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All the characters from Bleach are put into the world of Naruto. Where the Gotei 13 are in the elemental nations.

First chapter is very long and just sets up the relationships between various Bleach and Naruto characters. I'd like to think that I did a good job with being creative, but I guess it's up to you in the end.

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Within the mountains of the large northeastern country of Tsuchi no Kuni, the Village Hidden in the Rocks, Iwagakure no Sato, or just Iwa for short, was one of the five main hidden villages of the great continent known as the Elemental Nations. It was an ancient time compared to the one now, as the villages had just been finally settled, the great Bijuu, or Tailed Beasts, had been separated to the most populated of the ninja villages and the Nidaime Hokage, Senju Tobirama, had recently been brought into power, and what would later be known as the First Great Shinobi War was well on it's way. But none of these are what our story is about. Our story is about a boy who has not even been born yet, so why are we talking about this old time? Simple, this is where it all began. It began with a choice, and it would lead to an everlasting change of this continent, but not for some time to come.

What led the change will be a group of many strong individuals, the oldest and most experienced of them being right from this village of Iwa, at the village gates to be more specific.

A man, into his early forties, stood in front of three boys, one being noticeably older then the other two. The man was a Jonin of Iwa, and a very good one. His vast knowledge of Katon, or Fire Release, techniques had led him to survive and win many battles in the ongoing war, though not uninjured. If he were to remove his shirt, one would see a darkly tanned and chiseled chest, littered with scars. The three boys were his students, and today may be the last time he ever saw one of them.

The oldest one was a boy, no, a man appearing to be in his early twenties. He had brick-red hair with kind eyes. He was garbed in standard Iwa attire, a brand new Chunin vest on his chest and a large brown headpiece with an Iwa headband on the forehead. This boy possibly had the highest Chakra reserves in the village, along with the most dangerous powers. Thus the reason he was leaving, he couldn't control either of them. His name was Roshi, no surname, having lost his parents before he was old enough to even know them. He was a special man, as when Senju Hashirama, the Shodai Hokage had given the Bijuu to the many villages, Iwa had gotten the Yonbi no Saru, Four-Tailed Monkey. The demon was then sealed within this child, Roshi, at a young age, making him a Jinchuriki.

The second boy was dressed in similar attire to the first, minus the vest. He had short white hair, despite being no older than twelve, and calm brown eyes. He was the eldest son of a low-class aristocratic family. He lived with his five brothers and two sisters, essentially supporting them by himself. He was young, yes, but he was no stranger to a battlefield. He had a sword, a katana, strapped to each side of his waist. He was frowning slightly at Roshi.

The third and final member of this group was another boy, just as young as the second and dressed the same, though his clothes were partially hidden under a bright pink haori. His messy brown hair hanging wildly, showing he had not combed it recently, if ever. Both him and his white-haired friend had been prodigies, getting onto the same team as Roshi and their sensei when they were young, nearly eight years younger than Roshi, putting the Jinchuriki at the same age as one Sarutobi Hiruzen.

"So, you're really going, Roshi?" Said the Jonin, more as a statement then question.

"Hai, sensei." Replied Roshi, bowing slightly. "Now that I have reached Chunin I can leave the village."

"But why leave?" Asked the white-haired boy, frowning at his teammate. "We need you here, the war is still-"

"Silence!" Said the Jonin, and his student obeyed, while the pink wearing boy sighed. "It is his choice if he wishes to do so."

"The war is practically over." Said Roshi, turning to his two younger teammates. "I need to go as soon as I can and train it."

The pink-garbed boy sighed again, seeming to do that a lot. "You're always talking about training that monkey of yours, Roshi. Yet whenever you try you just blow something up. Why not just give up? It's not like you need it."

"Not now." Roshi said back. "But someday I will need its strength. That's why I'm leaving. It's far to dangerous to use it around here." The pink-wearing boy sighed again and the white-haired boy's frown deepened.

"I guess we can't stop you. You never were the type to give up anyway." Said the pink-wearing boy.

"Good luck, Roshi." Said the Jonin, his oldest charge turning to him. "And if you ever fully master the crazy lava power of yours, seek me out, it'll be a good fight." He finished, smiling.

Roshi returned the smile with a nodded. When he turned back to his pink-wearing teammate, the boy sighed again, but looked back with a small smile. "Kick some ass, Monkey-Boy." Roshi visibly flinched at the old nickname, causing the some chuckles.

When Roshi looked at his white-haired teammate, the boy was still frowning. After a momentary staring contest, he muttered something under his breath before speaking to Roshi. "Just don't die."

This caused Roshi's smile to widen, getting a smile in return from white-haired boy to. "As if that would ever happen." The redhead then bowed to his sensei again. "I will make you proud, sensei." Turning to the white-haired boy. "Take care of that family of yours, Jushiro." The white-haired boy, now known as Jushiro, nodded and smiled wider. Roshi turned to the last member. "Try to stop being so damn lazy, Shunsui."

The pink-wearing boy, Shunsui, just smiled and made a peace sign with one hand. "As if."

Roshi chuckled and turned, running out the village gates, waving over his shoulder. After he disappeared into the distance, the Katon using Jonin turned to his two remaining charges. "We better train, you don't want to fall behind him now, do you?"

Jushiro nodded and stood straight like any good student. Shunsui just sighed again. "Hai, Yama-Jii."

"Stop calling me that, I'm not that old." The Jonin replied.

"You have a beard and most of your hair is gone." Shunsui replied. "Face it, the great Ryujin no Yamamoto (Yamamoto of the Dragon God) is old."

Yamamoto let out of low growl, his eyes narrowing. "This is why I say that all of you youngsters need a good beating."

That was the outcome of one war. Not who won it, but the three people; Genryusai Shigenkuni Yamamoto, Ukitake Jushiro, and Kyoraku Shunsui. Three warriors of Iwa that will one day join the group that will change the world.

