jake and like wise Seth on me, top it of with Leah and Collin imprinting on each other, you'd think we'd have enough to think about but nooo…"

"A double imprint? Amazing… especially for you two."

"What do you mean?"

"Well there have been double imprints before but seeing as there was only ever males in the pack before you can see where our point is coming too…"

"You mean two guys? How could that be possible? I thought imprinting was for carrying on the wolf gene… and men can't become pregnant…"

"Normal men can't but in double imprints were they are both male one – the submissive – will be able to become pregnant."

"Wow… Cool!"

"That's amazing."


That was when Embry spoke up, "Billy? Sam? Um… QuilandIimprintedoneachother…"

"Say again?"

He took a deep breath "Uh… Quil and I imprinted on each other…"

I launched myself at the boys "Yea Embry! I know you could do it!"

"Really?" Billy and Sam asked. They both nodded with me still hugging them.

"Cool… Are we not the oddest pack? What with Bella and everything…" Paul yelped as I smacked him. "Bells that hurt. Ow, that really really hurt…" The elders looked confused at this.

"How could she hurt you?" Billy asked.

"Well that's the other thing we're here to talk to you about. Remember when I came to you asking about legends?

"Yes I do… something about cat people. I told you what I found."

"Yes you did thank you. Would you like to know why I wanted to know?" At their nods I let my ears up and pulled out my tail.

"Amazing… so those legends are true as well?"

"I'm starting to think all legends are true." I nudged Ang to get her to stand up with me.

"Uh… I also have something to tell you. I'm not human."

"WHAT?" Eveyone but Jake and I shouted though the elders were a little quieter.

I nod at her to continue, "Well you see… I'm a fairy."

"Really? Do all fairies look so… normal?" Jared asked.

"Kinda sorta… see what you see as well me isn't really what I look like."

"What do you really look like then?" This time it was Seth that asked.

"Um…sure?" And for the third time Ang started to glow and when it dimmed we all saw Ang in her awesome cool fairyness.

"Wow… you look beautiful Angela." Leah said in wonder.


"See? I told you we had the coolest pack… Ow! Bella!"

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