Mission 2110: Archive Run

Hello! Welcome to Archive Run, the sequel to Mission Upgrade. This is now thoroughly off the beaten track, I've added this as my own explanations to some of the unanswered questions and hints from the programme and my attempt at dealing with some of the revelations shown in the web game. Not to mention a whole added lump of backstory!

Caleb groggily cracked one bleary eye open then shut it again instantly. That sunlight was far too bright. He shifted slightly then immediately wished he hadn't, he felt like he'd gone 10 rounds with a worker droid.

That rang a bell in his head, couldn't quite grasp it though, 'nothing important' he rationalized, I'll think on it later. It was getting on though, he was surprised he couldn't hear the recruits getting restless next door.

Time to get up.

He stretched out a bit and was confused to find his arms and legs were caught in something. Something soft. His blanket? ( not that he would ever admit to having a blanket) But no, it didn't feel like it, it was warm and soft and...moving! Latched onto his right side it felt like it was trying to cover him, further burrowing into his chest. He went rigid with fright. What was it? Panic superseded any chance of rational thought. All he knew was that he had to get away from whatever it was. Unfortunately the suspension of sensible thought took with it the memory of where his limbs were currently located. He made to spring upwards with only his torso complying. With the rest of him remaining encased in that warm source of terror, all his gusto managed to achieved was to pull him over to the right and land him directly on top of what had startled him in the first place. It emitted a frightened squeak and began to struggle, trying to push him off. They rolled again, this time it was him with his back on the ground.

A face was staring at him with wide, confused eyes. A human face. A grown up human face. What?

They both screamed.

They let go of each other and the face's owner rolled off him. Half sat, half sprawled they stared at each other trying to get their breath back.

"Who? What?"

Both very disheveled figures were momentarily lost for words, waiting for sensible thought to come back online. The figure in front of him, all wild curls and mis-matched boots, struck him as ridiculously familiar. Emerald eyes flashing through the mess of dark copper,


The force of that word worked like a kick in the chest. It all came back to him in a flash.

Lexa. The Recruits. Destroying Neuros. Beating Arkon. They'd done it!

"LEXA!" he whooped, delightment plastered all over his face, he swooped over to her catching her up in an enthusiastic embrace.

"It was real! We actually did it! It wasn't a dream!" His joyful exuberance took her completely off guard, spilling into her, bouncing with him as he hoisted her up. Hands held tightly as they leapt about the command post in a merry jig. The joy was tempered with exhaustion however and as they swirled boots dragged and toes tumbled. They tripped into each other, the momentum sending them stumbling in a whirl of scrabbling arms and legs into a pile on Caleb's makeshift bed.

Slightly winded they just lay where they fell, attempting to get their breath under control.

"So, definitely real?" she asked

"Definitely!" He grinned, "I, i'm sorry about earlier, I didn't meant to scare you. I'm just not used to waking up with someone next to me."

"S'alright, I mean it's not exactly familiar to me either! I still can't believe we did it! Us and the recruits. We actually defeated the Roboidz for good! I've worked for this my whole life and now we've done it! It's over!"

She flumphed back against the bed beaming with satisfaction.

Caleb sat bolt upright. "But it's not over at all! It's only just starting! We've got loads to do!"

"What?" She was incredulous

"Of course we do! Those Bio-rods aren't going to collect themselves!"

"Bio-rods? Now? She groaned, she had known this was coming as she closed her eyes deliberately. Sleep was definitely more enticing.

Caleb was slightly surprised by her reaction, he thought she'd be as keen to get to work as he was, 'I mean, he thought, sleep was seriously tempting but they had a job to do and they best get on with it. He knew he couldn't rest until he was absolutely certain not a single one of those kettle heads could online. One way to solve this. He pitched an intense stare at her lidded form, "Do you want to risk the chance some could reboot?"

She was up like a shot. Damn him and his practicality. "Not on your life! Do you really think that could happen?"

'Bingo' Caleb managed to suppress the pleased smile his success created.

"I don't know," He answered seriously, " I don't want to risk any possibility."

"Neither do I." She agreed emphatically, neither of them to could entertain the idea of the Roboidz rising again. The drive to stop them resonated in every fibre of her being. "So, satchel run?"

"Satchel run," he agreed. Eyeing the bag in question he added, "might need a few runs, or a freight container..."