Some years later, in a situation that is both similar and at the same time completely different. Now, in the later war known as the Second Great Shinobi War, we have many more occurrences. The first being here, on an abandoned street, in an abandoned town, in an abandoned farmland. We find a lone person, a child. It was a girl, ten at the oldest. The rain was pouring down as she sat there, her knees hugged to her chest, her short green hair darkened by the falling water. She wore a dark cloak that covered her whole body and was horribly starved, not having eaten in days.

Just when she was about to fall into an uneasy sleep, she heard a noise from the mouth of the alleyway she was hiding in. Thinking quickly, she ducked behind a nearby dumpster just as she heard light footsteps coming towards her. After a minute of tense silence, something came around the dumpster and saw the girl, but it was not a ninja like she was expecting.

"Bark! Bark!" The small, brown dog yipped at the hiding girl, who just starred back, her gray eyes holding slight confusion.

"Oi! Chibi, where are you?" Came a voice.

"Maybe he went go get something to eat." Said another voice, this one quieter and more nervous sounding.

"Come on, Nagato." The first voice said. "We just ate what we swiped off the last guy, Chibi can't still be hungry."

"Bark! Bark!" The little dog yipped out again.

"Hey, he's over here!" Came a third voice, this one sounding female. There was then the sound of feet thudding on the wet ground and splashing, indicating someone running to the small dog, Chibi, causing the hiding girl's dark gray eyes to widen in fear. "Chibi, what are you doing, running away like that?" The voice questioned again, much closer.

"Bark! Bark!" Chibi yipped out, turning to face the person but not moving from its spot.

"What's wrong with you? We need to go-" The voice cut off as the person, a young, blue-haired girl came into view, instantly seeing the hiding girl. The newcomer's amber eyes widened and she turned back to the mouth of the alleyway, yelling to whoever was there. "Yahiko! Nagato! Someone's here!"

"What?" Came two voices at the same time, followed by the sounds of more people running down the alley. The two people stopped next to the blue-haired girl, appearing to be about the same age. One had spiky orange hair. He gave a concerned look at the half-starved girl. The other one was deathly pale with his saggy crimson red hair covering his eyes.

"Hey there." Said the blue-haired girl, kneeling down to look at the soaked girl, who was terrified of being surrounded as she was, but the calming voice stopped her from acting rashly. "My name is Konan. What's yours?"

The girl looked between the three people, no older than she was. Thinking for a moment, she brushed her dark green hair away from her eyes and spoke. "Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck."

Now we move to the large village of Konohagakure no Sato, or the Village Hidden Among Tree Leaves. In this village is where the boy, the one that this story is about, will be born, but we are not there yet. Right now, we are still in the Second Great Shinobi War. Much like in Iwa, we will start at the village gates. But this is not like the four in Iwa where they parted on a happy note, no. This is much different.

Here, in the dark of night, we find a single person, a female. A Kunoichi, as she obviously was one, was dressed in samurai-like armor with her long blond hair tied in two ponytails. She was labeled the greatest medic-nin in the world, not that she believed it. She had failed to save her lover, and later her younger brother, both falling to this horrible war. She was Senju Tsunade, and in her hand she held what she believes had cursed them to their deaths, a necklace.

The granddaughter of Hashirama put the necklace on and began to walk out of the village, never wanting to come back. Just when she was under the gateway, two voices stopped her.


Turning around, the Slug Princess saw two girls, both ten years old, running towards her. They were twins, and what would have someday been related to Tsunade, being as they were her deceased lover's nieces. They both had dark hair and were the same height. One kept her hair long and in a partial braid with kind blue eyes. The other kept her hair short with her eyes being coal black.

"Retsu, Shizune, what are you doing?" Tsunade questioned.

The two girls stopped in front of the Slug Princess, panting heavily from their run. Taking a moment to catch their breath, the two similarly dropped to the ground and bowed deeply to Tsunade, speaking at the same time. "Tsunade-sama, please bring us with you!" They both yelled out, not looking up.

Tsunade was surprised by this, and then remembered something important, they had no one left. Their mother, Dan's sister, had died shortly after their birth, followed soon by their father. Now with Dan, Tsunade's lover, dead as well they had no one left.

"Very well."

The twins' heads shot up, not expecting it to be that easy. A large smile adorned each of their faces.

"But." Tsunade continued, causing the two's smiles to fall. "We will be leaving Konoha, for good." The twins, who had stood back up, nodded, they knew this was coming. "Do you have everything you need, it will be a long trip." Two more nods. "Very well, we will leave immediately, but only if you can keep a secret."

"Secret, Tsunade-sama?" Retsu asked, Shizune tilting her head to the side in confusion.

"Yes, a secret." Tsunade confirmed, a small smile on her face. "One that you can never tell anyone, understand?" She hissed out.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama!" They chorused.

Tsunade nodded before another smile adorned her face. She got a far away look in her eyes as she placed a hand on her stomach. "It seems that Dan-kun has left me one more gift before he passed on." The girls' eyes widened. "I have many enemies, and if they found out I have a daughter than she won't survive long, that's why I need you to keep it a secret."

The two nodded again, Shizune speaking up. "If you know it's going to be a girl, what will you name her?"

Tsunade's smile widened. "I'll give her Dan's surname, Kotetsu. So her name will be Kotetsu Isane."

Now, once again, we skip to another war, The Third Great Shinobi War. It is the last major war to happen thus far, but there will be others, no question about that, but for now let us focus on this one. Actually, let us first look at the trigger for this famous war, the disappearance of the Sandaime Kazekage of Sunagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Sand. The disappearance was actually an assassination of the Kazekage, one of the few in the world that actually went off with no problem, and even better no one knowing.

For the actual battle, the Kazekage, sole user of the legendary Iron Sand, was completely annihilated by two people. One being equally famous as the Kazekage, the puppet master, Akasuna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sand). The other assassin being a young, slightly psychopathic, boy by the name of Ichimaru Gin.