She nodded, pleased that there would be so many to collect. Less so at the prospect of actually gathering and storing them. It was going to be a long day.

"You're best taking the cannon too just in case."

"Good plan. Especially if your magnets are,"

"Fried? Yep. Once i find spare parts I'll rig up a new emitter, till then," she fixed him with a sharp gaze, "you're all the defence we've got. Unless," she brightened, " I practice my throwing aim some more!"

They laughed. Lexa subconsciously placing a hand on her side as the motion splintered pain through her. Concern flooded Caleb's features, "You ok?"

Yeah, she grimaced, then gave a mirthless smile, "Well i will be, just a bit achey from my unexpected acrobatics. What about you? I thought I saw you getting a bit a thrown around too"

"Me? Nah. I'm alright."

She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well, I may be a bit sore from my tussle but I've had worse, I'll live." Her eyebrows cranked higher. He shifted uncomfortably, unused to such scrutiny.

"You sure?"


"You've got bruises round your neck."

"Have I?"


"You've got burn marks on your arms."



They looked at each other, resignation on both faces.

"More things to fix eh?"

"Looks like it."

"So bio-rods first, med lab next".

"Med Lab?"

Yes, medical lab, you know, a sick bay, " He still looked blank, "somewhere for you to get first aid when you get ill or Roboid bashed...what do you do when you get hurt or sick round here?"

"I don't get hurt or sick. Never really had the time."


"Just sort of got on with it really," he shrugged, "I was always too busy, plus exploring and lingering anywhere on Futuregate was dangerous, always had to stay moving, never stopping for too long."



"Tough life."

"Not really, nothing I couldn't handle plus if anything got really bad I could always go to Cybele."

"Suppose that's something,"

"It is. It's everything." The intensity of his words struck a chord. She understood that feeling all too well, having someone there, someone with you was the most important thing in the world."

"You're right, it is. Not being alone."

She took his hand briefly, giving it a quick, empathetic squeeze.

"Well, I've got both of you now!" Caleb grinned, squeezing back-in truth, it was strange in some ways it had only just begun to sink in he had someone else around now, someone from his time, his age. Someone who, for lack of better articulation, understood him. On the other hand, it was like she'd always been there. The contradictory thoughts bounced around in his brain. It'd take a while to settle.

He was jolted out of his wandering thoughts when his hand was tugged persuasively. Somehow Lexa was already back on her feet, attempting to pull him to his.

"Right, well, as you've got an extra pair of hands about and a distinct lack of current Roboid threat I say we find the med lab and do some of our own repairs first then sort out these junk heaps."

She saw him hesitate and added,

"We need to be in full working order if we're going to work out what we're going to use all these extra power cells for. I bet there's loads we can make to help us start rebuilding."

Aha, there it was, worked like a charm, just like she knew it would.

At the mention of design and build Caleb's eye's lit up, his inventor's flair rekindled and ready to re-ignite.

"Alright" he agreed, palming up a blue print casting a knowing eye over the schematics, "But," he began eyes still focused on the plans, "I already know the first thing I want to do, Oh," He sidetracked getting distracted by the vastness of what he was looking at, " it's Deck 4, Wow," he noted, "that's big- I didn't realize the whole thing was Med Labs, they just say Human Biological Research."

"Well that'll cover the whole lot, we want the sick bay, not the labs, microscopes aren't going to be much use right now!" She was itching to leave.

"Right, well you know what we're after so It's sub section K- that's not to far from here. You know, saying it, it sounds familiar somehow…"

"Well it should do, I'll bet you've been muttering over these sheets since you found them, you've probably said it 27 times and not even thought about it."

Yeah, suppose you're right, make sense," He sounded mostly convinced

Well are you going to lead us there then? Lexa was impatient to get going, part of her strict code-all medical issues had to be dealt with as soon as you came across them. No messing. No fuss. Just fix it. End of.

Bad things happened if you didn't.

"What?" She raised her eyebrows meaningfully at him, "Oh right, yes! Onwards!"

"You know I think it would be a good idea," he carried on purposefully as he headed for the doorway ,

"What's that then?" Asked Lexa, listening now as progress was being made, Caleb being given both mission focus and audience sped up towards their goal, she had to fight to keep up with him, just catching his words as he bounded through the bulkhead port.

"The first thing I'd do, build a radio booster for my signal..."


And there we go, off on the start of a new mission!

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