These two, like many before them, had also left their village. Walking through the desert, Sasori showed no emotion, while Gin kept his eyes narrowed to slits and a large smile on his face, though this was normal for the boy. His hair was sort and silver in color. He wore a black robe that stopped at his knees; it was decorated with a white chain design going from his left shoulder to his waist. In his small hands was a bag of dried persimmons, where he got them was anyone's guess. He was humming a small tune, not seeming to care that the high sun was beating down on him.

Sasori, a man with tanned skin, blood red hair, and a dead look in his eyes; paid no attention to his young companion, but when the humming suddenly stopped, the puppet user turned around to see the boy standing several steps behind him and looking to his left. "Gin, Why did you stop?" Instead of answering, the fox-like boy ran in the direction he was looking stopping several yards away over something orange. When Sasori got closer, he saw that it was actually a girl, about Gin's age and on death's door.

"You must be hungry." Gin noted, hovering over the girl. "My name is Ichimaru Gin, what's yours?"

Sasori stayed where he was as Gin fed the girl some of his dried persimmons. For anyone else, Sasori would have just left him, but Gin was helpful. He was by far the smartest kid the puppeteer ever met, a real genius.

The girl spoke up in a raspy voice after eating some of the fruits. "Matsumoto Rangiku."

On the other side of the map, in a small country that was slowly being consumed by the war, was the Village Hidden Among the Whirling Tides, Uzushiogakure no Sato. On the coast of the island country a battle was raging. Among the fighters of were a Genin team consisting of one female and two males. The female and one of the males had blood red hair, a common sight for those of Uzushio. The third member had coal black hair, also quiet common.

"Niño, where are you going?" Yelled the black haired boy with a heavy accent as he spun into a kick, hitting an enemy shinobi and killing him instantly. "The battle is this way!"

"Oh, just let the idiot go, Dor." Said the female, deflecting oncoming projectiles with a pair of glowing chains. "If he wants to go fight on his own then let him."

The man known as Dordoni Alessandro del Socaccio, snorted at the nickname. "I told you to stop calling me that, Bebé."

"I will as soon as you stop calling me that." The woman said, never taking her eyes of the fight. "Same with that idiot, Renji. If you stop calling him Niño then he'll call you by name… probably."

"Fine, I'll call you Kushina, happy now?"

"Very." She said with a smile, only for it to slip when she saw her other teammate running back from wherever he went off to, a large group of enemies behind him. Kushina pinched the bridge of her nose. "Why is he such an idiot?" She asked no one in particular.

In a less populated Snow Country, Yuki no Kuni, the Daimyo of the country, Kazahana Sosetsu, was in his office, writing on various documents. He stopped when a knock came from his room door. "Come in." He said, putting down his pen. The door opened to show a girl, a teenager at most. Her dark hair was tied in two braids, her green eyes shown through her red-rimmed glasses.

"Reporting in, sir." The teenager said with a deep bow.

"Ah, Lisa, it's good to see you." Said Sosetsu. "What do you have to report?"

Lisa rose form her bow, fixing her glasses with a finger. "It would seem that none of the inland countries are attempting to attack us, so we should be safe." The Daimyo nodded. "How are things here, if I may ask sir?"

"Very good, my wife, along with Ise-san are expecting children, both are expected to be girls." The man said, a wide smile adorning his face.

Lisa smiled back. "That's good to hear, sir." Her smile suddenly dropped, replaced by a scowl. "But as good as that may be, sir, I still believe you should watch out for your younger brother."

"Doto? What would he do?" The man asked, obviously confused.

"Just call it a hunch, sir." And with that, she left.

On another country that was away from the mainland, known as Oni no Kuni, Demon Country, another similar meeting was taking place. This one being between the great priestess, Miroku, and one of her more favorable guards. "So, what do you have to say?"

"The other countries will not attack us, Miroku-sama." Said the blonde teenager, his long hair falling over one eye. His face had a look of someone who was deeply depressed, yet it fit him perfectly. "They are concentrating all their forces on each other."

"That is good to hear, Kira." Said the priestess, visibly relaxing. "By the way where is the other two?"

Kira opened his mouth to answer, only to be stop as a loud crash was heard from right outside the door, followed closely by a "Hey get back here!"

"They're outside." Kira said, followed by another crash. "Should I stop them?"

"Please do. We don't need more things to fix." Said Miroku.

"Hai, Miroku-sama." Kira turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. He then pulled his weapon, a large metal hook, from his waist and held it at his side. "I will never understand these two." He muttered, seeing the many broken walls that were already to late to save. "Now, where did they-" A crash was heard in the distance. "There they are." The blonde walked down the pathway and soon found his targets.

There was another teenager with short silver hair and a look of anger on his face. He was currently panting and bruised while kneeling on the ground. In one hand, he had the neck of a girl who he was pinning to the ground. The girl had green hair, held back by what appeared to be goggles. A scarf around her neck and wide, innocent eyes.

"What the hell was all that, Mashiro?" The silver-haired man yells at the girl. Mashiro blinks then shrugs, much to the man's annoyance. "That's it." He hissed out, rearing his free hand back and curling it into a fist.

Kira sighed loudly at this, looking at the sky. "Why does Miroku-sama keep these two around anyway?" When another crash was heard, Kira looked back to see Mashiro gone and the man sprawling on the ground. When he got up, a large bruise was visible on his chin. He let out a chain of curses before running in a random direction, intent on finding the girl. Kira sighed again. "Dammit Kensei, I was hoping not to have to chase you." He then saw a small boy with short black hair and in a pale brown kimono. "Shuhei-san, you shouldn't be too close to those two." Kira said, gaining the boy's attention.


With a nod, the blonde gave chase.

Some time after this particular war was over, we find a man sitting in a bar within Konoha. He had long blond hair with blue eyes, garbed in the usual Konoha Jonin attire with a white trench coat. He was Namikaze Minato, war hero and Yondaime Hokage. As he was finishing another shot, someone sat down next to him.

"Get me what he's having." The newcomer, a blue-haired, blue-eyed man with a feral look in his eyes; said to the bartender, getting a nod in return.

Minato looked at the newcomer, raising an eyebrow. "Grimmjow? What're you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing, buddy." The blue-haired man returned, receiving his drink and quickly consuming it. "Aren't you supposed to be, ya know, leading the village?"

Minato consumed another shot and sighed. Looking around quickly, he saw no one else in the bar and the bartender was too far away to listen. "Wife's having another mood swing." He whispered, Grimmjow nodded in understanding.

"Any idea why?" The man asked.

"I have a couple Ideas." Minato answered. "If I had to guess I'd say-"

"You two aren't leaving me out of this, are you?" Interrupted another voice.

The two men flinched in surprise. "Will you stop doing that, Tia!" Grimmjow yelled at the new comer.

"Stopping doing what?" The person asked in apparent confusion. She was a tall woman, dark skinned with blond hair kept in two braids. The collar of her coat was tall and covered her entire lower face, much like her father's, an Aburame, had. He mother was from Kumogakure no Sato, hence her blond hair and dark skin.

"Sneaking up on us!" Grimmjow continued to rant at the tall woman.

"Just give it up, Jaegerjaquez." The bartender shouted from around the corner. "No matter how you start an argument, you'll never win it." Minato snickered at the man's words, mainly because they were true.

Grimmjow saw this and growled at the blonde. "Oh shut the hell up, Namikaze."

"Hey!" Minato yelled back, his face abnormally serious. "That's Hokage-sama to you!" There was a moment of silence as they stared at each other, before simultaneously bursting into laughter.

"Nice one." Grimmjow finally said as the laughter died down. "If Ero-sensei was here he'd say it too."

"Yeah, wish he was here though, I needed to ask him something and it's already too late." Minato sighed out. Seeing the questioning looks on the other two's faces, he motioned for Tia to sit, before taking a breath. "As I said, Kushina is having major mood swings right now."

"So you were looking for Ero-sensei for help with a woman?" Grimmjow asked in disbelief. "Minato, you make me sad."

"No, that's not it." The Hokage said as is blue haired friend ordered another drink, Tia remained silent and listened carefully. "As I was saying, I know why she's having mood swings, I just needed to ask sensei for something."

"And why is Kushina-san having mood swings?" Tia asked as Grimmjow brought his drink to his lips.

"She's pregnant."

The blue-haired man's eyes shot open and he began to choke on his drink. After a minute of pounding his fist into his chest, he was finally able to form words.


Okay, maybe it was only one word, but still.

"Yeah, I'm going to be a dad." Minato said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

"That would explain the mood swings, but why did you want sensei?" Grimmjow asked while Tia had a look of deep thought on the part of her face that was visible.

"I was going to ask that if he could find Tsunade-sama so I could ask them to be the little-guy's godparents." Minato replied.

"Wait." Tia suddenly said before Grimmjow could respond. "You said it was already to late to find sensei, why?"

Minato suddenly found his empty shot glass very interesting. "… She's… due… in about a week."

Elsewhere, back in Tsuchi no Kuni, two people were arguing… in the middle of a burning village.

"Dammit, I've told you!" Screamed one of them, a feminine blond man with his hair up in a ponytail. Only his right eye was visible as his hair covered his left. "True art is a BANG, yeah."

"And I've told you, Deidara, that true art is not an instant, it is something that can be held forever but only used when desired, it is music." Said the other man, also blonde. His hair was longer, going passed his shoulders with a bang crossing his face. His purple eyes held a look of boredom.

"You know nothing, Rojuro!" Deidara yelled back. "Your silly form of art is pathetically miniscule compared to mine, yeah!"

"I told you, I prefer being called Rose." Rojuro replied. "And what do you mean music is pathetic compared to your childish need to destroy things?"

Deidara growled lowly. "It's not childish! Just look around you and you will see what I mean, yeah." The man said, gesturing to the burning village around them. "Music could never do that, so hah!"

Rose sighed. "I can see that we are getting nowhere with this." His eyes then brightened slightly as he got an idea. "I know, from now on, we go our separate ways. Whenever we meet, we shall see who has the better form of art."

Deidara seemed to think it over before smirking largely. "I like it, yeah. We shall meet again, soon, and I will prove to you that my art is better."

Rose nodded. "Until then, my brother."

And now we move onto yet another war, not a Great Shinobi War. This one was known simply as the Bloodline War, a civil war in the country of Mizu no Kuni, home of the Village Hidden in the Mist, Kirigakure no Sato. A rebellion, led by one Terumi Mei, was started after the Yondaime Mizukage, Yagura, had started to kill off all the bloodlines in the country. At the woman's side was were two men. One being a blue-haired older man with an eye patch. The other was a wider man in a purple suit with pink hair and a pink mustache.

"Enemies at eight and twelve o'clock." Said the one with the eye patch. Instantly, Mei and the pink-haired man each turned in one of the mentioned directions. A cloud of boiling hot steam came from Mei's mouth, literally melting the enemies. The man struck his hand out, palm facing the on coming enemies, and released a seal-less Raiton technique, electrocuting all in its path. "Six and two." The eye patch wearing man spoke up again, seeming to see through the trees. Again, the two Ninjutsu users cast their own techniques. The pink-haired man launching a seal-less Doton and Mei sending lava. "Ok, big group at- wait, never mind."

"What do you mean 'never mind'?" Mei shouted at the man.

"I would also like an explanation, Ao-dono." Said the wide man.

They then saw a big group of enemies coming over the hill, just as Ao said they would. "Screw it." Said Mei, beginning to do hand seals, only to be stopped by Ao. "What are you doing, Ao?" She shouted at the one eyed man.

"Wait for it." The man said, not looking away from the large oncoming group. "Wait for it." They continued to get closer. "Wait for it." They were now easily within striking distance. "There!"

"Hiramekarei Kaiho (Hiramekarei Unsealing)!" At the command, a giant hammer made of energy smashed into the group of enemies, followed closely by a giant egg-shaped mace.

The enemies were quickly dispatched from the surprise attacks and two people landed. One, a blue-haired man with glasses connected to headphones, was holding the energy-hammer, only for it to dissipate, leaving a large double-handed sword. The other, a taller man with large afro and dark sunglasses, had the large mace resting on his shoulder.

"It is good to see that you are well, Chojuro-dono, Love-dono." Said the pink-haired man, bowing slightly.

"You to, Hachi." Said the man with the mace, Love. "How things going for you?"

"Good, it seems that we can finally take this to Yagura." Ao answered. "I think that it's about time that man gets a long needed dirt nap." Love nodded in agreement.

Mei, who was a little ways away, getting a report form Chojuro, had heard this, well, part of it anyway. "Man? About time? Get?" With a too-sweet smile, she turned to the one-eyed man. "Ao?"


"Shut up, or I'll kill you."

"What'd I do?"

Some ways away, in a clearing of a forest, a man sat against a tree. He had no shirt on, having lost it in the battles. His pants and dark hair were coated in blood. In one hand he held a sword as he looked at the sky. Around him were countless bodies of Kiri-nin, the ground soaked in their blood. At hearing a sound, the man looked down to see the last thing he expected, a child.

She was crawling, showing how young she was. He cheeks seemed to hold a permanent blush and he bubblegum pink hair framed her round face as she crawled through the carnage towards the last living man in the clearing.

"What are you doing here?" The man asked the child as she stopped in front of him. "This is the seventy-ninth district of Kiri, one of the first places they hit in the wars. How were you able to survive that long?" The child didn't answer, she just stared at him. "Do you have a name? I guess you wouldn't, would you?" The girl then turned to the man's sword that was stuck in the ground, reaching out to touch it. "You shouldn't touch that, swords are dangerous." Seeming to ignore him, she touched the menacing blade anyway, bringing her hand back, she giggled as it was covered in the blood. The man grew a surprised look at that, but it turned into a smirk. "Hey, I like you kid." The girl looked up at him, giving him a curious look. "How about you come with me?" The girl then crawled to his leg and started laughing again. The man's smirk grew. "Well, you still need a name. How about Yachiru, he was the only man I ever admired." The girl's laughter grew, seeming in approval. "As for a surname, this is the seventy-ninth district, so how about Kusajishi?"

The sounds someone approaching caused the man to tense and grip his blade. When the person came into view, it was a young girl, ten years of age with long black hair, partially held up in a bun. When he saw her, the man relaxed. "Back so soon, Haku?" The man asked.

The girl nodded, scrunching her nose at the carnage. "Did you really have to kill all of them?" She asked, though she knew the answer. Haku then saw the small, pink-haired bundle and her eyes widened. "Who's that?"

"Yachiru. Kusajishi Yachiru. She'll be coming with us." The man answered.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Haku asked. The man gave her a serious look and she sighed. "Very well. Where do we go next, Zabuza-san?"

Elsewhere, near the heart of Kirigakure no Sato, the streets were completely abandoned, sans for one person. A man with cold gray eyes and shoulder length brown hair. He wore a necklace that seemed to be the lower jaw of some kind of animal around his neck. He walked the through the streets, hands in his pockets, completely alone, something that he was used to.

Well, he wasn't completely alone. Hidden in the shadows of a nearby alley, a pair of pink eyes was watching him. As soon as he passed the shadow, the figure darted out and jumped at his back, only to hit the ground as he easily side stepped and avoided the attack without even looking. The figure got back up and charged again, letting out a battle cry. The man sighed and brought one of his hands out of his pockets to backhanded her across the face, sending her skidding across the street. It was a girl, dressed in rags. Her lime green hair stood out like a sore thumb, her pink eyes showing anger as she struggled to stand back up.

"Why are you doing this?" The man asked in tired voice. Instead of answering, the girl growled lowly and charged again, screaming out as she did. The man easily dodged. "Never charge straight on. Attack from the shadows like you just did, that was a good tactic would have worked if you were attacking a civilian." She charged again, and he dodged, his hands being replaced into his pockets. "Now that you're out in the open, you have to either fight, which I know you're too tired for." He dodged another charge, not stopping in his talk. "Run away or give up, but I doubt you'd do those either, so you might as well fight right." She stood back up, but reeled back as the man appeared right in front of her. "You're stance is horrible." He said, delivering a single kick to her ribcage, breaking through her nonexistent guard.

She hit the ground hard, trying to right her breathing. The man bent down and grabbed her by the back of her shirt, picking her up with one hand. She scrunched her eyes closed and prepared for pain, but was surprised when he placed her on her feet. Opening her eyes, she saw him kick her legs to spread them out, keeping a hand on her shoulder.

"Always keep your feet apart and one hand close for a quick block," He said, moving her right hand across her chest and her left stretched out. "-and the other ready to strike." He then looked around the street before settling his eyes on a knife left by a clumsy ninja on his way to a battle. He kicked the kunai into the air and caught it with little difficulty. He placed the kunai in her right hand, still near her chest, and curled her small fingers around the metal, holding it in reverse grip. "If at all possible, keep a weapon at all times. If it's a knife like this then hold it reverse, it's not meant to be fought with like a sword."

With that, the man turned and left the stunned girl. It was a minute before the girl realized what just happened and chased after the man, but not to attack this time. "Hey, wait!" She called. The man stopped and turned slightly to look at her. "I never got your name, mine is Lilynette."

The man looked at her for a moment before turning back to the direction he was previously going and began walking again. "Coyote Starrk." The man was surprised when she continued to follow him. Looking at her from the corner of his eye, he saw that she had a serious look on her face, but somehow looked infinitely happier than before. He could not help it, he let a small smile grace his lips.

Maybe he would not be so lonely anymore.

Now, we return to Konoha, in an underground bunker this time. The room was barren, no pictures on the dark walls, the only lighting being from the candles the lined the walls. The room had two occupants. One was an elderly man, wrapped in bandages. A scar on his chin and a cane in his one workable hand.

"I see that you are back." The cripple said to the other figure, a kneeling teenager, only his black hair visible in the lighting.

"Hai, Danzo-sama." The kneeling man said, not moving in the slightest.

"Are you well enough to take on another mission immediately?" Asked Danzo to who was possibly his best subordinate. He had taken well to the training, no longer having even an ounce of emotions left, he did not even try to pretend to have them like many others in ROOT, he just accepted it.

"Of course."

"Good, I am sending you on a special mission. The new village within Ta no Kuni has been able to kill all of our previous spies. So this time I'm sending you, do not fail. Understood?"

"Hai." The teenager, still not moving. "Shall I be given a name for this assignment?"

"Just your usual, now rise." Danzo commanded, and the teenager complied, showing his pale skin and bright emerald-green eyes to the world. "Now go, Ulquiorra."


Now we will go to a new country, one Kaminari no Kuni, Lightning country. The Village Hidden in the Clouds, Kumogakure no Sato could be found within the northern country. In this ninja village, two people, both dark-skinned like many others in Kumo, were walking along a high bridge that connected two buildings. One of them, the female, held an aura of seriousness and authority that only a noble could have. She had short dark-purple hair, kept up in a bun, her eyes were a cat-like yellow. She kept her figure covered in a bright yellow robe, decorated with flowers. Her arms were crossed, hands in the robes' sleeves and walked with a perfect posture. Various guards were following her, but one in particular stood out, being the youngest. He also had dark skin as well and appeared to be a teenager, older than the girl. He had very short black hair and a pair of glasses that seemed to constantly reflect light so his eyes could not be seen. He wore a dark blue robe with yellow trim and a high collar.

Down below, two people watched as the obvious noblewoman pass by, the sunset giving a dramatic effect. One of the watchers was an old man, the other was a girl, no older than seven. The girl had a simple red kimono and yellow obi. Her midnight black hair framed her small face.

"Listen well, little one." The old man said, not taking his eyes off of the noblewoman. "The Fon house has always protected those of the Shihoin, and you will as well." The little girl looked at the older man, surprise on her face. "That is lady Shihoin Yoruichi, the heir to the Shihoin clan. I have met her once, and she will make a great leader one day. Her guard, the man in blue, his name is Tsukabishi Tessai. He may be strong but I will not have the daughter of one of the few surviving Shihoin from the war not be protected by one of our own. Is that understood?"

"Hai, Jiji-sama." The girl replied, looking back to the now named Yoruichi in a new light.

The old man nodded. "For this mission, you have three rules you must always follow to the dot. One, be ready to protect Yoruichi with your life. Two, if she ever leaves for a mission or otherwise, never leave her side. Three, never disobey a direct order from her. Do you understand?" The girl nodded. "Good. You will no longer be known as Shaolin Fon. From this moment on, you are now Soi Fon, the same codename your great-grandmother used."

"Hai, Jiji-sama." The newly named Soi Fon said. "I will make you proud, Yoruichi-sama."

Elsewhere, two more people were watching the noblewoman pass. Again it was a male and a female, this time both with blond hair, a color that is, again, common to Kumo. The man's blond hair was very long, reaching down to his lower back. His brown eyes showed a look that could either be taken as annoyance or boredom. The woman's hair stopped just below her chin, being longer in the front and shorter in the back. Her blue eyes held a calculating gaze and a small, seemingly permanent frown adorned her lips. Her body was that any woman would kill for, easily comparable to that of the legendary healer and Sanin, Tsunade.

"What are you doing here, Shinji-san?" Asked the woman, looking away from where Yoruichi was seen in the distance to the man beside her.

The man sighed, showing his upper teeth in an odd expression. "Trying to get away from that annoying half-sister of yours. Though that Yoruichi is my first love." Normally the last sentence would get him a strange look, but if you knew Shinji then you would know that is how he calls any girl he thinks is cute.

"I did not know that you were trying to hide from Yugito-nee-san." Said the woman.

"I said half-sister, Samui." Shinji said again, slightly annoyed. "I have nothing against you, Yugito, or any other Nii women. But that damn half-sister of yours will never leave me alone."

Samui looked to be about to respond when she turned and looked to something behind Shinji. "Then you might want to duck, Shinji-san."

"Huh? Why?" The man asked, turning around, only to be met with a foot. His face seemed to cave-in as the kick met it's target. He was thrown back, right over the ledge he was previously leaning on, and falling five stories to the streets below.

"I said duck, not turn around." Samui said, as if the man could still hear her. "Why did you do that, Hiyori-nee-san?" She asked, turning to the rather short girl that just kicked Shinji, possibly sending him to his death.

The girl also had blond hair, kept up in two pigtails and brown eyes that showed her anger. "I heard what that bastard said about me!" Hiyori yelled out.

Samui sighed. "Why is she always like this?"

Elsewhere, in an unnamed country, the Hidden Village in a Waterfall, Takigakure no Sato, we find a new person. Her name is Fu, Jinchuriki of the Nanabi no Kabutomushi, the Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle. She had mint-green hair and hypnotizing orange eyes. She wore a white shirt and skirt combo that showed her stomach and fishnet armor as an undershirt and pants. On her back was a large cylindrical object about as half as tall as she is, held in place by two red straps that crossed over her chest. A clip, orange like her eyes, held her hair back from her face. White arm coverings went from the wrists of each hand to past her elbows. A Taki headband was tied around her right bicep. Her face was marred with a deep frown, anger seen in her eyes.

"What the hell does that bastard Suien what me out here for anyway?" She hissed out. To put it bluntly, Fu hated Suien, along with his team, his family, his village, and his species. She hated humanity, period. It was the reason she was not loyal to the village, and the reason she would not leave. She would not trust the people here, but she would not go and look for somewhere else to live, you can only trust yourself.

Here she was, outside of the leader's office. Suien, a Jonin, had asked her to come here, for what reason, she did not know. She had arrived early, as she did with most things, not wanting to have to go through the village streets, where she was openly glared at. The leader of this small village was a boy, no older than Fu, named Shibuki. He had little to no skill in the ninja arts and was only named leader after his father had died. She was pacing in front of the door, waiting to be called inside.

"Are you sure that there is no other way, Suien?" Came the voice of Shibuki from behind the door. Fu stopped pacing and looked around. The room was empty. She walked closer to the door to hear the conversation.

"Yes, she is a loose cannon, sir." Replied Suien, only increasing Fu's confusion. "I'm afraid to say that she holds no loyalty to us, but her power is a necessity."

"Who are they talking about?" Fu wondered, though she already had an idea. "It's not me… Is it?"

Someone, probably Shibuki, sighed loudly. "Very well, I wish that there was some other way but the safety of the village comes first." He sighed again. "You told her to come here, correct?" There was no sound, Suien probably just nodded. "Then I will call our seal master, when Fu arrives, we will sedate her and extract the Nanabi for a new host."

Fu's eyes widened and she froze, unable to move from the shock. Of the little information that she knew about Jinchuriki, one of the most important things was that if the Bijuu was extracted, the host dies.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Yelled someone. Fu turned to see a Taki Jonin looking at her.

"What's the racket?" Shibuki could be heard before he opened the door, instantly seeing Fu. He looked confused for a moment before he saw her shocked and panicked face, his own eyes widening. "She heard." He muttered. Fu then turned and sprinted past the Jonin, knocking Shibuki out of his stupor. "STOP HER!"

But it was too late, Fu ran as fast as she could and jumped, crossing her arms in front of her face as she smashed through the window of the room. The glass shards cut her flesh, making her hiss in pain as she fell to the ground. The second she hit the ground, she took off, sprinting down the streets, the civilians moving aside.

"STOP HER!" Shibuki called again, soon followed by multitudes of ninjas chasing after her.

Her legs screamed in protest as she pushed past her limits, this is why she hated humans. She would not die, not for some stupid reason like this. She was not looking where she was going, which turned out to be a bad mistake as she suddenly found herself surrounded.

"Just give up now, Fu." Turning to the voice, she hissed as it was Suien that had spoken. "You don't stand a chance against all of us."

Fu growled, he was right, there were at least thirty ninjas, all Jonin, surrounding her, and she was tired from her run. Normally a Jinchuriki could make it out of a situation like this as soon as their Bijuu decided enough was enough, but Fu had no ability whatsoever in controlling or even accessing the Nanabi's Chakra. That still did not mean that she would give up. If anything she would go down fighting until her last breath. Just as she was about to reach for the cylindrical object on her back, a voice spoke up from nowhere.

"Do you wish to live, child?" Apparently the surrounding ninjas heard it as well, as they were whipping their heads around, trying to find the voice. "If you wish to survive then you will have to leave this place for good." The voice started the same, but turned into a much deeper and darker sounding one. "We can get you out of here if you want us to."

"GET HER NOW!" Suien shouted as the ninja charged.

"What is your choice, child?"

Time seemed to slow for Fu to an impossible level, her brain working a mile a minute. Gripping her fists tightly and closing her eyes, she shouted as loud as she could, just before the ninja reached her.


And she only knew darkness. To the ninjas charging, it looked as if a giant venus flytrap sprouted from the ground and ate her up.

Over in Kawa no Kuni, River Country, we will find another meeting. While there is a ninja village in this country, the Village Hidden in a Valley, Tanigakure no Sato, this is not where we're going to look. We are stopping at a small dirt path that ran through a section of rice fields. On this path we see a single man standing, waiting for something or someone.

He was an older man, his long black hair was well kept. He wore a black robe and pure white scarf, despite that it was quite hot this time of year. In his hair he had two kenseikan, headpieces worn by nobles. One was on the top of his head, the other resting just above his right ear. His face had a stoic expression and he did not seem to mind the sun.

He had not been waiting for long when two individuals could be seen on the same path, walking towards him. Both were male. The younger one wore a white hakama with black trim. His skin was pale and his hair was shoulder length dull red. His hair covered his right eye, only showing his left. The visible eye would scare grown men just by looking at it. The entire eye, sclera and all, were a strange purple, rings circling the pupil in a ripple-like pattern.

The second man was much older, ancient compared to how long most live. He wore a black hakama and black kosode with a white sash around his waist. A white haori with a row of black rhombuses lining the bottom was draped over his shoulders. He had no hair on top of his head but his white beard reached to his knees, tied in a cross pattern with purple fabric. His mustache and eyebrows were also very long and white as well. He had a prominent X shaped scar on his forehead. In his hand was a walking stick that seemed expertly carved from brown wood. The two men stopped a talking distance away from the noble looking man.

"So, you did come." Said the nobleman.

"Of course we did." Said the elderly man. "I believe that we are not acquainted. You may call me Yamamoto."

The slight widening of the nobleman's eyes was the only sign of surprise that he showed. "The famous fire user who disappeared some time ago?"

"The same." Said the man with demonic looking eyes. "My name is Nagato."

The nobleman was silent for a moment before speaking. "Byakuya."

Yamamoto nodded. "I understand that there is someone you want us to find?"

"That is correct." Said the nobleman. "My wife has recently passed away and she told me to find her younger sister, who she had abandoned before I knew her. I do not know her name but from what I understand she looks identical to my late wife."

"Do you have a picture?" Nagato asked. Byakuya nodded and handed the man a picture of a black-haired woman smiling at the camera, a body of water visible in the background. After looking it over and committing the face to memory, Nagato handed the picture back to the noble man. "I will get right on it." He then turned and left the way he had came.

After Nagato was several feet away, Byakuya spoke again. "Now, what was it that you wanted from me?" He asked Yamamoto.

The elderly man was silent for a moment. "You have nowhere to go, correct?"

"The rest of my clan would not let me search for my late wife's sister, so I left them, permanently."

Yamamoto nodded as if he had already known that. "Then what I want from you is to join our cause."

Byakuya looked skeptical. "Join you?"

"Yes." Yamamoto said as he reached into his haori, grabbing something. "I am the leader of one of two organizations, Nagato leading the other." He then pulled out a folded bundle of fabric and held it out. "For now we are small in numbers, but large in power. Nagato will try and convince the girl to join as well. If you both do, then you could work together very often."

Byakuya took the bundle of fabric from the old man's hands. Unfolding it, he saw it to be a white haori with a row of black rhombuses, much like the one Yamamoto was wearing, with the kanji for Six on the back.

"What is it that this organization of yours does?"

Over in Rice Field Country, Ta no Kuni, we find someone familiar. Ulquiorra walked through the halls of the Village Hidden in Sound, Otogakure no Sato. He had quickly infiltrated the new village upon his arrival, and no one suspected a thing. This was supposed to be a normal day, keyword being supposed.

An explosion rocked the bunker and sirens went off. All the ninja began running towards the source of the explosion. Playing his part, Ulquiorra followed. By the time he had arrived, the entire wave of Oto-nin had been killed off. Standing it what used to be a room, the ceiling now blown off, stood a single man.

The intruder looked to be in his late teens. He had long hair, a dull black in color, was tied in a ponytail that ran down his back. He had a stern look on his face with pronounced tear troughs under his eyes. His eyes were blood red with three comma-like marks circling the pupils. In his hand was a katana in one hand, the blade covered in blood. With an almost careless flick, he cleaned the blade.

"Itachi-san!" Came a voice from a hallway. The owner soon came out, showing to be a girl with long dark hair and bandages wrapped around one of her arms, neck, and face. Another girl and a boy then followed her. The second girl had the same color hair as the first and kept it in a long braid. The boy had a tanned completion with spiky orange hair and red eyes. He was panting heavily and being supported by the two girls. "We found him, Itachi-san." The first girl called to the man standing in the carnage filled room.

But the man with the sword, Itachi, was not even looking in their direction. Instead he was looking at Ulquiorra, who had not moved from his spot. The green-eyed spy stared right back. When the two girls carried the orange haired boy over to Itachi, they followed his line of sight and saw Ulquiorra. The bandaged one gasped while the other showed no sign she thought anything.

After a moment of tense silence, the group of four staring at the pale teenager, Ulquiorra starring right back, Itachi finally spoke. "You're one of Danzo's, aren't you?" Ulquiorra's eyes widened ever so slightly, but that was all that Itachi needed as a confirmation. "I though so, that emotionless look of yours gives it away."

"Why does it matter to you, Uchiha Itachi." Ulquiorra replied.

"Nothing at all." The Uchiha replied, sheathing his blade into the scabbard on his waist. "But I've always been curious as to why you would work for the war hawk."

"Explain." The green-eyed spy demanded, not understanding the traitor's thoughts.

"He trains you in the cruelest ways I've ever seen. By the end of it you can't even call yourself human anymore, as you lack the one things that make us what we are." Itachi replied. "You are missing what everyone should have. You have emotions. You have no soul."

"Soul, you say?" Ulquiorra spoke again, actually seeming insulted by what Itachi had said. "People like you are always so quick to speak of such things. As though you can carry your soul in the very palms of your hands. But it is the eye that perceives all. If the eye cannot see a thing, then it does not exist. This is the assumption under which I have always fought."

"Maybe you just aren't looking hard enough." Itachi said, actually surprising Ulquiorra that he would answer so quickly. "You cannot see someone's soul, I know that much. If you were to tear open my chest, you would not see it. If you were to smash open this skull of mine, it would not become visible. But despite this, I still believe that a person's soul exist."

The spy's eyes furrowed in confusion. "Why do you believe this?"

"Simple." Itachi replied. It would seem that he had forgotten the three others in the room. "Can you see the air that we breathe? Can you see the life that we live? Can you see the consciousness that we use?" He would have continued, but the sound of more Oto-nin coming down the hallway. "It would seem that our time is up, to bad. That one of the best arguments I've had in a long time." Itachi then turned to the other three. "Nemu, Isaribi, hand him to me." The two girls did so and Itachi placed the orange hair boy over his shoulder. "We should go."

The Uchiha then jumped through the hole in the ceiling, followed closely by Nemu and Isaribi. It was then that Ulquiorra took notice of the Uchiha's clothes. He wore a black hakama, his sword held to his waist by a white obi. Over his shoulders was a white haori, somehow staying in place even though the man did not have his arms through the sleeves. As Itachi turned away, Ulquiorra saw the kanji for Five on the back of the haori.

Itachi gone and the Oto-nin approaching, Ulquiorra made a decision that he was trained never to do, he left.

"Show this soul of yours, Uchiha."

Every person who you have seen will play a huge role in the years to come. But, if every major event has to be started with one detail of utmost importance, then it has yet to happen. The people you have seen will lead a change in this world, and the trigger that will give them the power to do so will be one Uzumaki Naruto.

He is the trigger, and this is his story.

From Oni Shin's challenge.

All the characters from Bleach are put into the world of Naruto. Where the Gotei 13 are in the elemental nations.

First chapter is very long and just sets up the relationships between various Bleach and Naruto characters. I'd like to think that I did a good job with being creative, but I guess it's up to you in the end.

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